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   Chapter 11 Out Of Danger

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Rachel shivered with fear, but tried her best to stay calm. She bit her lips and said in a trembling voice, "Hey! I only came here to change my clothes because I felt like someone was peeping at me."

"What the fuck are you talking about? I just heard you call for help! How do you explain that? Do you think I am a fool?" The director grabbed Rachel's hair and dragged her out of the corner.

Stunned and frightened, she cried out in pain. She felt like her scalp was being pulled off. In a last ditch effort, she tried to convince him. "I heard voices outside, and didn't know what was going on. I thought I was in danger!"

The director stopped and looked at her doubtfully. "Really? Are you sure you are not trying to trick me?"

Seeing the director's hesitant expression, the man standing behind him reminded, "Director, we don't know if she really called someone here for help. We should hurry up and take the pictures before someone barges in!"

The director nodded, "Bring her to the studio!"

Two of his subordinates grabbed Rachel's arms and dragged her to another room.

The director pointed to two female employees and said impatiently, "One of you change her clothes, and the other help her with the make-up. Hurry!"

The women approached Rachel and grabbed both her arms forcefully. Tears threatened to fall, but Rachel took deep breaths. She looked around discreetly for a chance to escape.

Her eyes then fell on a transparent fruit bowl on the table at the center of the room. It had some dry fruits and nuts in it. The staff must have bought them to eat during their free time.

"Director," Rachel said, "I... I understand that we are in a hurry, but can I eat something first?"

The director was suspicious. 'What is she trying to do now?'

Seeing her pure and innocent eyes, the director's heart softened and he wasn't so angry anymore.

Seizing the opportunity after seeing his relaxed expression, Rachel cooed, "I haven't eaten anything all morning. How can I work with an empty stomach?"

The director hesitated for a moment, but agreed. "Fine, eat some of these nuts! And don't even think of playing any tricks. I will be watching. Make it fast. Once you are done, get ready and we will start shooting."

"Yes, of course!" Rachel nodded immediately. She sat down at the table, grabbed the nuts and began to gobble them down. She seemed really hungry.

Although she ate in a hurry, Rachel was still elegant and beautiful. The director admired her beauty; he was hooked. 'What an extravagant beauty she is. I wonder how much more gorgeous she will be once she is naked.'

He was so obsessed with Rachel that he didn't notice the disgust flashing through her eyes.

The director sat down beside her and put his hand on her shoulder, gently rubbing it. His smile was creepy.

"Take your time. Don't rush. You need all your strength after this." At that moment, Rachel started to cough violently.

The director handed her a bottle of water at once. "I told you not to rush. Drink this."

Rachel pushed his hand away, trying to control the nauseous feeling. She said with a smile, "Thank you, I'm full now. I'll change my clothes."

The director was elated. He wanted to personally take off her clothes, but unfortunately, there were too many people in the room. After the shoot, he could find a private space to have sex with her.

As he thought of her naked body under his, he looked at her lasciviously. He said in a hurry, "We'll start right away! Get changed quickly!" He couldn't wait to have her to himself.

One of the female staff gave the clothes for the shoot to Rachel.

Seeing the thin fabric, Rachel's stomach lurched.

But soon, a smile appeared on her lips. She began to take off her clothes in front of them.

As she started to unbutton her coat, someone beside her screamed in surprise, "What's wrong with her face?"

Rachel's face felt itchy, almost to the extreme, but she tried hard not to scratch. Her skin was fragile, and if she scratched it, i

t would definitely leave scars.

The director's expression changed too. The beautiful face he had longed for was nowhere to be seen. It was replaced by a swollen face with red spots.

Ignoring the scream, Rachel continued to take off her coat. Fortunately, she had on layers of clothing.

She calmly took off her clothes and now, only her vest and safety pants were left. Everyone in the room was stunned.

"Oh my God! What are these things on her body? It's so ugly! They're so thick! I'm getting goosebumps all over!"

Rachel looked down at her body. There were red spots all over her which looked extremely itchy.

She had hoped that her nut allergy would help her through this crisis!

The director pointed at Rachel's allergic spots, dumbfounded.

The photographer looked at her in disgust and then turned to the director. "Are we going to use her? With those things on her body, she looks like a monster. Even if we take photos of her, no one will want to see them..."

The director came back to his senses and pointed at Rachel angrily. "What did you do? Why did you suddenly this?"

Rachel said with an innocent look, "I don't know. I have suffered from allergies since I was a child, and I get rashes all over my body if I smell rouge and powder. Perhaps it happened because I stayed in the dressing room for too long."

The director had been drooling over her beauty, but now, she was too ugly to even look at. His lust for her disappeared in an instant.

"Forget it. Leave now! There's no way I will allow you to appear in the photos looking like that!" he said, waving his hand helplessly.

With a silent sigh of relief, Rachel put on her clothes quickly and ran out the room. But as soon as she stepped out, she ran into someone.

Startled, she freed herself from the man's embrace and looked up. Clark Ji!

To her surprise, he was accompanied by several armed bodyguards.

Clark looked down at her and asked incredibly, "You..."

"It's me—Rachel!" she said in a firm voice.

Clark frowned. He asked in a menacingly low tone, "What happened?"

"I..." The thought of being seen by this man while she looked so ugly made her panic once again. She couldn't say a word.

Seeing her panicked face and remembering the annoying male voice earlier through the phone, Clark glared at the group behind her. The atmosphere around him was freezing cold.

"Who did this to her?" he asked coldly.

Seeing the men in black behind him, the staff dared not answer his question. Everyone was silent.

Clark had no time to waste. He gestured to the bodyguards, and all of a sudden, the men passed by Rachel and ran towards the others behind her.

Before they could even react, strong fists made contact with their faces. The weak men were knocked down easily by the bodyguards who were too good at Taekwondo. They lay on the floor, panting.

The director recognized Clark and was already half scared to death.

Just as he was about to explain himself out of the situation, a hard fist drove him to the floor.


The director's right eye turned black and swelled up in an instant.

The director whined and knelt immediately, begging, "Mr. Clark, I... I didn't know. Please forgive me."

Nancy had told him that Rachel didn't have a powerful background, and that she was just an adopted daughter of the Yan Family. That was why he had dared to be so presumptuous. But now, Clark Ji was here to rescue her. If he didn't already know what was going on, he would have been an idiot. He had obviously fallen into Nancy's trap!

Clark watched the men crawling on the floor in pain, like a king looking down upon the world. He asked in an icy tone, "What did you do to her?"

The director broke into a cold sweat as he felt the pressure emanating from the man. If he offended Clark, he wouldn't be able to stay in the city any longer.

"I... I had no idea that she was your woman, Mr. Clark. If I had known, I would never have even considered her for my porn photos."

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