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   Chapter 13 One Cannot Avoid Their Enemy

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Clark raised his eyebrows and said, "Take care of yourself first. You must be tired after all that. Get some sleep. I'll be right here."

Rachel hadn't realized how tired she was until Clark mentioned it.

As soon as she was conscious about it, exhaustion took over. She lay back with her eyes closed, and was asleep in no time.

In her sleep, she was trapped in a dingy dressing room, wearing a transparent, ugly dress.

"No, don't..." Rachel subconsciously covered herself. She didn't want those men to see her like this.

There were sweat beads forming on her forehead as she tried to escape from the small room. She kept shaking her head in her sleep, looking uneasy.

Her allergy had receded, revealing her beautiful face. It was a pity that there was such a painful expression on her pretty face.

Clark was awakened by her moans and saw that she was having a nightmare. He then reached out and tried to wake her up.

"Rachel, wake up!" he said, shaking her shoulders.

"Ah!" she screamed and opened her eyes all of a sudden.

The moment she woke up, the worry in Clark's eyes disappeared and he was calm once again.

"Did you have a nightmare?" he asked without showing any emotion on his face.

Rachel nodded, and was relieved to know that it had just been a horrible dream.

She looked at him and said apologetically, "I'm sorry that I woke you."

"Don't worry about it." Clark was calm; she could not have guessed that he had been terribly worried a moment ago.

The next day, after the doctor confirmed that Rachel was back to normal, Clark went through the discharge formalities for her and then took her to QH villa.

Getting out of the car, Rachel gawked in awe at the magnificent villa in front of her. The Yan Family had a good standing in the city, but they could never live in a place like this. And if she wasn't wrong, this was the most famous and expensive part of the city, exclusively allotted for a select few. Even if you could afford it, you wouldn't be allowed to buy a villa here.

"Is this your home?" Rachel turned to Clark in surprise.

Clark nodded. "Come in."

She followed him through the front garden and into the villa. When they entered, she saw that the place was empty. There was no one else in there.

"You don't have servants here?" Rachel asked curiously.

Generally, rich people liked to keep a couple of servants at home to clean and cook.

Clark paused in his track and then replied casually, "No, but there are hourly workers. I don't like too many people in the house. I prefer the quiet. But if you like, I can arrange a few servants for you."

Rachel quickly shook her head. "No! In fact, I don't like too many people around either."

She had answered reflexively, but then wondered why Clark would arrange servants for her. She didn't even live here. 'Why am I even here?' she thought to herself.

"It looks like we are just perfect for each other," Clark said lightly.

He led her to a room upstairs. "Get some rest first. I'll call you when food is ready."

After that, he turned around and left her alone.

Rachel looked around the room. The layout was elegant, and she loved it.

Once he was downstairs, Clark took out his phone and called his assistant. "Take the entire week off," he said abruptly.

The assistant was confused.

"Mr. Clark, am I..." The assistant struggled to ask if he had been fired all of a sudden.

"Come back to work next week," Clark added casually.

The assistant heaved a sigh of relief.

He was elated. "Thank you, Mr. Clark! I can finally go on vacation!"

Clark mercilessly hit him with a reply. "Have a good time. The workload will be three folds when you are back from your fun vacation."

The assistant was instantly let down. "Wow, Mr. Clark. Do you have to be so particularly m

ean to—?"

Clark hung up before his assistant could finish complaining.

After a while, he walked into Rachel's room with several bags.

"These are some clothes for you. Choose whichever you like. You are coming to the dinner party with me tonight."

Rachel was surprised. "The party is tonight?"

But she wasn't prepared at all!

Reading her mind, Clark pointed to the bags and said, "Everything you need is in there."

"Oh." Rachel opened the bags and looked through them one by one. He had bought her business suits, evening dresses, jewelry, shoes and even underwear.

The clothes were all branded and they looked incredibly expensive.

And she was surprised that he had gotten everything in her size. They were all just too perfect.

How did he even know her size?

Clark knew what she was thinking. "I asked someone to buy them for you. I sent her your photos, and she had the shopping guides choose them."

Leaving her to inspect the gifts, Clark left silently.

Rachel smiled, thinking, 'No wonder. There is no way a man like him could go around and buy these by himself. And he obviously couldn't tell my size just by looking, right?'

She randomly picked a dress and went to the bathroom for a shower.

Soon, it was evening. Rachel got ready and put on an elegant evening gown.

When she walked down the stairs and came into Clark's view, he held his breath for a second. His eyes clearly wanted to open wide in amazement, but he suppressed his rampant emotion quickly.

"The dress fits you well. Not bad at all," he said, nodding in approval.

Blushing, Rachel shyly lowered her head and said, "Thank you."

When she looked up, Clark had already turned around to leave. "Let's go."

She was a little disappointed. It seemed to her that he was only trying to be polite by praising her.

She put away her thoughts and quickly followed him to the car.

When they arrived at the party, Rachel wrapped her hand around Clark's arm. The beautiful pair attracted a lot of attention as they entered hand in hand.

Everyone had their eyes on them and many of the guests recognized Clark.

"Oh my God, isn't that Clark Ji?"

"Who is that woman with him? She's so beautiful!"

"Oh, they look so perfect together!"

Amidst the crowd's praise, the pair entered the venue.

Soon, a man rushed towards Clark enthusiastically. "Mr. Clark, thank you so much for coming. We should make some time for a good chat."

Many people followed him to greet Clark and pay their respects. Seeing this, Rachel said to Clark politely, "Excuse me, I am going to the powder room."

Clark looked at her with some uncertainty. "Are you sure it is okay for you to be alone?"

She smiled and nodded confidently, "Of course, I feel completely fine."

Clark nodded to her and let go of her arm.

Rachel walked through the crowd and finally found the bathroom at the other end.

Once she was inside, she took a deep breath and finally relaxed. Clark was brilliant. She felt a little overwhelmed when she was with him.

After washing her hands, she looked at herself in the mirror before turning around and leaving.

As soon as she opened the door, Rachel ran into a familiar face.

"Nancy?" she chuckled. One couldn't avoid their enemy, not even in hell.

Also, she realized that she hadn't dealt with her dear sister for what had happened the previous day.

And now, here she was.

Nancy was stunned to see Rachel as well.

She had heard about what had happened, and was still angry that the director hadn't managed to take even a single naked picture of her successfully. But when she heard that it was Clark who had saved her, she went crazy with jealousy.

Nancy raised her chin slightly and walked toward her with a disdainful look. "Oh, my dear sister... Why are you here?"

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