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   Chapter 6 Gave Eva Back to Me

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Not in the mood to argue with her, Rachel slowly stood up and said coldly, "Carol, please tell my mother not to forget what she has said before."

Hearing that, Carol was stunned for a while. A hint of confusion and disdain flashed across her eyes. She asked, "Miss Rachel, do you want to say that it wasn't your fault, but Mrs. Teresa..."

"Give Eva back to me!"

With an impatient voice, Rachel interrupted Carol. Passing at her, Rachel looked straight to the French window on the second floor, "Tell mom, I'm waiting here with my future husband, Clark Ji."

The man who was called out by Rachel raised his eyebrows and wondered, 'Now she needs me again?'

Carol's face darkened immediately, but she didn't dare to show it off in front of Clark. She curled her lips and replied coldly, "I don't know what to do about it. Please wait for me to inform Mrs. Teresa."

A flicker of coldness flashed in Rachel's eyes, but the corners of her mouth curved up slightly. "Yes, I can wait, but Carol knows that Mr. Ji is busy, he can't wait. Do you understand?"

The threat in her words made Carol stop for a moment while the latter turned around. After that, she seemed to walk much faster than before.

"It's very clear that you take advantage of me whenever you can." The corner of Clark's mouth was slightly lifted.

As soon as he finished speaking, Rachel's figure approached him.

Subconsciously, he reached out his hands and held her in his arms. It was obvious that Rachel couldn't support herself anymore.

"You have always been very stubborn since childhood." Clark slightly frowned, but there was a hint of love in his eyes that he did not notice. He then easily lifted her up and walked towards the car expressionlessly.

He said to his assistant before he left, "Take the person she wants back and tell them it's my order."

The assistant took his order and waited there.

"Why did mother let that humble servant off? Do we have to be afraid of that bitch now?" Nancy could not help but to ask. She bit her lower lip angrily.

She was already pissed off by what Clark said today. And now her mother even release Eva, which made her much angrier.

After learning that, she was so angry that she kept smashing and breaking things in the room, and she even didn't notice that Teresa's face had been darkened.

"Nancy, what are you doing?" Teresa scolded her coldly. Then she asked the servants to stop Nancy and looked at her with a cold face. "Is this the right way you talk to me?"

"Mom, I didn't mean that. I just..." Nancy was terrified all of a sudden. She cover her face with both hands and started to cry again. "Mom, I'm your daughter. Who does Rachel think she is? Why should we listen to her! Her bitchy mother stole your beloved man. Do you want to see her steal your daughter's man away?"

Taking a deep breath, Teresa tried to control her impulse not to slap Nancy. She stared at her daughter with a cold face, stating, "Nancy, mind your words."

Nancy was taken aback by her mother's icy tone. She suddenly realized that she had blurted out what she shouldn't have said, and held the corner of her clothes nervously, explaining, "Mom, I didn't mean that..."

Teresa gave her a cold glance, ordering

, "Miss Nancy was too furious and began to talk nonsense. From now on, she is grounded. No one is allowed to let her out without my permission."

"Yes, madam." The servants bowed respectfully and did as Teresa said.


Teresa closed the door coldly and affirmatively before she walked ahead with a livid face.

"Madam, Mr. Ji's man took Eva away," Carol said in a low voice after she saw Teresa.

"Hum," Teresa laughed scornfully. "I have underestimated Rachel. No wonder she is the daughter of that bitch. It seems that it is a mistake that I was too kind not to get rid of her back then."

She looked straight ahead with her weird eyes, while making plans in her heart.

Rachel tossed and turned in bed after she woke up.

Her head was in terrible pain.

Staring at the strange ceiling, she was in a daze for a moment. But just in a moment, she turned over and sat up. She couldn't help but ask, "Where am I? Where is Eva?"

Only then did she find her throat extremely dry and unpleasant. She frowned unconsciously and wanted to jump out of bed.

She was upset and thought to herself, 'Is Eva still in the Yan Family?'

"Ahhh -" a sharp scream came. In the meantime, Rachel, who was limp, fell straight forward.

She closed her eyes desperately. However, the expected pain did not come at all. On the contrary, she was held by a pair of strong arms.

"Rachel, don't you ever know what is being obedient?"

Clark said in a deep and angry voice. As soon as she opened her eyes, Rachel found his exquisite face started to be darkened.

"I..." With her eyes blinking, Rachel was unable to think how to answer his question.

A hint of annoyance flashed through his eyes, but soon Clark ground his teeth and growled, "Get up! Now!"

Only then did Rachel realize that she was the one who had just put him under her body.

She flushed a little and immediately tried to stand up in a hurry. However, the more she wanted to stand up, the more weak she became.

When she tried once again, her lips fell straight on Clark's lips.

"Mr. Clark, the medicine of that miss......"

The servant who had entered the door was shocked to see Clark and Rachel embrace together. It seemed that they were kissing?

The atmosphere froze for a moment.

"Mr. Clark, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you two. I'm leaving now..." the servant said in a panic voice.

As the door was closed, Rachel finally rolled down from the man with her last strength.

She touched her lips miserably and thought, 'Well, now my explanation is useless.'

"Are you so hungry for sex with me?" Clark tidied up his suit gracefully and added casually, "You will be Mrs. Ji soon. Then you can do whatever you want to me."

"I am hungry for sex with you?" Rachel repeated, eyes wide open in disbelief, Then she pointed at his nose and said coldly, "Mr. Ji, being too narcissistic is a kind of illness. You need to see a doctor."

Caressing his wet lips, Clark muttered, "What a pity. The servant saw you take the initiative to kiss me. How are you going to explain that?"

With a sudden blush on her face, Rachel could not utter a word.

Seeing Rachel's face, a smile flashed across Clark's face, and his mood lightened.

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