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   Chapter 317 Another Daughter

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For a moment, the room was strangely quiet.

Finally, Tina spoke first, "Amy."

Instead of calling Lucia's present name, she called her childhood name. After that, she just looked at her quietly, waiting for her response.

As expected, when she heard "Amy", the expression on Lucia's face changed. She looked at Tina in surprise, but then she calmed down and said, "You know?"

"Yes, I know." Tina answered affirmatively.

"So, you are here to laugh at me today?" Lucia sneered.

Tina frowned and asked, "What kind of joke do you have that I can watch?"

Lucia's tone suddenly became a little angry, "I'm down and out now. You took what originally belonged to my father as your own, and now you're living a good life, and now you come to see me hypocritically. Aren't you here to laugh at me?"

"I'm here to tell you that I didn't take what belongs to your father as my own, nor did I show off in front of you because I'm living well now." Tina stated everything calmly, "I just want to see you as my playmate in my childhood."

When Lucia heard "playmate", a touch of embarrassment flashed across her face, and then she sneered, "There is no such an ungrateful playmate as you. Tina, do you think that we have played together a few times when we were children? What kind of friendship is that?"

"Yes, it's nothing to you." Compared with her excitement, Tina was much calmer. She looked straight at her and asked, "Do you know how my father died?"

"Well, Tina, did you ask the wrong person? Why don't you ask Joe but me?" Lucia's expression became more ironic.

"No..." Tina shook her head, "I'm not asking you. I just want to tell you that my father died for saving him, but the real cause of death is because they encountered a landslide when looking for you, and my father died for saving Joe, so… Amy, I should hate you if I can trace the root cause."

"Do you think I will believe you?" Lucia looked at Tina with amusement.

Although there were five different feelings in her heart, Tina still kept calm on her face. "Believe it or not, I just want to tell you all the truth. It's true that your father was killed because of the emerald ring in my hand. This jade ring is..."

She told all the things she knew from Joe in detail. For a moment, only the voice of Tina could be heard in the room.

The further she listened, the bigger Lucia's eyes widened, as if she didn't believe it.

After saying that, Tina took a deep breath and looked at her, "Amy, I have told you everything I know and the truth."

"Do you think… Will I believe what you said?" She still didn't believe it.

Tina frowned imperceptibly. She could do nothing about her stubb

of at this time!

"Now that you know you have done something wrong, you should slowly repent." After saying that, she turned to look at Kerr and said softly, "Let's go."

"Okay." Kerr answered and walked out with Tina in his arms.

"Wait!" Lucia stopped Tina in a hurry, reached out her hand and put the brocade box in her palm. "Tina, take it back. I don't need it now."

Turning around, Tina looked at Lucia and said, "It's your obsession for making so many mistakes. Stay here as a souvenir."

"Father gave it to you."

"If you want to give it back to me, you can come to me with it after you get out of prison and give it back to me in person." After saying that, Tina turned around and was about to leave.

"Tina..." Lucia stopped her again, "Can I ask you another favor?"

"What?" Tina looked at her in confusion.

"Help me find my daughter, the child I gave birth to on the same day as you." Lucia said with red eyes, "After she was born, I asked the nurse to take her to the roadside. The nurse left when she saw someone take her away, so I'm sure she's still alive. So, please help me find her."

Hearing this, Tina was stunned. She knew that Lucia had exchanged an infant for Eden, but she didn't expect that she had thrown her own daughter to the roadside.

Not only Tina, but also all the people present were stunned. It seemed that they didn't expect such a person to exist.

Seeing that she was in a daze, Lucia thought that she didn't want to help, so she continued, "Tina, if you don't want to help me, please tell Dillon that he has a daughter who is homeless and let him look for her."

At this time, Tina came to her senses. "I know. I will tell Dillon clearly, and I… I will help you."

It was Lucia's fault… There were indeed many of them.

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