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   Chapter 323 Temporary Peace

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Hearing this, Andrew shook his head with a smile. "Of course. Without the right to use the land, I don't dare to expand it openly."

"But I've already bought the hot spring from the former owner." Lily asked in confusion.

"You bought the right to use the original land of the hot spring restaurant, not the undeveloped land outside, so..." Andrew patted her head with a smile, "You still need to get the right to use the land that needs to be expanded, or it is illegal possession. If strictly investigate it, you will cry."

Lily patted her forehead remorsefully. "I was too stupid to think of that."

"You are not stupid." Andrew touched her head subconsciously and said, "You are smart. You just don't know it because you have never been involved in this kind of thing."

At this moment, Eric, who was sitting on the other side of Lily, cast a cold glance at Andrew. If possible, he really wanted to punch him, but he was afraid that she would be angry, so he could only kill him with his eyes!

Of course, Andrew also noticed the look in Eric's eyes. He glanced at him indifferently and smiled. Then he withdrew his hand and shook his head impatiently. He was too possessive.

At this time, Eric took back his murderous look.

Lily pouted, "Then what kind of certificate is it? I have to ask aunt to help me get it, because I asked her to buy the hot spring in her name before."

"Okay." Andrew nodded, "I can help you at that time. I have something to do with it. It's easy to get the certificate of the right to use the land."

Looking up at him, Lily smiled and said, "That's great. Thank you, brother."

"Why are you so polite?"

Lily chuckled and said, "Oh, it's so nice to have one more brother."

"You..." Andrew shook his head helplessly, but his expression was full of affection.

"Please sit down for a while. I'll call aunt and tell her what happened." After saying that, Lily stood up and walked aside to make a phone call.

As soon as she left, there was only silence between Eric and Andrew.

The two looked at each other. Finally, Eric said, "I don't care who you are now, but I don't allow you to touch her."

"Ha ha..." Andrew chuckled, "Eric, sometimes it's not good to keep a close eye on the her. Moreover, I have a clear estimation of myself. In her heart, I will always be her brother, and I won't break this relationship."

Eric snorted, "You'd better be like this."

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned his eyes to Lily, who was talking on the phone.

"Sometimes, the space given to each other is too small, and it is very easy for the two to have conflict." Said Andrew.

Eric eyes were fixed on Lily. He ignored his words as if he didn't exist.

About ten minutes later, Lily hung up the phone and sat

"No, thanks." Becky said with a smile, "I can take a taxi home. You can go back now."

"Oh, got in the car." Lily opened the door and pushed her into the car. Then she got in.

It was just a common meal and was not in a hurry, so Eric didn't say anything, started the car and left.

They talked and laughed all the way. Becky kept telling Lily what had happened in the school when she was away. Speaking of some funny things, Lily also followed laugh. She only heard some unpleasant things.

For her, she was not interested in what happened in the school. She was only interested in the business she wanted to create.

While Eric listened to the two girls behind the car talking and laughing silently.

After sending Becky back, Lily sat on the passenger seat.

Starting the car again, Eric looked at her with a smile, "Now you know me. You didn't say anything to me just now."

Lily glanced at him with a pout, "Are you jealous of her?"

"Hum!" Eric snorted.

Lily was defeated by him and changed the topic instantly. "By the way, grandpa asked you to pick me up for dinner. Is there anything wrong?"

"No, he just wants to see you. He said he hadn't seen you for a long time, he missed you very much."


Lily was stunned for a moment. "Am I so popular?"

"Of course!" Eric raised his head and said in a somewhat arrogant tone, "After all, you are my wife."

Lily smiled helplessly. Maybe all the unpleasant things had been settled recently, and everyone was in a good mood.

When the car stopped in the courtyard of the Gu family, Lily got off the car unintentionally and saw Frank's car. She frowned subconsciously.

Frank ran to the school to pick up Claire. Now the car was in front of them. Could it be that he went to pick her up for dinner?

She remembered that Wayne didn't seem to like her very much.

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