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   Chapter 349 Video Exposure

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Of course, Lily was an exception, because the medicine was indeed prescribed by Frank. But in the middle of the process, she played some tricks to make Frank and Claire drink the water with medicine, so the two of them woke up in the same bed.

She turned to look at Eric subconsciously, and he happened to turn to look at her at the same time. The eyes of the two met in the air, with clear expressions in their eyes.

"So, it was all planned by Frank?" Joe looked at Eric in shock.

"Yes." Eric nodded.

"Bastard!" Joe was furious and stared at Wayne, "Look, what kind of person he is! How could he set Claire up?"

"Ahem..." Wayne was so angry that he coughed and his face turned red.



Frightened, both Eric and Angela stood up and walked over at the same time. The two kept patting his back to calm him down.

"No… I'm fine." Wayne shook his head, indicating that he was not mad. He was just choked by his anger.

Hearing this, both Eric and Angela breathed a sigh of relief.

Lily immediately stood up and ran into the kitchen. Then she poured a glass of warm water and put it in front of Wayne. "Grandpa, drink some water."

Angela took the water from Lily's hand and fed it to Wayne's mouth. "Come on, grandpa. Drink some water to relax yourself."

After drinking a few mouthfuls of water, Wayne finally calmed down. Then he looked at Joe apologetically, "It's all my fault. I didn't discipline him well. Don't worry. I will punish him severely when I go back. As for the marriage, I'll give it up. It's just that it will ruin Claire's reputation."

Joe didn't take it seriously. "Compared with the so-called reputation, the happiness of a person's whole life is the most important. Besides, Claire is so young. If she continues to be with Frank, her life will be ruined."

Seeing that the two of them had spoken, the others returned to their original positions.

Wayne's face darkened. Although Frank had done many wrong things, he was still a member of the Gu family. He felt a little uncomfortable, but he couldn't find a word to refute.

"And..." Joe continued, "I have to ask Frank to come here to apologize. He set up Claire and hurt girl. I can't turn a blind eye to these two things and let him go so easily."

Wayne's face darkened, but he said, "Of course."

As for their conversation, Lily just listened quietly without saying anything. Eric didn't say anything else except what he said just now.

Let alone Angela. As long as Wayne was fine, it had nothing to do with how they would deal with Frank or anything else.

As for Tina, she was completely an outsider. She had nothing to do with anything.

However, things always went beyond people's expectations.

After they discussed how to let Frank come to the Qiao family to apologize, the video about Fr

new it when I went to the Qiao family yesterday!" Wayne said angrily.

Richard stunned, he continued, "He used a trick to get engaged to Claire, and now he hurt Lily's face. Now he know to hide."

Hearing this, Richard suddenly understood that what he knew was not the same as what he deliberately concealed.

Angela told him about it last night, so he knew it.

She didn't expect that Frank would do so many bad things, and that Simon would take him to that kind of chaotic place openly. Such a heavy taste video had been photographed, and now it was spread all over the Internet.

Yesterday, when he knew this matter, he had already asked someone to deal with it as soon as possible. He even asked someone to help him deal with it, but who knew that he could not control it at all.

Now the video on the Internet had been deleted, but the person who should see it had seen it. Moreover, although the newspaper was prohibited from being published, it was still late. The first page had been released.

Thinking of this, he felt a headache.

At this time, Angela came back and sat down next to Richard. "Ok. He'll be right there."

"Who did you call?" Wayne asked.

"Jarvis." "I ask Angela to call him."

"Are you not feeling well?" Wayne looked at him subconsciously.

After a short pause, he replied, "Yes."

Puzzled, Angela turned her head and glanced at him. She felt something was wrong today. He spoke and did something strange, and he didn't say anything to her.

Richard noticed her gaze and could only ignore the feeling that it was really not good to hold back the matter.

To be honest, if it weren't for the dignity of Gu family and his father's health, he wouldn't have dealt with these things personally.

However, Simon and Frank couldn't get back after such a big event. They didn't even have the courage to face it. Why they did it earlier?

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