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   Chapter 3 Ugly But Unique Birthmark

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It was a thin figure appearing in front of the dazed Clark. With his dark eyes narrowed, he then spoke, "You..."

"Please...Please help me,"

Rachel whispered as her soft lips imprinted on Clark's.

With her body trembling, Rachel kissed Clark unskillfully as she was afraid that he would push her away any second.

But Clark suddenly felt something strange at the bottom of his heart. He acted on it, reaching out his hand as he held her slender waist.

Speechless, Rachel opened her eyes and saw Clark's deep-set eyes that shone as dark as the night sky. Meeting his eyes, she could not help but be at a loss for words.

She soon panicked, and later loosened her grip on him. Seeing this, some of the reporters from the major media were shocked. Blushing, Rachel then claimed, "I am Clark's lover, and the eldest daughter of the Yan Family, Rachel Yan."

Creak! Creak! Creak!

Excited to hear such groundbreaking news, the reporters took photos of Rachel and Clark nonstop. Upon seeing how the media were acting, Rachel already knew that this would be the headline of all the major media tomorrow.

She finally felt relieved as she believed that Eva would be saved soon, a glimmer of hope shinning in her eyes.

However, she suddenly felt a cold gaze being thrown at her.

"My lover?" Glancing at Rachel, Clark didn't feel amused at all. "Since when did I have a fiancee? Why don't I know anything about that?"

Rachel had a sudden blush on her face. She then turned her eyes away as if she were shy and then said, "But last time... That was actually my first time. So you should be responsible for me."

As soon as she finished her words, Rachel wanted to kill herself in embarrassment. With her face turning red, she realized that she had ever considered virginity as a valuable thing. However, she had to do that in order to save Eva.

After a moment of silence, Clark nodded in agreement and said, "You're right. I should be responsible for you."

Rachel shot him a strange glance after hearing what he had just said, and asked, "Are you a virgin, too?"

After all, she didn't want to be responsible for any man.

The assistant, who just stood beside them, immediately stared at her in horror. Giving off an overwhelmed expression, he could not believe what this strange woman asked just now.

Blue veins suddenly came popping out of Clark's forehead. Clenching his teeth, he then whispered, "Shut up!"

Without hesitation, Rachel immediately followed his order. All of a sudden, she felt a hand behind her. But before she could do anything and react to it, she had already fallen into Clark's arms.

"You!" Tensed, Rachel watched him get closer and closer to her. As soon as there was only an inch space between them, Clark tilted his head a little, and she felt him bit her hard on the left side of her neck.

"Ah, that hurts!" she cried out in pain and covered her neck, while she tried to push him away. "What are you doing?"

Was he just a man with a strange hobby to suck others' blood?

Clark suddenly licked his thin lips with a snicker and said, "This is your first wish. Don't worry. There are two more."

"What?" Rachel was stunned as she stared at the man's delicate profile without understanding what he meant.

"Your birthmark is so ugly, yet unique," Clark said right before he turned around and left.

Rachel watched as his slender figure disappeared in front of her. Under her breath, she couldn't help but mumble, "He's good-looking, but so weird."

Following behind, the assistant was obviously shaken upon hearing this. Handing over the ointment to Rachel with a trembling hand, he wiped off the cold sweat off his forehead and said, "Miss Yan, this is the medicine the doctor prescribed for you. Please take


"Oh, thank you." Rachel looked at him with gratitude and then asked herself doubtfully, "But how did Clark know that there is a birthmark on my left neck?"

"Keep an eye on her and don't let anything happen to her," Clark ordered a bodyguard beside him.

"Roger that, sir."

Lowering his head, Clark subconsciously touched the awful scar on his wrist. He muttered coldly to himself, "It's you."

Meanwhile, in the middle of the night, the Yan Family's house was still brightly lit.

"Go beat her hard! She deserves that!" "Bitch! How dare you go against Miss Nancy!" "How many lives have you got? You really want to die, huh!"

The servants shouted as they swung the whip furiously at the dying Eva.

"Slow down. Don't beat her to death just yet. I think she could still be useful to me," Nancy said in a heartless tone as she drank her coffee gracefully.

"Yes, Miss Nancy."


Suddenly, a gentle voice echoed, and Rachel rushed to them in a fast speed and slapped away the whip.

"Rachel, how dare you show your face in front of me? Catch her!" Stunned, Nancy then smashed the cup on the ground and stared at Rachel with a killing intent.

"Catch me, really?" Rachel sneered, "If you want to catch me, then you'll have to ask for Clark's permission!"

Astonished to hear such audacity, Nancy could only ask with a frown, "What do you mean by that?"

"Haven't you heard? I'm going to be Clark's wife. He said he wants to marry me because of what he did to me that day." With a malicious look on her face, Rachel relayed the message word by word. "So don't you dare lay a finger on me. Do you think that Clark will easily let go of the woman who tried to give him philters and catch his fiancee?"

"Rachel Yan!" Furious, Nancy then screamed out loud, "You damn bitch! I'm gonna kill you!"

"What are you all doing here so late at night?" Suddenly, Teresa appeared at the door. Glancing at Rachel coldly, she asked, "Shouldn't you be locked in the basement? Why did you come out without my permission?"

"Mom, Rachel went to ask Clark to marry her. What should I do now? I should be his fiancee!" Nancy shouted and cried after seeing Teresa.

Teresa was obviously stunned at first, but frowned afterwards. With a hint of disgust and coldness flashing in her eyes, she then asked, "Did you really do it?"

"Mom, I had no choice. They hit Eva so hard. If I don't save her, then she will eventually die..."

"Eva is one of the servants of the Yan Family, which makes her life our property. If she committed a mistake, then she should be punished for it. It will never be a problem even if she were mercilessly beaten to death," Teresa interrupted Rachel coldly. Then she continued harshly, "Look at you! Have you ever treated us as your family? Now, you even want your sister's man! How ungrateful of you!"

Rachel stared at her in disbelief. Then, with pain engulfing her heart, she spoke, "Mom, am I such a bad woman in your eyes? I feel deep gratitude to the Yan Family ever since I was a child. Moreover, I have never complained about anything. But no matter how hard I tried, you don't ever believe me!"

Teresa, however, just sneered and replied, "That's because you are not a child of this family, and your background is disgusting."

"Mom..." Surprised, Rachel opened her mouth, but no other words came out of it as she did not know what to say next.

"Now get out of my sight! Get on your knees until the rain stops. Otherwise, I'll throw this lowly servant out," Teresa said coldly and then left.

On the other hand, Nancy snorted venomously and proudly, as she followed suit.

Meanwhile, the rain poured heavily outside, just as the sky was almost lighting up. However, the rain was not getting any lighter at all.

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