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   Chapter 376 The Last Time To See Grandpa

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It was already two o'clock in the morning when they got home.

Jade and Frank were still waiting in the living room, while Richard and Angela were also waiting for them.

Seeing them enter the room, Jade stood up first. She walked to Simon in a hurry and shouted at the two men who were escorting him, "Now that you're back, you should let go of him, shouldn't you?"

But the two men ignored her and didn't look at her. They held Simon's hand tightly.

"You..." Jade was angry, but she could do nothing about it. She looked at Simon sympathetically, and then turned to Eric. Her tone was softer. "Eric, your uncle is also injured, and now it has been identified. Let them go."

Eric cast a sidelong glance at her and sneered, "Do you think you can finish it just by a paternity test?"

"I..." Jade was speechless. It was a matter of life and death, so they wouldn't just let it go. "But… Even prisoners have the right to rest. You can't let them take uncle away like this the whole night, can you?"

Looking away from her, Eric looked at the two men who were escorting Simon and ordered, "Take him to the room upstairs. You take turns to watch him tonight. If I can't see him tomorrow, you… Just wait and be punished by my brother."

"Yes, sir!" The two men answered at the same time, sonorous and powerful.

"Eric!" Jade was anxious, "How can you do this? Your uncle hasn't eaten yet and his wounds haven't been treated yet!"

Eric scolded, "Why didn't he think that as long as he killed grandpa, grandpa wouldn't die and the Gu family wouldn't have such a thing? He didn't eat or apply medicine. How could he die soon?"

"You, Eric, you..."

Eric interrupted Jade, "If he dies, I will buy him a good coffin and bury him deeply!"

Jade was too shocked to speak.

Looking away from her coldly, Eric looked at the two people and said, "Take him upstairs."

"Yes, sir!"

Simon was taken upstairs by the two men, but Jade could do nothing about it. Besides, Frank didn't say a word, either.

Angela walked up to Eric and said, "It's late now. Go to bed."

"Okay." Eric nodded and then turned to look at Richard, "Dad, I'll take the legal examiner to the hospital tomorrow to check grandpa's corpse and make a more specific corpse examination report. Tomorrow you'll go to the company and arrange the company's affairs. The bidding of the government is about to start these days."

Richard nodded, "I know… Thank you for your hard work."

"It's not a big deal. I'm going to bed. Good night."


Eric took Lily's hand and left. Before leaving, he glanced at Jade and Frank with frightening eyes.

They were so frightened that they didn't dare to look at each other. They had never seen Eric like this before… It was r

full of sadness.

So did Lily. She looked at Wayne under the light with red eyes. His face was as pale as a piece of paper and his eyes were closed tightly.

"I didn't expect grandpa to be like this for the last time." She said in a low voice.

Eric turned his head and held her hand more tightly. "The last time I saw grandpa, it was almost the same, but not in the morgue."

Thinking of this, the anger in her heart rose again. "If it weren't for the law, I would have kicked Simon to death."

"I understand your feelings." Lily comforted her.

The two whispered to each other. William was not affected at all. He wrote down the details he saw with a serious attitude.

Half an hour later, after the autopsy, he packed up his notes and walked to Eric. "Well, you can leave now."

"Okay." Eric nodded and looked at Wayne's corpse for a while. He sighed slightly and turned around, holding Lily's hand. "Let's go."

Lily also took a look at the corpse of Wayne reluctantly. Then she left with Eric, and William walked behind the two.

Walking out of the morgue and standing in front of the hospital building, William took off his gloves and mask and looked at Eric in the sunshine. "Harry said that you were in a hurry to need this autopsy report. I will write it out this afternoon."

"Okay, thank you, William." Eric said sincerely.

"I have known Harry for many years. He asked me to help him. I have to. Well, you go ahead with your work. I'll go back to report now."

"Okay, bye."


After saying goodbye, Eric held Lily's hand and watched him drive away.

After watching the car drive away, Lily turned her head to look at Eric and said, "William is a good man, very loyal."

Eric nodded in agreement, "Yes, let's go back."


The two got in the car and drove towards the Gu family.

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