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   Chapter 374 It's Not Too Much To Die

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Seeing him like this, Eric, who had been suppressed before, was irritated again. Fortunately, Lily had been holding his hand all the time, so he could bear it alone.

At the same time, Richard also had the same expression as Eric. He wanted to give him another kick. Fortunately, it was Angela who held his arm that made him calm down.

Both Angela and Lily knew that Simon deserved to be beaten. In other words, it was not too much to beat him to death. But this was a society ruled by law. Even if you beat him to death, you still broke the law, so you can't be impulsive.

Jade was completely dumbfounded, because she had been involved in many cases that Simon tried to alienate Richard. Now that he spoke out everything, it meant… She would suffer as well?

But Frank didn't know how to react.

They probably didn't expect that Richard and Eric saw everything.

"How could he call me an unfilial son? I only care about money, interest and brotherhood all day long." Simon continued, "As I said, the part of the property that belongs to Ethan can only be deducted from the part of Richard. He is the son of his father, and he deserves it. Why should we share it? I just can't figure it out. I'm so angry!"

Hearing what he said, everyone could imagine what had happened at that time. Wayne must have been so angry that his painstaking efforts were surging.

"He still thinks I'm unreasonable after hearing what I said! He wanted to scold me. I'm so angry. I've told him that if he wants to reduce the share that should belong to us, I won't recognize him as my father in the future." He couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"This sentence pissed him off, but he was stubborn and refused to give in. He said that he wanted all the heritage to Richard, without leaving any to me. Then I must be angrier. I will scold him. You old bastard, if you do so, I will destroy all the Gu company. Ha ha, sure enough, after hearing these words, he fell ill and couldn't get up. Ha ha, since he doesn't like my son, I don't need to save him. Even if he grabs me, I won't save him!"

Hearing what he said, everyone gasped.

Eric shook off Lily's hand, walked up quickly and waved his fist…

With a loud bang, something heavy fell on the ground.

Simon fell heavily to the ground, motionless and unable to make a sound. The punch almost exhausted all of his strength.

Eric was still angry and wanted to give him a few more kicks, but he was held on to his back by Lily. "Calm down, Eric. If you keep on fighting, he will die."

"Such a scumbag should be killed!" Eric's muscles were tight, and his whole

her number. So she swallowed the words on the tip of her tongue.

The phone was quickly connected, but Eric still directly expressed his purpose of the call, "Harry, I still have something to do tonight. We have to go to your hospital later. Please help me with the identification report again."

Didn't know what Harry had said on the other end of the phone. Eric said apologetically, "I have to ask you to go to the hospital again. You know, I have to settle this matter as soon as possible. Okay, thank you."

After hanging up the phone, he took a deep breath and put the phone away.

"Are you going to do another paternity test?" Lily asked.

"Yes." Eric nodded, "The one I made before is not enough to be used as evidence. This time, I want Harry to make a complete one for me."

Lily pursed her lips and nodded. She finally understood what was going on in the report. There was only grandpa's name in the report, and the name of another person was not written on it. That was why he had this plan.

Sure enough, Eric was more thoughtful.

When they were waiting for Noble to bring people here, Frank called Jade. The two helped Simon sit on the sofa, one on the left and one on the right. Simon slowly woke up from his semi coma.

Richard and Angela sat next to each other, so did Eric and Lily.

About half a minute later, they arrived at the gate of the Gu family. It was Angela who opened the door in person.

"Auntie." Seeing Angela, Noble greeted him politely.

"Come on in. It's so late. I'm sorry to bother you." Angela said politely.

"Are you an outsider? We are a family." With a smile on his face, Noble entered the gate, followed by two strong men in suits.

Angela glanced at the two and led the way.

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