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   Chapter 11 A Blessing in Disguise

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Rachel shivered with fear and tried her best to calm down. She bit her lips and said with grievance, "Director, I came here to change my clothes just now because I was afraid that someone was peeping at me."

"What the fuck are you talking about? I just heard you call for help. How can you explain that! Do you think I am a fool?" The director, Cody, rudely grabbed Rachel's hair and dragged her out.

Stunned and frightened, she felt like her scalp was being pulled off. She explained in a trembling voice, "I don't know what's going on outside. I heard you make so much noise that I thought you were going to kidnap me... "

Cody stopped and looked at her doubtfully, "Really? Aren't you going to play any other tricks?"

Seeing the director hesitate, one person standing behind him reminded him, "Director, I don't know if she has called someone for help just now. We should hurry up and take the pictures so as to avoid something bad from happening!"

Hearing that, Cody finally came to his senses. He nodded and said, "Take her to the shooting studio!"

Two workers held Rachel and took her directly to the shooting place.

Cody pointed at two female workers and urged impatiently, "One of you, change her clothes, and the other help her to wear make-ups. Hurry up!"

The two females came forward and grabbed Rachel's arms. Rachel was so anxious that tears were about to fall. She looked around casually to look for a chance to escape. Suddenly, her look stopped.

On the table not far away, there was a transparent fruit plate with various of nuts on it. These staff must have bought them in person when they were free to eat.

"Director," Rachel said all of a sudden, "I...... If you want me to take a film, at least let me have something to eat, okay?"

Cody was confused, thinking, 'What does this woman want to do?'

Looking at her pure and innocent eyes, Cody's heart softened and he wasn't so angry anymore.

Seeing that he was no longer upset, Rachel seized the chance and explained, "Director, I like to eat well before I go to work. Besides, you are asking me to act in a film. How can I be able to act with full energy if I am not full? "

The director hesitated for a moment, but soon agreed, "Okay, go to eat something! I don't think you dare to play any tricks with us while I am here! But time is pressing. Please finish the food as soon as possible. After you finish, we will start to film as soon as possible!"

"Yes, yes!" Rachel nodded immediately and continually. She sat down at the table, grabbed the nuts and began to eat them. She seemed to be really hungry.

Although Rachel ate very fast, she was still very elegant and beautiful. There was a look in the eyes of the director while thinking, 'She is indeed the daughter of the Yan family. She is so beautiful when she eats food. If she is naked, will she be more beautiful?'

He was so obsessed with Rachel that he didn't notice a hint of disgust flashing through her eyes.

Cody sat down beside her, and suddenly put his hand on her shoulder and gently rubbed it. His smile was creepy. "Take your time. Don't rush. Only when you are full will you have the strength to work."

All of a sudden, Rachel started to cough violently.

Cody handed her a bottle of water at once. "I've told you not to be in a hurry. Drink some water first."

Rachel pushed his hand away, trying to control the feeling of vomit in her heart, and said with a smile, "Thank you director, I'm full now. Please allow me to change my clothes."

Cody wanted to rush over immediately to take off Rachel's clothes, but unfortunately, there were too many people now. However, he could find a place without anyone else after finishing the shooting to have sex with her.

Thinking of this, he looked at her more lascivious. He hurriedly said, "Okay, we'll start right away! Get changed quickly!"

After that, a female worker immediately put the clothes in Rachel's hands.

Glancing at the thin clothes, Rachel's heart froze. She was sure Cody was not going to do something good.

But she just smiled lightly, pretending that nothing had happened. She stood up, took over the clothes from the female and began to take off her clothes in front of them.

When she was about to unbutton the first button, someone beside her suddenly screamed in surprise, "What's wrong with he

r face?"

She felt that the skin on her face was itchy, almost to the extreme, but she tried hard not to scratch. Her skin was very fragile, and if she scratched, there would be scars.

The director's expression changed too. The beautiful face of the gorgeous lady in front of him had many red spots!

Continued taking off her clothes, Rachel pretended that she knew nothing about it. Fortunately, she had prepared a vest and a safety pants inside before she came here.

When she calmly took off her coat and only the vest and safety pants left, everyone was stunned!

"Oh my God! What do these things on her body? It's so ugly! They're so thick! I'm gooseflesh all over!"

Rachel looked down and found that almost all the places on her body which could be seen with the naked eyes had red spots that were extremely itchy.

She showed a look of panic, while praying secretly in her heart that trunk allergy could help her through the difficult situation!

Cody pointed at Rachel with allergic spots all over her body and could not speak for a while!

The photographer looked at the director with embarrassment. "Are we going to take the film or not? I don't know what these things are on her body, but she is just like a monster. She is not beautiful at all, and even if we take a video of her, no one will want to see it... "

The director came back to his senses and pointed at Rachel angrily, "What did you do just now? Why do you suddenly become like this?"

Rachel explained with an innocent look, "I don't know. I have been suffering from allergies since I was a child, and there will be rashes all over my body if I smell the rouge powder. Perhaps I have got allergy because I have stayed in the dressing room for a long time... "

Cody had been drooling over her beauty, but she was turned into a ugly woman by the allergy. His last desire for her disappeared all of a sudden.

"Forget it. You can leave now. I won't allow you to perform in this movie anymore!" the director waved his hand helplessly and said.

Hearing this, Rachel put on her clothes quickly and ran outside. But she ran into someone only after running for a few steps!

Startled, she freed herself from the man's embrace and looked up? That was Clark Ji!

To her surprise, he was accompanied by several armed bodyguards!

Clark looked down at her and asked incredibly, "You are..."

"I am Rachel!" Rachel replied loudly and firmly.

With a frown, Clark asked in a low voice, "What happened to you?"

"I..." At the thought of she was in such an ugly image in front of him, Rachel couldn't help panicking and was unable to speak smoothly.

Seeing her panic and thinking of the annoying male voice from the other side of the phone, Clark couldn't help but look at the group of people behind her. Anger was about to burn in his chest!

"Who did this to her?" Clark asked coldly.

Seeing the men in black behind him, these staff dared not to answer his question. Everyone was silent.

There was no time for Clark to waste. He gestured to the bodyguards, and all of a sudden, those tall men passed Rachel and ran towards the crowd!

Before everyone could react, they were punched in the face. A few weak staff were knocked down by the bodyguards who were good at Taekwondo, lying on the ground, panting.

Cody recognized Clark and was scared to death. When he was about to explain, he was hit by a hard fist.


Cody's right eye became black and swollen in an instant.


The director whined and knelt directly, crying and begging, "Mr. Ji, I...... I was wrong. Please forgive me..."

Nancy told him that the woman didn't have a powerful background. She was just the so-called daughter of the Yan Family. That was why he dared to be so presumptuous. But now, Clark was here. If he didn't know what was going on, he would be foolish. It was obvious that he fell into the trap set by that woman!

Looking at the people crawling on the ground, like a king looking down upon the world, Clark asked calmly, "What did you do wrong?"

Cody's forehead was in a cold sweat as he felt the pressure. If he had offended Clark, he wouldn't have to stay in M city anymore.

"I...... I have no idea that Miss Rachel is your woman. Otherwise, even if I were brave enough, I wouldn't have let her to be acting in a porn movie... "

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