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   Chapter 21 Threatening

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Director Tristan Feng saw Rachel and greeted her warmly, "Miss Rachel, why are you standing there? Come and sit here."

Coming to her senses, Rachel smiled at him and calmly walked toward him.

When she sat down, director Tristan Feng poured her a cup of tea and said with a big smile, "Miss Rachel, welcome to my home. Have a drink first. Take a rest!"

Rachel had no choice but to pick up her teacup and took a symbolic sip. Then she said, "Director Tristan, Nancy is really fond of this new movie, so she specially entrusted me to ask you to give her a chance."

Director Tristan waited patiently for Rachel to finish her words, and then said with a smile, "Miss Rachel, in fact, my opinion is the same as director Bob's. He believes that you are more suitable for this role than Nancy. If you come to tell me that you want that role, I can immediately agree with you! But as for Nancy, I don't think it's a good idea."

Rachel immediately replied, "Thank you for your praise, director Tristan and director Bob. I was not graduated from the film academy. I'm afraid I can't play this role well. But Nancy's different. She had become an actress when she was a child, so her acting skill must be good. If you ask her to act in this play, and maybe the result will be unexpected."

Since she came here on behalf of Nancy, Rachel just wanted to finish her work well as an assistant.

But as soon as she finished speaking, Rachel caught a cold glance from Clark.

Director Tristan couldn't help laughing, "Miss Rachel, you're really modest. Bob and I have met all kinds of people and we both believe that you are an outstanding actress with great potential. If you play this role, you will bring us a big surprise!

"But if it is Nancy, though she started her acting career at an early age, her acting skill was too rigid, and the performance may not be as good as the new comer. Graduating from an film academy does not always mean good. Some of the actors who have not studied in the film academy are also excellent!"

Rachel slightly hesitated. She thought she should give it a shot in order to obtain freedom.

"Director Tristan, could you please give Nancy a chance for an audition?" Rachel asked.

Director Tristan cast a glance at Clark subconsciously.

Tristan understood what he meant immediately as he saw that Clark didn't even raise his head and had a cold expression.

"Miss Rachel," director Tristan said again, "I know she will give you a hard time if I don't agree. I'll call Nancy and explain the whole thing to her by myself."

Hearing this, Rachel stopped him at once, "Director Tristan, wait a minute. Nancy really likes this role. If you refuse her like this, she..."

"Miss Rachel," director Tristan interrupted her, "I know you want her to play this role, but you have to understand that the purpose of this movie is to get the best effect and win the favor of the audience. Although Nancy is a famous actress, she is not suitable to play this role."

Hearing director Tristan's words, Rachel was completely speechless with astonishment.

Rachel could do nothing but watch director Tristan making a phone call to Nancy.

"Hello, is that Miss Nancy? "Hello, I'm Tristan. Your assistant told me your meaning, but I'm sorry that you are not suitable for this role. Let's do it next time. I'll call you if there's an suitable role for you."

Director Tristan didn't even give Nancy a chance to finish her words and hung up directly.

Rachel could almost imagine Nancy's reaction at this moment after hearing this.

Director Tristan put down his phone and said with a smile, "Miss Rachel, don't worry. I think now she is not gonna get you a hard time, huh?"

Rachel had to give him a smile.

Bob interrupted all of a sudden, "Miss Rachel, as long as this movie has not started to be filmed, we'll be glad to see you in any time as long as you're interested."

Stunned, Rachel wondered if the

se two directors were too enthusiastic about her? Was it for the sake of Clark?

She looked at him subconsciously.

Standing up, Clark said to Rachel indifferently, "Since you're done with your work, let's have dinner together!"

Before Rachel could react, Clark went up to her, took her hand and went straight out of the door.

Clark covered her soft hand with his big palm. She felt a sense of safety when held by him.

Not until they left the villa did Rachel realize that her hand was still held by Clark!

She withdrew her hand immediately, feeling embarrassed.

There was a deep frown on Clark's face.

"Where are we going for dinner?" To ease the embarrassment, Rachel asked a random question.

"How about TDK Restaurant nearby?" Clark answered indifferently

With these words, Rachel got into the car. Somehow, she felt that Clark was a little different this time. But she couldn't tell what was wrong with him.

The car stopped in front of the luxuriously decorated TDK Restaurant. Rachel got off the car and found a stage was built in the open space of the large shopping mall next to the restaurant. There was a banner -- "Bill Song's Fans Meeting" hanging above.

Bill song?

Stunned, Rachel thought, 'What a coincidence! Is he going to hold a meeting here tonight?'

When she was distracted, Bill, who just finished signing his name and stood up, found Rachel not far away.

With a look of surprise, he immediately stepped down from the stage and walked towards her.

The fans all made way for their idols to walk through the crowd.

With a gentle smile on his face, Bill stood in front of Rachel and reached out his hand, saying, "Rachel, it's such a coincidence that we meet again."

Stunned, Rachel wanted to stretch out her hand, but was held tightly by a big hand.

Clark looked at Bill coldly.

Rachel tried to get rid of Clark's hand, but failed because he was too strong.

With an embarrassed smile on her face, Rachel said, "Yeah, what a coincidence! I didn't expect you to be here for a fans meeting."

Looking at their clasped hands, Bill laughed and said, "Mr. Clark, you're really bossy."

With an indifferent glance at him, Clark said, "Don't get close to Rachel. Tell your fans to behave, or else, your career will be ruined!"

While Bill was in a daze, Clark had already taken Rachel away.

After walking far away, Rachel struggled to free herself from Clark's grip and shouted unhappily, "What the hell were you doing, Clark? Has bill offended you? Didn't he just want to talk to me? Why do you threaten him?"

Clark looked at her calmly without any explanation.

Still, Rachel was a little indignant, saying, "We are just ordinary friends. Why do you interfere in my private life?"

Biting his lips, Clark looked at Rachel coldly.

At this time, a loud ringtone broke the embarrassment between the two.

Rachel quickly took out her cell phone and had a look. She got a headache immediately, "Why is it Nancy again?"

Hearing her words, Clark grabbed her phone, answered and put it on speaker.

"Rachel, you can't even do this small thing well. Don't ever think about restoring your freedom! Humph, it is up to me to decide how long it will take for you to return my parent's favor! Unless you try your best to help me get this role."

Nancy's furious voice came from the other end of the line.

Rachel was stunned. Why didn't she ask who answered the phone?

With a cold voice, Clark said, "Nancy, listen to me. Rachel has a freedom of her own. It is not up to you whether she will return the favor or not! If you dare to make things difficult for Rachel like this again, I'm afraid you will not be able to continue your career in the entertainment industry!"

Shocked, Rachel stared at him and wondered what wrong was with him? First, he threatened Bill, then he threatened Nancy?

He did not hate them that much, right? Rachel was perplexed.

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