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   Chapter 326 Claire Has Changed

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Holding Eric's hand, Lily looked through the crack in the leaves at Jade, who was talking. Her face and tone were very bad.

Lily couldn't see the expression on Claire's face clearly, because from her point of view, she could only see her side. Claire frowned as if she was holding back something.

Pointing at Claire, Jade said, "I asked you to come here today because I wanted you to say something to make Wayne happy, but you didn't say anything. You only know how to eat. What's the use of you? Besides, you and Lily were both born in the Qiao family. Why did she cook while you didn't? She could make him happy, but you sat there like a log. Why are you so useless? You're like this before you enter the Gu family. I don't know what will happen to you after a few years!"

Perhaps it was because she was tired, Jade stopped, looked up at the front and took a deep breath.

Hearing these words, Lily chuckled in the dark and said to Eric in a very low voice, "She is here to vent her anger on Claire."

"Yes." Eric replied in a low voice, "That's all she can do."

"Why do I suddenly feel sorry for Claire?" Said Lily. All of a sudden, she thought of herself in her previous life. After marrying Frank, she had basically lived the same life in the Gu family.

Jade always found fault with her, either here or there. Anyway, she couldn't get used to it.

But now, Claire and Frank just had an oral engagement, and even the formal engagement ceremony hadn't been held. It could be imagined that Jade treated her in eight or nine years, Claire would have a hard life.

The two were very close to each other. Eric turned his head to look at Lily and whispered, "Don't forget what Claire has done to you before."

The hot breath fell on her face, and Lily's face turned red. She glared at him coquettishly, "I know."

On the other side, Jade chattered, "You are not young anymore. Girls should learn what they should learn. Your status is not as good as before. Your mother had a good position in the Qiao family before, but she was put in jail, and your status in the Qiao family is getting worse and worse. If you're still the same as before, Frank won't accept you, and Gu family doesn't need a vase either!"

At this time, Claire finally reacted. She looked up at Jade and said, "You mean, I'm worthless now, so you want to ask brother Frank to find someone else?"

"Well, you are not stupid." Jade sneered, "But it's not others' fault. It's your mother's fault. She has done so many bad things, put herself in prison, and even stained you. Claire, if it weren't for the fact that the current situation didn't allow me to do so, I would have asked Frank to dump you. Anyway, you are

de to Claire. It's getting dark. What if something happens..."

"You..." Eric shook his head helplessly and took her hand to leave. "You can be a holy being now. Why do you still care about Claire at this time?"

Lily stuck out her tongue. She didn't care whether she was a virgin or not. But at this moment, she really didn't want anything bad to happen to Claire. After all, her mood had changed. She was not as cruel as she had been when she was reborn.

The two didn't go back to the living room to say goodbye. Eric called Richard and asked him to say goodbye to Wayne on behalf of himself and Lily. Then he led Lily to the front yard from the back garden and drove away.

When the car drove out of the gate of the courtyard of the Gu family, Lily subconsciously took a look at Frank's car. Seeing that it was still there, a sneer appeared on her face. He was really not worried at all.

The whole family was really a mess.

Lily suddenly agreed with what Claire had just said to Jade, Jade was indeed a tragedy. Her husband and son were in a mess, but she still had to pay for them.

It was about one kilometer away from the Gu mansion, and there were very few cars coming. If she was lucky, she might meet a car, but if she was not, she would not meet a car.

But it was late at night, and there were fewer cars. So after driving for a few minutes, Lily saw Claire walking in front of them.

Perhaps she was a little scared. Under the street lamp, she tightly crossed her arms and looked a little lonely and pitiful.

Of course, Eric also saw Claire. When the car passed by her, he braked and stopped steadily in front of her.

Claire was startled by the sudden voice. She looked vigilantly at the car in front of her and took two steps back, as if she was about to run away.

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