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   Chapter 311 Dale Came To Visit

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In the afternoon, when Wayne was back, Richard and Angela went back to pack up a few sets of clothes. Because they hadn't lived in the house for a long time, they didn't stay there for daily necessities.

Eric also packed two suits, and also two suits for Lily.

So they all went back.

When they came back, some people were happy and some were worried.

When Jade saw that Wayne was supported back by them, she looked a little embarrassed. Thinking of their attitude towards her in the hospital these two days, she didn't want to say hello to them, but Wayne was an elder, she had to go.

Therefore, at least she plucked up her courage and walked forward. "Dad, you're back?"

"Yes." "Call Jarvis and tell him that I don't feel well these days and I need him to stay here for a few days." Wayne ordered.

Jade was stunned for a moment, and then said, "I know, father. I'll go now."

Seeing Jade turn around and make a phone call, Wayne said to Richard and Angela, "Your room is clean. I'll ask someone to clean them up every day. You can just live in directly."

"Thank you, Dad." Angela replied with a smile.

Wayne smiled and turned to look at the two, "Eric, you'd better live in the room you used to live in. As for Lily..."

He thought for a while and said, "I'll ask the servant to prepare a room for you."

"No, Grandpa." Before Lily said anything, Eric answered first, "Just sleep with me."

"You..." Wayne was stunned, "You want to sleep together?"

"Yes." Eric nodded and said, "We always sleep on the same bed."

Wayne's eyes widened, "How can you… You are still so young..."

"Grandpa, you misunderstood us." Lily explained in a hurry and gave Eric a reproachful look. "Although I slept on the same bed with him, nothing happened between us. We are innocent."


"Yes, of course it's true!"

"That's good." Wayne breathed a sigh of relief.

When he learned that they lived together at noon, he was also surprised, but Angela said that the two children had a sense of propriety and thought that they slept in separate rooms. But now he knew that they slept in the same bed, which was really surprising, but he didn't feel relieved until he knew that even if they slept in the same bed, the two of them were still clear.

After sending them back and settling down, Richard drove to the company, saying that there were still a lot of things to deal with.

After putting the luggage back to the room she and Richard used to live in, Angela came out and chatted with Wayne in the living room.

Of course, Eric and Eric were the same. But the two of them didn't come out of the room until

and followed her sight. When he saw Jade, he frowned unhappily.

Jade, of course, also saw Dale. Her face darkened at once. Regardless of the people present, she said sarcastically, "Dale, I didn't expect you, a tramp, to come to the Gu family. What? Do you want to intercede with me?"

Dale's face darkened, but she couldn't say anything because of Wayne.

In Jade's eyes, her reaction turned into a guilty conscience. She thought she was right, so she continued, "What? Am I right? You felt so guilty that you didn't know how to answer? Dale, you'd better get out of here before I get angry!"

"Enough!" Wayne snapped and looked at Jade unhappily, "Look at yourself. Who is the master of this family? I didn't say anything. Why did you interrupt!"

Stunned by the roar, Jade's face darkened. "Dad, I..."

"Go back to your own room. Don't get down without me!" Wayne Interrupted her. It was the first time that he said "get back" to her.

Jade felt so aggrieved that she glared at Dale and went upstairs reluctantly. It was she who was wrong, but she was the one to be scolded!

Angela looked at everything silently. She was not surprised at all that Wayne scolded Jade. If it were her, she might have slapped her.

Eric didn't say anything, but his slightly frowned eyebrows showed his unhappiness.

Lily, who was standing next to him, naturally noticed his expression. She held his hand, turned her head to smile, and then shook her head, indicating that didn't care about it.

Of course, Eric understood what she meant. He pulled his hand out of her hand, held her waist and let her lean in his arms.

As if she had gotten used to it, Lily didn't feel anything wrong in front of so many people and naturally leaned against Eric's arms.

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