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   Chapter 7 I Didn't Do Anything Inappropriately. I Just Feed My Wife

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"The person you want to meet is in the next room." Clark became emotionless once again, and reminded, "You've been in a coma for three days."

"Three days?" Rachel shouted in surprise and then felt dizzy.

No wonder she felt weak all over her body just now and did not have any strength.

It turned out that she hadn't eaten or drunk for three days.

"You don't have to do this kind of thing next time. Just give me a word and I'll solve it." Before he left, Clark glanced at her injured knee and then left without looking back.

Stunned by his words, Rachel wondered why Mr. Ji seemed to know her so well from the very beginning? Did he know her before?

Rachel frowned. When she was still lost in her thought, she heard a voice of surprise from the door.

"My miss, you are finally awake."

A petite figure hobbled towards her, her eyes misted with tears. "It's so good that you are find, Miss Rachel. Do you know you almost scared me to death?"

With tears of joy, Eva looked at Rachel excitedly.

"Eva, you..." Rachel was also surprised to see Eva. However, when she saw the wounds all over her body, her heart ached and her eyes turned red. She said, "I'm sorry. I didn't protect you well."

"Miss, what are you talking about? It doesn't hurt at all, really." Eva looked at Rachel with a tearful smile, added, "I know that because of me, you knelt down in the rain for so long. That was why you have been so sick. Miss Rachel, it is Eva that drag you down."

Rachel shook her head and gently held Eva's scarred hand. "Eva, we are like sisters. I can assure you that nobody can bully us from now on."

Eva was so touched that she nodded her head immediately. Then she asked with hesitation as if she had thought of something, "Miss, are you really going to marry Mr. Ji?"

With a hint of embarrassment flashing in her eyes, Rachel was slightly stunned and asked in reply, "Why do you ask this question?"

"Mr. Ji is an excellent man, but I really hope that you can be happy and marry the one you love." Eva looked at her earnestly, as if she had made up her mind. Then, she said slowly but firmly, "Miss Rachel, there is something I have to tell you now..."

The smile at the corners of Rachel's mouth gradually faded away after she saw Eva's serious expression. While she was wondering what was going on, Rachel heard Eva say angrily, "Miss Rachel, your parents were killed by the Yan Family!"

"Mr. Clark, Miss Rachel hasn't eaten anything yet," the Butler reported to Clark in a low voice, his face grim.

Hearing that, Clark stopped writing. He frowned and asked coldly, "What happened?"

The Butler answered more cautiously, "Well...... We don't know the reason. We have changed several dishes, but she didn't eat anything and even locked the door from inside."

"Damn it!" A dash of annoyance flashed through his eyes. After thinking for a while, Clark stood up and asked coldly, "What is this woman going to do this time?"

When she heard the door open behind her, Rachel who was standing by the window said coldly, "Get out!"

"Get out? Clark whispered to her ears. Then, he carried Rachel without asking her permission and walked towards the bed, making her feel dizzy.

"Clark, put me down! What are you doing?!" When she came to her senses, Rachel couldn't help but struggle angrily and anxiously.

Indeed, Clark stopped wal

king ahead. He slightly turned his eyes and glanced at her indifferently. "Since my wife doesn't want to eat food and medicine by herself, I have to do it for her."

When Rachel heard him putting forth his words in a strange cold tone, she was stunned and panicked. She asked, "What do you want to do?"

Again, Clark took her in his arms and walked towards the bed. "Nothing. I am not going to do anything inappropriately. I'm gonna feed my wife," he answered casually.

After saying that, he added with a deep and ambiguous voice, "Mouth to mouth."

"You!" Rachel stared at Clark's shining side face in astonishment, her eyes and mouth wide open.

"I'll eat it. Let me do it on my own!" In the end, Rachel drooped her head in frustration and glared at him. Then she took the spoon and ate a mouthful of food, as if this was the only way to vent her anger.

The smile on Clark's face had not kept for one second before it was altered by shock.

"You..." He frowned in an instant.

The crystal clear tears, like broken pearls, fell one by one down Rachel's cheek as if they were worthless. However, it seemed that she did not know that. She was just mechanically and silently eating the food in her bowl.

A feeling of discomfort seized Clark. It seemed that he had never seen her cry in any occasion until now.

'Am I going too far?' Clark asked himself in his heart.

An uneasiness flashed across Clark dark eyes. When he was about to say something to stop her, he heard her blurred voice, "Clark, do you think I'm stupid?"

Before he could answer, she smiled. But there was a trace of sadness in her smile. The she continued, "I'm afraid I am the only person in this world who considers her enemies as the one who saved her."

Biting his lips, Clark seemed to have guessed what was going on. He said flatly, "It seems that you have already known the truth."

Stunned, Rachel stared at him. She opened her mouth but said nothing.

"If I were you, I would make them pay for it thousands of times," Clark said in a cold tone, but his tone softened after that. "You should not stop eating and drinking and let those people live happily. It is a punishment to yourself and they haven't lost anything."

He let his eyes settle upon her beautiful face. Somehow, he reached out his hand and wiped off the tears hanging from the corner of Rachel's eyes. He licked this hand with his tongue and casually twisted his lips. "I sense a strong hatred."

Clark acted in an elegant and bewitching manner, as if he was an immortal from the heaven.

Rachel's heart seemed to be hit hard by something and started to beat violently. Her face blushed as well.

She didn't know when Clark left the room. She stood still, speechless for quite a long time.

It was a morning after a week. The sun was shining brightly, showing the good weather of the day.

"Miss Rachel, get up for breakfast," Eva's gentle voice came from outside. After a while, Eva did not hear any replies. She couldn't help knocking on the door and pushing it open. "Miss Rachel?"

There was no one in the room.

"What? Is she out?" Eva mumbled to herself, totally confused. Then she turned around and went downstairs to look for Rachel.

Right then, the person she wanted to find appeared at the gate of the Yan Family's villa.

"It's me," Rachel said casually on the interphone.

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