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   Chapter 22 Nancy, You Were Just a Bitch!

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Nancy paused at the other end of the line, and then cried out in surprise, "Clark! Isn't this Rachel's phone? Are you with her now! ?"

"It's none of your business!" Clark directly hung up the phone and turned off Rachel's phone.

Rachel looked at Clark in astonishment.

But Clark put the phone back into her hand and said calmly, "Let's go to have dinner."

In the villa of the Yan Family.

When Nancy got home, she threw her bag on the couch angrily, kicked off her high heels and sat on the couch angrily.

At the sight of her, Teresa, who just came out of the room, frowned and said, "Nancy, what are you doing? Why are you so angry?"

Nancy threw a glance at her and said impatiently, "Mom, didn't you notice? That bitch, Rachel, hasn't come back home for two nights! She was sleeping with another man!"

Teresa frowned, but said nothing. With Clark backing Rachel up now, she had to be careful even if she wanted to deal with her.

Nancy held onto Teresa's arm and shook it, saying, "Mom, at least she's a member of our family. She's not married yet, and she's not coming back home all night. If the news goes out, it's a huge shame to the Yan Family!"

"You're right," Teresa thought that what Nancy said made sense. She agreed. "I'll go to the company to talk to her in person tomorrow!"

"Fine, mom. You must teach this arrogant bitch a lesson, as her elder!" said Nancy, gritting her teeth.

The next day, Teresa just arrived at the door of the filming site and saw Rachel get out of a luxury car.

She frowned and went straight to Rachel.

"Rachel, where have you been these days? Do you want to go home? You are not married yet. If you keep stay outing all night, no one will marry you if the news is spread out to others." At the sight of Rachel, Teresa couldn't help scolding.

Startled by her sudden outburst, Rachel turned around and looked at her with a baffled look. "Mrs. Teresa, who are you scolding in the early morning? Are you still sleeping?"

Seeing her neglect her words, Teresa was even angrier. "It's you who I was scolding! After all, you are still a member of our family. Even if you don't feel ashamed of what you have done, we do! It will be a total disgrace for our family if the news comes out that the daughter of the Yan family is fooling around with other men!"

Her words brought a wry smile to Rachel's face. "It turns out what Mrs. Teresa cares about is not whether I stay out all night, but the Yan Family's reputation? I'm not the descendant of the Yan family. Even if my reputation is really damaged, what does it have to do with the Yan family? At that time, you just need to make a statement to clarify your relationship with me. What are you afraid of?"

Teresa was speechless with anger.

At this time, the door of the luxury car was opened. Clark got out and glanced at Teresa coldly. "Mrs. Teresa, the man who was fooling around with Rachel is me. I want to see who dares to gossip about us."

At the sight of Clark, Teresa was dumbfounded.

Did Rachel really stay with him these days?

"Mrs. Teresa," Clark said coldly, "Just name a price. I will pay for you raising Rachel for so many years."

Suddenly, Teresa's eyes were lit up. "Really?" she asked.

"I, Clark Ji, am telling the truth," Clark said coolly.

In fact, this offer was a great temptation to Teresa. Since Rachel was going to leave the Yan Family sooner or later, she thought it was good enough to get some money from her.

"One billion!" Teresa abruptly reached out ten fingers and enjoined to Clark.

Rachel felt that Teresa was such a bitch.

How could she demand an exorbitant price? Yes, the Yan family had adopted her. But at the same time, they had also killed her parents! And over these years, Teresa had allowed Nancy to bully her!

Rachel was so furious that her body was trembling.

"Mrs. Teresa do you really think I'm worth one billion? You really think highly of me!" Rachel said, grinding her teeth.

"Of course, you worth one billion!" A masculine male voice sounded above Rachel's head. As he said this, he put his hand on her shoulder.

Seeing that Clark was so protective of Rachel, Teresa was overjoyed. It seemed that the one billion was about to be paid to her!

Stunned, Rachel looked back at Clark in disbelief.

"You are priceless. Never belittle yourself," Clark said firmly as he looked at Rachel.

Rachel nodded to Clark and said, "Thank you, Clark, but I don't need you to pay such a large amount of money for me. The problems between me and the Yan family should be settled by myself!"

But Clark insisted, "I'm willing to solve any problem for you."

"Really, there's no need," said Rachel stubbornly, sticking to her own opinion. "You and I are just ordinary friends. You don't know the feud between me and the Yan family, and you will only make things worse if you blindly intervene! Trust me, I can handle it."

Seeing that Rachel wasn't going to give in, Clark finally nodded and promised, "Okay. If you fail to handle it properly, I won't stand by!"

When Teresa heard this, there was a flash of anxiety in her eyes. "You have the opportunity to redeem the freedom, what are you hesitating for, Rachel? Do you want to be an assistant to Nancy all the time?"

"Mrs. Teresa, didn't you agree to let me be Nancy's assistant in the beginning? I'd like to be her assistant now. I can't take out even one hundred thousand, let alone one billion."

Teresa's face turned pale. She pointed at Rachel with trembling hands. She was so angry that she couldn't even speak properly. "You...... Good! Since you are willing to be an assistant, then you must do it well! "

"Thank you, Mrs. Teresa. I will do my best!"

Rachel intentional to emphasize "do my best". Teresa was so angry that her face turned pale. With these words, she wanted to curse Rachel. But as soon as Clark cast a cold glance at her, she couldn't utter a word as if her throat was blocked.

Clark warned her, "Mrs. Teresa, if I see you bully the future wife of me again, I think the cooperation between the Ji group and the Yan group can be terminated."

Teresa's face was much paler. Was Clark threatening her?

After a long while, Teresa said with her lips trembling, "We won't make things difficult for her..."

Without saying anything more, Clark walked Rachel to the filming site, said something to the latter and left.

Not long after, Nancy received a call from Teresa. When she heard that she had missed one billion, she flew into a rage!

"Rachel! Get your ass over here!" Nancy put down her phone and shouted at Rachel, who was sorting out the scripts.

Rachel stopped what she was doing, straightened up and walked towards Nancy calmly.

"How dare you contradict my mother? Do you want to die?" Nancy was too angry that she cursed Rachel, not caring about her image.

Looking at Nancy as if she was looking at a fool, Rachel said, "She is your mother, not mine. Besides, she was making trouble out of nothing, why don't I dare to talk back?"

"You!" Pissed off, Nancy reached out her hand in an attempt to slap Rachel, but a big hand grabbed her hand to stop her.

With anger, Nancy turned around and was about to curse, but she was stunned by the man in front of her. It was Bill.

"Let me go, bill!" Nancy yelled at him angrily.

Bill said coldly, "Nancy, you keep harassing you assistant on the filming site. You are such a bad person! I wonder how disappointed your fans will be if they know about this."

"It's none of your business!" Nancy shouted to Bill. In the meantime, she cast a warning glance at him.

Suddenly, Bill let go of her hand and pushed Nancy forward. Nancy lost her balance and fell down!

"Ouch!" Nancy couldn't help but scream out.

She lay on the ground like a drowned mouse. After struggling for a while, Nancy shouted at Rachel, "Why don't you come over and help me up?"

With a sneer, Rachel said, "I didn't push you. Why should I help you up?"

"Because you are my assistant!" Nancy replied angrily.

"Humph!" Bill couldn't help taunting, "Nancy, you have always pretended to be innocent. However, you are a typical bitch who is good at bullying an assistant and playing tricks behind her back?"

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