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   Chapter 345 Face Injury

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"Mom, why did you come out?" Lily walked up to Tina.

"I heard you talking outside, but you didn't come in. So I came out to have a look." While answering Lily, Tina looked at Frank up and down. Seeing his expression, she frowned slightly, but still said politely.

"Oh, it's the eldest master of the Gu clan. What are you doing here?"

Frank glanced at Tina, "I'm here for Claire. It has nothing to do with anyone else."

Hearing this, Tina's face changed. Did he mean that she was officious?

It was just a polite question, but he blocked it back.

Lily's face darkened. She looked at Frank with disgust.

"Frank, don't vent your anger on others." Claire looked at him unhappily, "You are well-educated in normal times, but now you don't have any basic education. Is this your attitude towards the elders?"

"Claire, what I want to tell you is that I don't agree to break off the engagement, not my attitude. Besides, she is not a member of the Qiao family now. I'm not in a good mood. There's no need to be good to her." Perhaps being forced to be anxious, Frank's words became more and more brainless, and his words directly made everyone's faces change.

"Frank!" Eden roared in a low voice, his face full of anger, "This is the Qiao family, not the place for you to act wildly. I want you to go back right now. You are not welcome here."

After saying that, Eden turned around, walked to Tina and said, "Mom, let's go in."

Taking a look at Frank, Tina turned around and followed Eden in.

Of course, Lily didn't want to waste time with him here. He was just like a cornered dog biting people around.

Claire walked in the end and glared at him before she turned around.

How could Frank let her go? He went straight forward, grabbed her arm and pulled her back hard.

"Ah!" Startled, Claire screamed and fell backwards.

Lily walked in front of Claire, who was the closest to her. She turned around and grabbed her hand subconsciously. When she saw the situation clearly, she frowned and asked, "Frank, what are you doing?"

Claire's one hand was held by Lily, and the other was held by Frank. Besides, her body was leaning towards him. If Lily let her go, she would definitely fall to the ground.

"Lily, it's none of your business. You'd better let it go." Frank stared at Lily unhappily.

"It's you who should let go!" Lily answered subconsciously, "You made a fuss here and even took her hand. Are you still reasonable?"

"Frank, you bastard, let go of me!" Claire's face turned red with anger because her body was badly tilted to him and she couldn't adjust the center of gravity of her feet.

At this time, Eden and Tina who were walking in front also turned around.

Eden said with a dark face, "Frank, you'd better let it go. If the matter gets worse, the consequences will be unbearable

Claire stood up and walked away. She sat beside Lily and stared at her.

When Tina was about to squat down, she saw Kerr come out of the kitchen. "Let me do it, Tina. Don't squat."

When they came in just now, he saw the situation, so he quickly turned off the fire and came out.

Tina's hand was shaking violently. Seeing Kerr come over, she handed the medicine to him and then stepped back.

Squatting down in front of Lily, Kerr saw her hand covering the wound. He frowned and said softly, "Take your hand off me. Uncle will apply medicine to you."

Lily glanced at him with her red eyes and didn't let go of her tightly biting lower lip. Then she closed her eyes and moved her hand away.

At the moment the wound appeared, almost everyone took a deep breath. The length of the wound almost covered half of her face.

Tina was so frightened that she almost lost her balance. Fortunately, Eden quickly held her up and walked to the other side of the sofa. "Mom, sit here and have a rest. Don't look at Lily's wound."

Tina closed her eyes, tears streaming down her face. She wanted to cry, but she gritted her teeth and endured it. The wound was too ferocious.

Seeing this, Eden simply sat down next to her, held her shoulder and comforted her, "Mom, don't cry. If Lily heard you crying, she would feel even worse."

"I know." Tina lowered her voice, "I'm worried that she will have a scar. A good girl with a scar on her face will be disfigured."

Eden tightened his grip on his mother, which was also his concern.

Looking at the wound in front of him, Kerr was also stunned, but he soon calmed down as he had seen the world. He unscrewed the medicine bottle, dipped a cotton swab in the medicine, and said softly, "Lily, I'm going to clean your wound. Hold on."

Lily didn't dare to open her eyes. She bit her lips and nodded, unconsciously clenching her fists.

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