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   Chapter 14 Provoking Dissension

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Rachel stood still and looked at Nancy as if she wanted to kill the latter. With a sneer at the corner of her mouth, she said, "Nancy, I haven't gone to teach you a lesson, but you came to me first."

Nancy stroked the hair near her ear, raised her eyebrows and pretended to be confused, but her eyes were full of malice. "Rachel, I'm your little sister at least. How can you treat me with such a cold attitude?"

"I treat you with a cold attitude?" Rachel clenched her hand on her side and said with clenched teeth, "Why don't you tell me how you treated me?"

Hearing this, Nancy felt aggrieved and said, "Sister, how can you say that? I've always been nice to you..."

If it wasn't for the director's stupidity, how could Rachel appear here to challenge her in good condition!

Rachel didn't want to see her acting. She grabbed her wrist, pulled her into the bathroom and slammed the door.

Nancy was startled by her sudden momentum, and then thought that she was nothing after leaving the Yan family. She immediately frowned and said, "Rachel, what are you doing?"

"Of course, I am going to teach you a lesson." Rachel pushed Nancy onto the corner and said word by word, "Was that you who made the director do that to me yesterday?"

"What are you talking about?" Nancy pretended to be confused and said, "I didn't do anything yesterday. What on earth did you say, sister?"

The corner of Rachel's lips lifted, and the coldness in her eyes was suddenly released. "Nancy, I don't know you love to pretend! It doesn't matter. We have plenty of time!"

After that, Rachel raised her hand and slapped Nancy hard on the face. Nancy couldn't avoid it and was slapped. A burning pain came from her cheek all of a sudden. She was so angry that she trembled all over. "Rachel, how dare you hit me!"

At this moment, Nancy's eyes were full of disbelief and anger. In her heart, Rachel was not loved by their parents since she was a child and had always been bullied by her. She never thought that there would be a day when she would be slapped by her.

Nancy raised her hand trying to fight back, but was grabbed by Rachel's and pushed back hard, almost falling to the ground.

Barely able to stand firm, Nancy heard the cold voice of Rachel: "Humph! What's wrong with beating you? Do you think I'm still the doormat who will tolerate you all the time?"

"You!" Nancy glared at Rachel angrily, pointed at her and said angrily, "Let's wait and see! You were lucky yesterday! I'm just waiting to see if he happens to appear to save you every time!"

"Oh! Finally, you admit that you did it!" Rachel sneered and looked at her like a clown.

Nancy wanted to take back what she had just said. Bitch! How dare she irritate her on purpose to make her tell the truth!

Rachel didn't want to be entangled with her any more. She said coldly, "Don't play these tricks in front of me in the future, or I will pay you back double!"

"Rachel, you are still my assistant. How dare you be so presumptuous with me?" Nancy gnashed her teeth and looked at Rachel with fierce eyes as if she wanted to eat her.

The corner of Rachel's mouth raised a faint smile. "I'm your assistant just to repay the Yan Family for raising me up. Besides, I'm your assistant only when you work on the set. I'm free at any other time."

Nancy was so angry that she had nothing to say. She wanted to argue, but she heard a deep voice from outside the door.

"Rachel, are you there? I need to see you."

Nancy froze. It was Clark's voice! She would never have misheard the voice.

Rachel glanced at Nancy lightly and warned, "You'd better not mess with me in the future. Otherwise, I have many ways to make you suffer!"

Nancy's face turned red, but before she could speak, Rachel had turned around and opened the bathroom door.

Clark stood right at the door and handed Rachel his cell phone as soon as he saw her coming out.

"Eva said your phone was turned off. She was worried about you, so she called me." With a calm face, Clark handed her the phone.

It occurred to Rachel that she hadn't bought a new phone after it broke down, so Eva called Clark. She nodded and took the phone, "Hello, Eva."

Eva's anxious voice sounded on the other end of the phone, "Miss Rachel, I finally found you! Last night, Mr. Clark called and said you wouldn't come back. Today, I couldn't get through to your phone. I'm so worried!"

