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   Chapter 321 You Care About Her

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The car stopped steadily in the courtyard of the Gu family. Lily and Eric got off almost at the same time. When the two were about to walk into the house, another car came in.

The car looked a little strange, and the license plate was not from the Gu family.

When Eric was puzzled, the door was opened. A middle-aged man about forty years old got out of the car, wearing glasses and a formal suit, with a briefcase in his hand.

After seeing the person clearly, the puzzled expression on Eric's face was replaced by a polite smile. "Mr. Song."

Mr. Song nodded with a smile and called, "Master Eric."

Eric pulled Lily aside and made a gesture of welcome. "Mr. Song., please come in. Grandpa might be waiting for you in the room."

But Mr. Song didn't show anything. He walked straight forward and said, "Then I'll go in first."

Looking at the back of Mr. Song, after he walked a little further, Lily asked Eric, "Grandpa Gu, what's up?"

Eric took her hand and walked into the house, saying, "Grandpa asked Mr. Song to come over and modify the will he made in front of the whole family."

Hearing this, Lily turned her head and looked at him. She frowned slightly and felt a little depressed. She pouted and wanted to say something, but she didn't.

For the word "will", she was somewhat resistant. After all, there were some shadows, probably left in her previous life.

Before her grandfather died in her previous life, he also left a will. She held more than 1/3 of the shares and property of the Qiao company, which made Lucia very unhappy in her previous life. She tried her best to take them away from her, which resulted in her miserable fate in her previous life.

But now that the Gu family was going to make a will, she naturally had no position to say anything about her awkward identity, so she stopped thinking about it.

It was still early. There was no one at home. Only one or two servants were busy in the living room.

Mr. Song, who had just come in, had already gone to Wayne's room, so it was very quiet.

Angela didn't show up. It was not until he asked the servant that he knew his mother had something to do today.

Knowing why she came here today, Lily didn't say anything more and went to the kitchen.

Eric followed them in. Although he didn't know how to cook, he could do something.

The servants who were busy in the kitchen were a little shocked when they saw the two people coming in, especially when they saw Eric. They quickly said, "Mr. Eric, there are so many oil and smoke in the kitchen. You'd better go out first."

"Nothing." Eric said and saw that Lily had picked up the extra apron in the kitchen and put it on. The rope behind was not easy to tie, so he immediately tied it for her in person.

Seeing this, the servant also understood what Lily meant. Although she was not very familiar with her, she h

that, Eric was also happy and followed her.

At the same time, Richard and Angela also walked towards the table.

As for Simon, Jade and Frank, they were ignored, but they couldn't refuse to eat, so they had to go there with a long face.

During the dinner, Lily was a vengeful woman. She put the dish specially made for Wayne in front of him and said, "Grandpa, this is specially made for you."

Then she put the other two dishes in front of Richard and Angela, "Uncle, aunt, this is for you."

After placing it well, she sat down. Because Wayne asked her to sit next to him, she did not postpone it. Therefore, the seat on the table was Wayne on her right, Eric on her left, and beside Eric were Richard and Angela.

The other three people sat together as if they were isolated.

"Little girl, you are smart. You know how to please me, but at the same time, you don't forget to please your future parents in law." Wayne joked with a smile.

Lily blushed and said, "Grandpa, I don't think so."

To be honest, she really didn't expect that. She did whatever she wanted when she cooked before.

"Grandpa, don't frame her up. She doesn't have that intention." Eric couldn't help defending Lily.

"You only care about her." Wayne smiled at Eric.

"Grandpa, try this dish to see if it suits you." Lily cut in and put the dish into Wayne's bowl.

Wayne, on the other hand, bowed his head and took a bite, with a satisfied smile on his face. "Not bad."

Lily smiled and put another piece into his bowl.

During the dinner, almost at the end, Wayne was talking to Lily. Eric interjected from time to time, while the others remained silent.

The reason why Richard and Angela didn't say anything was that they didn't disturb the three of them when they saw them chatting happily. Simon and Jade didn't talk because they couldn't find a topic to talk about. Besides, Wayne didn't like them to talk.

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