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   Chapter 347 Go To The Hospital Of Harry

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Before going to bed at night, it was inconvenient for Lily to wash her face and brush her teeth.

The wound on her face couldn't touch water, so she could only use a wet towel to wipe the unhurt part of her face. She couldn't brush her teeth, because if she wanted to open her mouth, it would affect the muscles of her face and the wound.

Therefore, Eric went out to buy her a mouthwash, which was convenient for her to use.

After washing up, the two of them lay on the bed.

As usual, Eric held Lily in his arms, turned off the light and left a bedside lamp at the head of the bed. The light blue light was not dazzling.

Lily couldn't move freely in Eric's arms as usual. She had to be very careful when she moved her head, for fear of touching the wound.

Seeing her like this, Eric's heart ached. He hugged her sideways, lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead. "I feel bad to see you like this."

Lily put her arms around his waist, but she didn't dare to move her head. She said slowly in a low voice, "Well, I'm fine. I'll be fine in two days."

"Don't comfort me, silly girl."

Lily didn't say a word, but her eyes turned red. Somehow, she just wanted to cry.

Eric didn't notice her difference, "I didn't plan to come here tonight, but I called and got to know the situation… I really want to tie you to the waistband, so that you won't have an accident when I'm not by your side."

"It was an accident." She said.

"Ha ha." Eric sneered, "Frank has hurt you several times. I won't let him go."


"And..." Eric's tone suddenly became a little low. Looking down at Lily who was lying quietly in his arms, he didn't know how to say.

"What?" Lily raised her head and looked at him, confused.

Eric pressed his lips and kept silent for a while. Finally, he said, "My uncle is here."

Lily simply replied "Oh" and didn't say anything. She waited for him to continue, knowing that he hadn't finished yet.

"But I don't dare to let him know our relationship." While saying that, Eric observed Lily's face carefully and said, "No one in the Sun family will agree that I have something to do with love at this time."

The implication of his words was very obvious. How could Lily not understand?

Her face was a little depressed, but she only replied "Oh" to show that she had known.

Noticing her difference, Eric also felt a little guilty, "Girl, this is something I can't do. At this stage, I have to choose to hide. My thin arms can't hurt the thighs of the sun clan now."


"I may not be with you every day these days. I can't leave uncle alone."


"Are you unhappy?"


Lily replied word by word with every word Eric said.

Seeing her like this, Eric sighed slightly and tightened his hands around her waist. "I know it will make you feel wronged. I also want to become strong overnight, so strong that I can not be restricted by anyone in my family. B

d said to the two, "Go to the lab."

Then he turned around and walked inside.

They looked at each other and then followed them hand in hand.

When they walked inside, they saw a transparent glass door. When they pushed the door open, they saw the so-called Lab.

The lab. was bigger. There were several medical instruments, as well as a laboratory. On the laboratory, there were various test vessels of different sizes and shapes.

In front of the wall on the opposite side of the test platform stood a medicine cabinet that occupied 3/4 of the width of the whole wall.

Because of the specialty of some drugs, the sunlight in the room was not very good, to be exact, very bad. The curtains were always drawn to block the sunlight.

Therefore, the whole laboratory was very dark.

"Come here." Harry turned on a light, pointed to the chair in front of him and said to Lily.

Hearing this, Eric took Lily's hand and let her sit down on the chair.

Harry took out a pair of unopened medical gloves from the drawer of the nearby table, tore them and put them on. Then he slightly bent over and gently removed the gauze on Lily's face.

Today, Harry was completely different from before. He looked a little frivolous before, but today he looked very serious.

Feeling that the gauze on her face was being removed layer by layer, Lily didn't even dare to breathe heavily. She was afraid that if she moved too much, Harry would touch her wound.

Standing next to her, Eric was even more nervous than Lily. He held her hand tightly and didn't dare to let her go. His eyes were also fixed on her face.

Although he knew she was injured yesterday, he didn't know how serious it was.

The gauze was torn off layer by layer. When the last layer was torn off, the wound appeared in the sight of the two.

The look in Eric's black eyes was frightening. He held Lily's hand tightly subconsciously, the length of the wound crossed half of her face!

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