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   Chapter 316 See Lucia Again

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Lily turned to look at Eric, who was standing beside him, and asked, "Is this the first time you two have spoken?"

Eric nodded and then looked away. He turned to look at Lily with a faint smile on his face. "We've met so many times, but he said goodbye to me when he left. It's strange."

Lily also smiled, "I also feel strange."

"I hope he can live a happy life in the future." It was said by Angela, who had been standing behind the two, "I also hope that Dale has really regretted. Don't take the child to the wrong way."

Lily didn't say anything, nor did she have any position to say anything. She just listened quietly.

However, Eric said in a tone of an experienced person, "Everyone has his own way to go. As for how to go, it depends on the surrounding environment and his own judgment. Besides, Ethan is not a small man. It's time to distinguish which way he should go."

As for this, Lily turned her head and looked at him in surprise. When she was about to say something, her phone rang. It was from Eden.

Without any pause, she picked up the phone, "Hello, brother."

Didn't know what Eden had said on the other end of the phone. Eric only saw that Lily frowned and her tone became a little worried. "Are you sure?"

"But can you leave the hospital with your wounds? What did the doctor say?" While answering the phone, she looked down at the ground and said, "Okay, you can wait for me in the hospital. I'll go with you, okay? I don't want you to go there alone. I'm worried. Hmm… Okay, I'll be right there. "

Then she hung up the phone and turned to Eric, "My brother wants to go to the police station to visit Lucia. I want to go with him. I'm a little worried about his wounds."

"Then I'll go with you." Said Eric.

"Okay." Lily nodded.

After confirming, the two of them said goodbye to Angela and Wayne, and then left the Gu family's house and drove to the provincial hospital.

In the ward.

Eden had already taken off his hospital clothes and put on his own clothes. Because it was his chest that was injured, except for his pale face, everything else looked normal without any clues.

When Lily and Eric arrived, they saw Eden waiting for them in the ward.

"Brother, are you sure you can go out now?" Although she had asked him this question on the phone just now, Lily couldn't help but ask him again.

"Don't worry. The doctor has said that I will be fine as long as I don't do strenuous exercise." Eden replied with a smile, "Uncle came here just now. He and a… Mommy is coming, too."

Eden felt a little awkward to call Tina mom. But even so, at least now he called her mom.

Hearing that he finally called her mom, Lily smiled happily. "You finally call her mom."

An unnatural look

sphere in the car suddenly became a little low, and the active atmosphere that had been created before suddenly disappeared.

Fortunately, they arrived at the police station soon.

Before they came here, Kerr had called Jack in advance, so when they got out of the car and walked to the gate of the police station, they saw Jack waiting at the gate as usual.

"Old classmate, I'm sorry to bother you again." Kerr smiled and patted Jack on the shoulder.

Jack replied with a smile, "Of course not. You have called me old classmate. It's not a big deal."

When the two of them were busy making friends, Lily, Tina and Eden walked towards them arm in arm, while Eric was alone.

After a few warm-up words, Jack took them into the police station. Just like last time when Lily came, he took them to the room where they met Lucia. Then he left.

They hadn't seen each other for only a few days, but Lucia had changed a lot. Her face was much worse than last time and she was much thinner. When she saw them, her expression didn't change much. She sat there and watched them coming in indifferently.

When her eyes met Eden, her eyes lit up unconsciously, but immediately darkened, returning to the previous appearance.

Kerr helped Tina sit opposite Lucia, and he sat beside her.

Eden couldn't stand long because of the wounds on his body. He also sat down opposite Lucia.

Lily and Eric, on the other hand, were standing aside. They had only come here to accompany others, so they could just stand aside and listen.

However, after coming in for a while, no one spoke first.

Biting her lips, Tina fixed her eyes on Lucia, lost in thought.

As for Lucia, she acted as if they were in a stalemate.

As for Eden, he wanted to say something, but he didn't know what to say. He didn't even know what to call her.

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