"I'm fine. Yesterday, my phone broke and I didn't have time

to buy a new one. I am sorry to make you worried."

"That's good. When will you come back, Miss Rachel?" Eva breathed a sigh of relief.

"I..." Rachel took a look at the back of Clark and said hesitantly, "I should go back tonight."

The reason why he took her to QH villa before was that it was close to the dinner party, so she should go back to where Eva was after the party.

Eva then said excitedly, "Miss Rachel, Mr. Clark said he is going to arrange work for me! In the future, I can go to work as an ordinary woman!"

Rachel was a little surprised. She didn't expect that Clark was so thoughtful that he even arranged the work for Eva.

"Eva, this is a good thing. You should cherish this job opportunity, and then you can get rid of the identity of a servant!" Rachel encouraged her.

Eva said she understood and talked with Rachel casually for a couple of minutes before she hung up reluctantly.

Rachel went back to the venue to look for Clark with his mobile phone. The charity party just started.

Rachel glanced through the crowd and found Clark standing in the crowd at a glance. His perfect appearance and unique temperament immediately made him stand out from the crowd and very eye-catching.

Rachel walked towards him, handed him the phone and said, "Thank you for what you did for Eva."

"You're welcome. It's just a piece of cake." Clark took over the phone and replied in a calm voice.

At this time, in a corner of the crowd, Nancy was chatting with a rich lady happily.

But as they chatted, the rich lady's face changed a little, and she soon became angry.

Before long, the host on the stage called Clark's name and invited him to the stage for charity donation.

Clark took Rachel's hand and went on the stage. As soon as the two appeared on the platform, they immediately caused a cry of surprise from the audience.

"That woman is so beautiful! I've never seen such a beautiful woman!"

The women were all jealous, while the men were stunned by Rachel's beauty.

The host said enthusiastically, "It seems that Mr. Clark, our outstanding young entrepreneur, is very popular. He caused a sensation as soon as he stepped onto the stage!"

The host's words caused a good laugh off the stage.

Then, the host turned to ask Clark, asking, "I wonder how much Mr. Clark is going to donate for this charity party."

Clark calmly took out a written check and handed it to her, "One hundred million!"

"Wow..." The audience screamed.

Although this amount was only the tip of the iceberg of the Ji family's wealth, it was the largest amount of money donated by the whole audience.

Rachel turned to look at him. Clark seemed to have a halo on his head and felt a little pressure standing beside him.

Unexpectedly, the host changed the topic, "Mr. Clark, can you please satisfy our curiosity?"

"Please tell me." Clark's tone was still cold.

Hearing this, the host was already excited. "Mr. Clark, what's the relationship between you and this lady beside you?"

"She's my female companion," Clark replied without hesitation.

The host was stunned. Female companion?

There were many kinds of meanings of a female companion. She may be a girlfriend, a temporary visitor to the party, or the future wife of Clark.

Which one did Clark mean?

At this time, a sharp voice suddenly sounded off the stage, which sounded extremely uncomfortable: "Mr. Clark is really generous by donating one hundred million. As Mr. Clark's female companion, this beautiful lady should donate a large amount of money as well, right?"

Stunned, Rachel turned her head to look at who said this.

Mrs. Sharlene?

Not long ago, she had a little problem with Mrs. Sharlene.

At that time, Mrs. Sharlene came their house as a guest. At the first sight of her, she enthusiastically said that she would arrange a blind date for her. However, Rachel refused without hesitation.

How could an arrogant woman like Mrs. Sharlene stand being rejected? At that time, she was so angry that she left the Yan Family directly. Teresa also severely reprimanded her because of this.

Rachel didn't expect that she would deliberately challenge her on such an occasion today.

"What? Can't Mr. Clark's female companion take out a penny?" Mrs. Sharlene couldn't help sneering.

The audience began to talk in a loud voice.

Nancy, who was hiding in a corner of the crowd, was very pleased to see that Rachel was speechless.

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