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"Is it..." Jade raised her eyebrows and looked at Simon, "This time, father wants to change his will. Was it caused by the couple, Richard and Angela?"

Hearing this, Simon looked up at her, with a strange look in his eyes. He sat on the edge of the bed and said, "It's possible."

"They are so scheming." Jade also sat down, "I don't know how dad will modify it. We don't know the specific content of the will he made before."

Hearing this, Simon was unhappy. "This time, dad will definitely cut down the part that should be given to me. Now, not only dad's good attitude to Richard, but also Ethan joined in. Then I will definitely not get what I deserve in the past."

Jade nodded in agreement. "Then what should we do? Although Ethan has a bad relationship with Richard, he is still his son by blood. If we fight for it, he will definitely help his father. In that case, we will be at a disadvantage."

"How do I know what to do?" Simon glanced at her angrily, "If you don't go to the company to make trouble, dad won't be so angry that he will be hospitalized, and he won't treat us like this!"

Hearing this, Jade raised her voice unconsciously, "You blame me? If you hadn't fooled around with Dale and made such a mess, how could I have made a scene in the company? Why did so many things happen? Simon, how dare you blame me!"

Knowing that he was in the wrong, Simon didn't have the confidence to fight for it. His momentum immediately weakened, and then changed the topic. "In a word, it's all the fault of the person who leaked the photos to the mobile phone and computer of all the employees in the company."

Jade glared at him, "If we walk too much at night, we will meet ghosts. Do you know how powerful they are this time?"

Simon's eyes flashed, "I mean it seriously. Who is behind all these photos?"

Hearing this, Jade was also confused. He frowned and asked, "Did you offend someone outside?"

"No way." Simon answered subconsciously, "If I offend the outsiders, these photos will not only be sent to the company, but also make the whole Guan city know."

"It can't be Richard, right?" Jade said casually.

Her words seemed to have hit a certain point in Simon's heart. He gritted his teeth and said, "I think it's possible that he want to ruin my reputation and then make my father alienate me. According to the current situation, they have achieved what they want. Dad has already asked the lawyer to change his will."

Jade narrowed his eyes and said, "They are so scheming. I thought they didn't care about anything in the past. It turns out that they are all illusions!"

"Well, who doesn't care about money? He is not a holy being." Simon sneered, "I can only say that they have hidden themselves too deep. Since they want to do so, don't bla

ds her. Eric gave her a quick kiss on her fair face and said, "I'm telling the truth."

"Save it..." Lily said and pushed him.

"Ahem..." The two of them flirted with each other. Being ignored, Joe deliberately coughed and said, "That's enough. Since you have something to deal with, you can leave first. Don't get in my way."

He knew what had happened to the Gu family these days. Lily had told him about it.

Lily put down the fruit plate and stood up. "Grandpa, then I really have to go with Eric."

"Let's go! Hurry up!" Joe waved his hand. He looked a little impatient, but there was a smile on his face.

"Okay, I'll call Sunny first and tell her." Lily took out her phone and walked aside to make a phone call.

Seeing this, Joe turned to look at Eric and said, "She told me that your grandfather had a heart problem and you should take good care of him. Don't make such a mistake again. He's too old to bear it."

"I know, Grandpa." Eric replied respectfully.

"Well, what does he want to eat? Just ask her to cook for him. Don't let him think about it." Thinking of something, Joe's eyes turned red. "It's not easy for people to live to this age. Look at me. I was almost taken away by death. As a result, I came back. To put it bluntly, for people of our age and poor health, we can live as long as we can. We can eat as much as we can."

His words made Eric feel a little sad. He slightly frowned and didn't like this kind of feeling. When he was about to say something, he saw Lily come over after the phone call.

"I've told Sunny. She'll be here soon." She looked at her grandpa and said, "Grandpa, I have to go with Eric."

"Okay." Joe nodded and said, "Go and cook more delicious food for grandpa."

"Okay, Grandpa." Lily replied with a smile.

Before the two left, Eric took a look at Joe and felt warm in his heart.

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