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   Chapter 19 A Gossip

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Director Bob Chen declined Nancy's invitation and hung up the phone immediately. He said to Rachel with a smile, "Miss Rachel, it's really hard for you to be an assistant to Mr. Nancy. If you are willing to enter the entertainment circle, you will be a successful actress in the future!"

Bob Chen had already figured out the relationship between Rachel and Nancy after he saw the video yesterday.

At the moment of hearing Nancy's name, Rachel who was interested in the proposal had more worries.

Suddenly, Clark raised his head and said to Rachel, "If you like it, you can have a try."

After thinking for a while, Rachel shook her head and said, "Director Bob, thank you for your appreciation. I'm not going to act at this stage."

Bob Chen was taken aback. "Miss Rachel, this is really a rare opportunity. It's rare to meet such a character specially made for you. If you work hard to act in the play, you'll definitely be famous..."

Clark interrupted Bob, "Bob, she has refused to play the role."

Bob Chen glanced at Clark, shook his head, sighed and went back to his seat.

After breakfast, Rachel was about to go to the filming site.

Seeing that she was about to go out, Clark, who had just seen Bob off, said indifferently, "I'll drive you there."

Stunned for a while, Rachel shook her head and said, "No, I can take a taxi. Your company is not in the same direction as the filming site I am going to."

"It doesn't matter." Clark took the key and walked directly in front of Rachel.

Left with no choice, Rachel had to get in his car.

Inside the car, suddenly, Clark asked, "Why did you turn down Bob's suggestion? Don't you want to be an actress?"

With a smile, Rachel shook her head and said, "Actually, I haven't decided yet. I'm now Nancy's assistant. If I act in a new TV play, won't it confirm everyone's suspicion about me? People say that I want to use Nancy and Bill to become famous."

An unreadable look flashed through Clark's eyes, and then he said lightly, "Don't care about what other people think about you."

Rachel didn't say anything. It was easy to say it, but hard to do it.

As soon as she arrived at the filming site, Rachel saw Nancy standing at the door waiting for her.

"Ha ha, you are coming? Aren't you going to be a big star? Why are you still willing to be my assistant?" Nancy looked at Rachel with a mocking smile.

"I have rejected to play in the new play," said Rachel with a plain tone.

"What?" Nancy was stunned and looked at her incredibly. "You, you rejected?"

With a slight smile, Rachel said, "That's right. So you will have a chance again. Try harder!"

Nancy was completely shocked. She couldn't believe that Rachel would turn down a character in the play she had tried so hard to fight for? And judging from her expression, she was not regretful!

The expression on Nancy's face changed, but then an idea occurred to her. She turned around and made the call.

"Director Bob, I heard that you have not found the suitable actress for the role I like yet, right?"

"I want to go to an audition. Please give me a chance. I'll do my best!"

"What? You will remove the character if you cannot find the perfect person to play that role? No, Bob......"

With a sullen face, Nancy hung up the phone. She turned her head to look at Rachel, asking, "Did you speak ill of me to Director Bob?"

"I said nothing about you," Rachel stated glanced at Nancy in confusion.

"Then why would he rather remove this character than let me audition?" Nancy asked furiously.

"How do I know?" asked Rachel, frowning.

Nancy forced herself to calm down and said with a snort, "Rachel, don't think you could enter the entertainment circle because of the video which was on the top search yesterday. Let me tell you, it's not that easy!"

"The entertainment circle is a dirty business, not to mention that you were not a celebrity yesterday, but a notorious person! People are saying tha

t you used Bill and you are a scheming bitch! Ha ha, even if you act in a new play, the audience won't buy it!"

Nancy smiled smugly.

Rachel frowned in disgust. "It's none of your business whether I can enter the entertainment circle or not. You'd better pay more attention to your future rather than worry about me!"

At this moment, several staff not far away from them were holding mobile phones and discussing together. They made a loud voice, which was heard by Nancy and Rachel.

"Look, there is a press conference arranged by Bill. He is going to clarify the video incident yesterday!"

"Oh my God! He, he is going to clarify it for an assistant?"

Upon hearing this, Nancy took out her phone and started to search the video on the Internet.

Surprised as well, Rachel took out her phone and opened YouTube. Soon enough, she found the video.

Bill explained the whole thing in the video, telling everyone not to misunderstand Rachel. He was just defending her against an injustice.

Hearing these words, Rachel was shocked!

She quickly browsed the comments of netizens. After one night's time, the trend of public opinions seemed to change. Not only did the netizens not attack her, but also made a criticism on their remarks and behaviors.

But to her surprise, all the netizens focused on Nancy, blaming her for bullying her assistant. Why didn't she make any comments after the video was released? Some even said she should be kicked out of the entertainment circle!

Rachel looked up subconsciously at Nancy, only to find her face pale and almost lost her balance.

"It's...... How is that possible?" Nancy looked at the phone and kept shaking her head.

Many staff around her observed her secretly.

Nancy looked up at Rachel and asked, "Did you order him to do it?"

Rachel looked at Nancy in confusion, asking in reply, "I'm not familiar with Bill. How could I order him to do this?"

"Then...... Why does he always help you?" Nancy was confused.

"How would I know?" Rachel said casually.

"Does he fall in love with you?" Nancy blurted out a bold idea, which startled Rachel!

Rachel opened her mouth to stop Nancy, "Don't talk nonsense. I have nothing to do with him. Why would he fall in love with me? Nancy, you're really imaginative."

A mysterious smile suddenly appeared on Nancy's face. "Why? Why did you deny it? If it weren't for the dubious relationship between you and Bill, how could he stick up for you like this? He is never interested in poking his nose into other people's business."

With a bit of anger, Nancy said, "Nancy, don't sling mud at me! I said I am not familiar with him!"

But Nancy was happy that she finally found something to deal with Rachel.

"If I tell Clark that Bill likes you, do you think he will still protect you like that?" Nancy threatened.

Rachel sneered, saying, "I'm only an ordinary friend to Clark. Even if you slander me in front of him, he may not care."

"Humph, ordinary friend." said Tristan with a sneer. "If you are just friends, why would he give you a phone by himself? Why did he defend you in public? You are too naive, Rachel."

With a helpless expression, Rachel threw up her hands and said, "I'm telling the truth. You can choose to believe it or not."

With a glance at Rachel, Nancy took up her phone and dialed a number. "Hello, Clark. I have important news to tell you. Don't be surprised when you hear it."

On the other end of the line, Clark frowned slightly, ordering, "Speak."

"Bill is going after Rachel. The video of him defending her has been posted on the Internet. Someone might take your future wife." Nancy smiled smugly.

However, the phone was hung up. The smile on Nancy's face froze.

Did Clark really not care about Rachel?

Seeing Nancy's pale face, Rachel said calmly, "I told you not to waste your time. He wouldn't trust what you said."

Her cell phone rang in her pocket when Rachel just finished her words.

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