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   Chapter 325 A Waste Of Time

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"Dad, what do you like to eat? I'll go to the chef class tomorrow." Jade smiled at Wayne and asked.

Hearing this, Lily looked up at her subconsciously. She wanted to laugh, but she couldn't, so she had to hold it back.

It was obvious that Jade was trying to him her. It seemed that Dale was right. She was really good at nothing but time consuming.

This brain was completely eaten by the pig!

"You don't have to flatter me like that." Wayne didn't give her face, "I asked you to learn cooking, not to please me, but to learn how to take care of your family."

"But they have servants to cook." Jade muttered.

"Ahem..." Finally, Lily couldn't help but lower her head, covered her mouth and coughed. She tried her best to put up with it. Every word Jade said was showing off her bottom line of intelligence.

"Little girl, are you okay?" Wayne turned to look at Lily and asked with concern.

"No… Nothing." Lily didn't dare to raise her head, so she lowered her head and answered, "No, I was choked by saliva by accident. Ahem..."

She didn't lie. She was indeed choked by the saliva, but because she couldn't hold back her laughter, so she was choked by the saliva.

Angela quickly took a piece of tissue from a corner of the table and handed it to Lily. She gently stroked her back and helped her breathe smoothly. "Be careful next time."

"Okay." Lily stopped coughing and wiped her mouth with a piece of tissue. After suppressing the smile in her heart, she looked up at Angela and said, "The dishes cooked by aunt are so delicious, so I eat too fast."

This explained why she was choked by saliva, although it was just a fabricated reason.

"You..." She shook her head with a smile, "It's not as exaggerated as you said."

"What I said is true." Lily turned to look at Eric and said, "Is that so, Eric?"

"Yes." Eric nodded in agreement. Although he didn't know whether her reason was true or not, he had to.

After such an episode, Wayne's attention returned to Lily and Eric. He said something happy from time to time, and laughter came from Wayne's mouth.

Seeing this, Jade was dissatisfied again. When she was thinking about what to talk about, she received a stern look from Simon, so she had to give up.

Lily had thought that it was Wayne who told Frank to bring Claire here, but after the meal, she found that it was not at all.

Because from the beginning to the end, Wayne didn't say a word to Claire, and he didn't even look at her, so she concluded that it was Frank's own idea.

After dinner, the servants would clean up the table. The others were free to move around.

If they wanted to chat in the living room, they would chat in the living room. If they wanted to go out for a walk, they would choose to take a walk in the back garden.


nyone to see it."


Lily raised her head and looked at him in confusion. There was no one here.

"Look over there." Eric looked in the direction of the lush winter trees not far from the artificial lake.

Following the direction he was looking at, Lily turned her head and saw the situation there through the thin crack between the two winter trees.

It was Jade and Claire who were talking. The two stood face to face. Nobody knew what they were talking about.

As they stood far away, they couldn't see their expressions or hear their voices except for recognizing who they were.

Lily blinked. Her sudden curiosity made her want to go closer and hear what they were talking about.

Regardless of the ambiguous relationship between the two just now, she looked back at Eric and whispered, "Let's go and listen, okay?"

Eric felt a little funny, "When did you like to listen to the wall corner? Besides, they are Jade and Claire. Don't you like them? You even burst into laughter at dinner because of Jade's words."

Although others didn't see what happened at the dinner table, it didn't mean that Eric didn't.

"Hmm." Lily blinked her eyes and said, "I'm curious. I found that grandpa didn't ask Frank to bring Claire here today. Besides, the way Jade looked at Claire today was also strange. It seems that she doesn't like her."

Eric nodded his head, which he also saw today. "Are you sure you want to see her?"

"Yes." Lily nodded.

However, in order to satisfy her curiosity, Eric had to agree.

Holding her hand, he walked around to the place with more plants and approached the two people with light steps.

They stopped at a place two winter trees away from them, where they could see the expressions on their faces. They could hear what the two people were talking about, and they also hid the figures of the two people.

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