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   Chapter 344 Frank Makes Trouble

Destiny Of Vengeance By Jin Nian Characters: 9387

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"Well, since you are back, let's go inside and talk." Joe couldn't help but speak when he saw that Lily had apologized to Claire.

"Let's go inside." Eden said to Joe, smiling at the two.

Lily turned to him and smiled, "Brother, thank you for holding me in time yesterday."

"We are family. Don't you think it's strange to thank me in this way?" Eden joked.

Lily also smiled and said, "Well, you are my brother anyway, so I won't say thank you."

At this time, Claire held Lily's hand again and looked at her with expectation. "I… Can I call you sister?"

Hearing the word "sister", Lily was stunned. For a moment, the smile on her face was stiff. Yesterday, when she heard her call her sister, she was greatly irritated!

Realizing her abnormality, the smile on Claire's face faded away. She said in a disappointed tone, "Then I'd better call your name."

"Whatever." Lily felt a little uncomfortable. "You can call me whatever you want."

"Really?" Claire's face lit up at once. She held Lily's hand and said excitedly, "Sister, sister."

After calling her twice, Claire held her arms excitedly and walked into the room. She said, "The day before yesterday, I went to see my mother and told her what happened recently. My mother said that you were a good girl. She shouldn't have been so hostile to you at that time and asked me to study hard with you. Sister, can I ask you some questions about your homework in the future?"

Lily was not used to her sudden enthusiasm. When she heard her ask about her study, she immediately remembered that similar things had happened in the past. She had framed her in the name of homework more than once or two times, so she hesitated.

Claire continued as if she had seen through what she was thinking, "Don't worry. I really want to study hard this time. When I ask you questions about homework, I'm really good. I won't be as willful as before. Sister, please trust me this time, okay?"

"I..." Lily's words stuck in her throat.

"Well, I know it's impossible for you to trust me all of a sudden. I have done so many things to hurt you before." Claire had a clear estimation of herself. "Anyway, we will live together in the future. You will see all my changes. I will make you believe me."

Lily nodded and said nothing else.

The two of them said as they walked ahead. Joe was pushed behind by Eden, followed by Tina, Kerr and Eric who was left alone.

After entering the room, Tina said to Kerr, "Lily and Eric must haven't eaten anything yet. Go and get them something to eat."

"Okay, honey." Kerr smiled and kissed on Tina's face, "Let me help you to sit on the sofa first."

"You don't have to be so careful at home." Tina pushed him away and pushed him to the kitchen. "Hurry up. Both my daughter and my future son-in-law are

stigated our privacy in such a despicable way, would I come to make trouble for you?" Frank roared back confidently.

Lily rubbed her forehead. Frank was so stupid that she couldn't communicate with him normally. She felt powerless, just like when she faced Jade.

"Frank, don't make trouble out of nothing. This is the Qiao family, not the Gu family." At this time, Claire stepped forward and looked at Frank unhappily. "That night, your mother told me to break off the engagement with me. Since she agreed, I have nothing to say, so I agreed naturally. But she went back on her word. Did you just let me do whatever you asked me to do?"

"That's impossible. How could she break off the engagement with you?" Frank didn't believe Claire at all.

Claire sneered, "It seems that she didn't tell you. Otherwise, why do you think I left that night? She gave me to the back garden and scolded me for half an hour. I haven't officially engaged to you, and it's just an oral engagement. She just treated me like this. What about the future? Although I'm thinking about something very simple, it doesn't mean that I'm stupid. So, Frank, you'd better leave here as soon as possible. Anyway, even if you don't agree with the oral engagement, I insist on withdrawing it!"

"Claire, how much do you think I love you? To be honest, if I didn't behave well in front of Grandpa, do you think I would come to you?" Frank glared at Claire and retorted.

Hearing these words, Claire suddenly sneered, "You finally speak out your true feelings, right? Frank, since we are all using each other, why do we have to be entangled? Why don't you just leave?"

"What happened?" At this time, the door of the mansion suddenly opened. Tina came out with confusion on her face. "I heard your voices inside."

When she saw clearly the situation in front of her, Tina finally understood.

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