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   Chapter 360 Hot Spring

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In the next few days, Lily stayed in the old house to heal the wounds on her face. Eric came here every day and spent most of the night here.

Fortunately, the medicine prescribed by Harry was magical. In just four or five days, the scab on the wound began to fall off. After the scab fell off, the original scar turned red. Now Lily didn't need to be so careful when she spoke, and the expression on her face returned to normal.

Claire had been taking good care of Lily these days. As soon as she came back from school, she took the initiative to ask if she wanted to do this or not. The bad temper of her almost disappeared. Sometimes, she even talked with her about interesting things in the school.

Seeing that Lily couldn't talk much, she didn't ask her about her homework. Instead, she went to ask Eden.

As her brother, Eden would explain everything to her one by one, and sometimes he even helped her to prepare for the courses to be taken on the second day.

Claire's behavior made Lily feel uncomfortable, but she didn't show it clearly. After all, she almost strangled her last time.

Joe was glad to see the change in their relationship.

What's more, during this period of time, the result of Lucia's case came out. Since there was no appeal and Joe found a secret relationship, so she was sentenced to ten years' imprisonment.

This was a light punishment for Lucia. When the result came out, Eden and Claire went to see Lucia together, together with Dillon.

Lily couldn't go to see her as if nothing had happened. Although Tina had put down her prejudices against her, it didn't mean that she could go to see her as if nothing had happened. Joe had difficulty in moving, so he didn't go either. But he asked Eden to take a message to her.

The Qiao family was kind enough to Lucia.

This morning, Joe was surprised to see a guest of the Qiao family, Andrew.

When he arrived, Tina and Kerr were chatting with Joe in the living room, and Eric was holding Lily's hand and coming downstairs.

"Brother." Lily was the first one to see Andrew.

"Lily." Andrew replied with a smile, "How's the wound on your face?"

He had heard from Kerr that she was injured. He had been too busy these days to come and see her, so he only called her to greet her.

"Much better." Letting go of his hand, Lily walked up to him and asked, "Why are you free today?"

Andrew didn't immediately answer Lily's question. Instead, he stretched out his hand to pull away the hair on her face and carefully looked at the red scar which had turned into a red mark. "It seems that it is almost healed, but the wound is too long."

As soon as he finished speaking, he withdrew his hand and answered her question, "I came here today to show you the design drawing. The plane

nfolded it and put it on the desk.

"This is a two-dimensional map." He pointed at the unfolded drawing and said, "I don't know if you can understand it or not. If you can't, I can explain it to you slowly."

To be honest, this drawing… Lily really couldn't understand. Of course, she could understand what was written on it. Except for the lines, she could see all kinds of crisscross lines.

She felt a little dizzy. After all, it was a map of a large public place, which looked very difficult. It was not as simple as the layout of an ordinary commercial house.

"Well, brother, let's watch the three-dimensional drawing." Lily stopped looking at the two-dimensional picture. She was really dazzled.

"Okay." With a smile, Andrew took out another drawing from his briefcase and unfolded it on the previous one.

The three-dimensional drawing looked much simpler than the two-dimensional drawing. At least, the building was not as complicated as the previous ones. Lily looked at it carefully.

About more than 10 minutes later, seeing that she was still immersed in it, Andrew didn't make any comments. He asked, "Are you satisfied with this design drawing?"

"Very good." Lily looked up at Andrew with a smile, "I find that you know me too well. Last time I just told you a rough idea, but you can remember all of them, and your design is very good."

"Of course, you are my sister. I know you well." Andrew answered jokingly, but he felt relieved. For some reason, he was really nervous and scared.

He don't know why, but he was afraid to hear not good from her.

"And, brother, according to your design concept, what do you think should be decorated?" Asked Lily.

Hearing this, Andrew frowned and thought for a while. Then he asked, "What kind of decoration do you want?"

"Me?" Lily blinked her eyes, not knowing what to do.

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