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   Chapter 365 Death

Destiny Of Vengeance By Jin Nian Characters: 10008

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Not only Eric, but also Richard and Angela felt the same way.

The two sat in the back seats. Angela looked sideways at Richard with confusion in her eyes. "This morning, I went to the back garden to visit father. He was still practicing tai chi at that time. He was in good spirit. Why did he suddenly have a relapse?"

Hearing what she said, Richard, who had been frowning, frowned more tightly at the moment. "I hope nothing will happen."

On the passenger seat, Eric took a look at his parents through the rearview mirror. He pursed his lips more tightly, with a frightening light in his black eyes. The only thought in his mind was that he hoped nothing would happen.

But when he received Jarvis's call before, he said the situation was very serious. He said that he had fallen to the ground for a long time when he found him, and his lips were purple…

The more she thought about it, the more worried he became. Eric felt as if his chest was pressed by a stone, dull and unable to breathe.

When the car stopped steadily at the gate of the hospital, Eric had no time to care about the two people in the car, he opened the door and ran directly to the emergency room.

The emergency room was on the third floor. When he arrived, there were three people in the corridor, Frank, Simon and Jarvis.

"Uncle, how is Grandpa?" Ignoring Simon and Frank, Eric walked up to Jarvis, grabbed his arm and asked.

Jarvis looked serious and shook his head. "He is still in the emergency room. His condition..."

He wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Looking at Eric, he couldn't continue.

Seeing him like this, Eric was anxious. "Tell me the truth. You told me on the phone that grandpa's condition is not optimistic. What's wrong with him?"

Pursing his lips, Jarvis glanced at Simon and Frank who were standing aside with the same serious face. Then he looked at Eric and said in a low voice, "It's hard to say."

He was in danger…

Eric staggered and almost lost his balance, but soon he steadied himself. He looked up subconsciously at the emergency room with the light on, took a deep breath and adjusted his state of mind.

Then he turned to Jarvis and asked, "Where was grandpa when you found him?"

"In the aisle from the back garden to the front hall." Jarvis answered truthfully, "I took the medicine to look for him. I didn't expect… I saw him lying on the ground with his hands on his chest. His face was pale and his lips were purple. At that time, I knew that the situation was not good, so I took emergency measures, but found that it was useless. So I called someone. It happened to be..."

He glanced at Simon and Frank, and said, "They are also here, so they drove the car and sent him here immediately."

Following Jarvis's gaze, Eric looked at his father and son and asked Jarvis, "Do you know why grandpa's illness suddenly occurred?"

Jarvis shook his head and said, "I don't know what's going on. But if him hadn't been stimul

d unhappily.

"I didn't mean that. Thank you, doctor." Eric seemed to be very sincere, but the coldness in his black eyes became more and more serious.

He had just asked Jarvis his grandfather would not have a relapse if he hadn't been stimulated. But his answer was not very sure, and the answer was the same as the doctor's.

It could be imagined that grandpa had been greatly stimulated before he died, but he did not know what kind of stimulation he had been stimulated, or who had been stimulated.

The doctor looked at him and his expression softened a lot. "Rest in peace for the deceased. Prepare for his funeral."

Then the doctor turned around and left.

"Doctor, wait a minute." Eric suddenly stopped the doctor. When the doctor turned around to look at him, he said, "I want to leave my grandfather's real body in the morgue for two days, okay?"

The doctor looked at him strangely. Normally, few people would make such a request, but he still nodded and said, "Okay, you need to go through the relevant procedures."

"Okay, I'll do it." Eric nodded.

After the doctor left, Eric turned to look at Jarvis and said, "Please help me go through the formalities."

Confused as Jarvis was, he nodded and asked a nurse to take him to go through the formalities.

Simon, who had been crying loudly before, suddenly raised his head and looked at Eric, with a pair of red and swollen eyes full of blame. "Eric, you are so thoughtless, aren't you? How can you let grandpa go into the cold morgue?"

Eric looked at him calmly. "Now it's near early summer. The corpse is put outside, which is easy to rot. Besides, grandpa's affairs can't be finished in a day or two. We need to prepare a lot of things, so I plan to let grandpa's corpse stay in the morgue for two days first, so at least it can ensure that the corpse doesn't rot so fast."

An unnatural look flashed across Simon's face, but he couldn't find any words to say, because what Eric said was very reasonable.

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