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   Chapter 309 Rare Family Affection

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The scandals of Simon and Dale hadn't been solved in the company yet. In addition, Wayne was hospitalized. While he was busy with his business, he had to suppress the spread of the company's internal affairs. Fortunately, these people knew the importance and stopped discussing this matter in public.

Simon also appeared in the company these two days, but he was always in the office. No matter how thick skinned he was, he still felt a little embarrassed in front of the whole company.

Therefore, when something needed to be conveyed to other departments, he would ask his assistant to go. In the past, he would go by himself. It would not only show that he was friendly to the people, but also draw their support.

On the third day after Wayne was hospitalized, he didn't want to stay in the hospital any longer, so he asked Angela to go through the discharge formalities for him.

On the other hand, Angela was worried that his condition would change when he went back. After all, both Simon and Jade were at home. Although the conflict between the two seemed to have been solved when he came to the hospital these two days, no one could predict what would happen after he went back. Moreover, Jade was really… It was hard to say.

"Dad, do you want to stay two more days?" Angela asked tentatively beside the bed.

"No, thanks." Wayne shook his head and put down the newspaper in his hand. "I know my illness. I'm fine now. And I don't like to stay in the hospital."


"Not so many but." Wayne interrupted Angela, "Ask Jarvis to live in my house these two days. Don't worry about me with him?"

Hearing what he said, Angela couldn't find a reason to refute. Jarvis was a family doctor of Gu family and had been working for him for many years. She was confident in his medical skills.

"Well, I'll go through the discharge formalities for you." In the end, she compromised.

When Jade arrived, Angela had just finished the discharge formalities.

"Dad, I made Chicken Soup for you." Jade walked to the bed with a warm cup in her hand.

"Okay." Wayne didn't look at her at all and said, "Put it there."

Then he looked at Angela and asked, "Are you ready?"

"Soon." Angela replied while cleaning up, not caring about Jade.

Noticing that no one was talking to her, Jade felt a little embarrassed, so she had to find a topic.

She looked at Angela and asked, "Why do you put all the things away?"

"Dad is leaving the hospital." Angela didn't look at her and went on with her work.

However, there were not many things, and only one bag was packed.

"Leave hospital?" Jade was surprised and looked at Wayne, "Dad, you are still recovering. Why did you leave the hospital? Our family is not as good as a hospital."

Wayne frowned unhappily, "If you don't say it, no one will take you as a mute."


Jade had no choice but to shut up. The expression on her

at he meant, "If grandpa likes, you can stay here for a few more days. I'll let mom stay here with you."

"No, thanks. I don't want to disturb you here." Wayne patted on his hand and said, "You are so sweet in the end."

Understanding what he meant, Eric didn't answer. He didn't have the habit of speaking ill of others behind their backs. He just smiled.

"By the way, how is Joe? I didn't go to see him even after the car accident." Wayne changed the topic.

Hearing his question, Eric answered truthfully, "He's much better these days. He's recuperating in the hospital. I guess he has to stay in the hospital for a few months before he can leave the hospital. After all, his brain is injured."

"Okay." Wayne nodded, "That's good. When my body completely recovers, I'll go to see him. It's better for me to walk more among my relatives."

"Okay." Eric nodded with a smile. It was probably the first time that his grandfather said something like that.

To be honest, the Gu family and the Qiao family did not have much contact. Except for the engagement between the two families, there were not many private cooperation projects.

When Richard arrived, the two of them, Lily and Angela had just prepared the dinner and put it on the table.

"Dad." As soon as he entered the room, Richard greeted Wayne with a smile.

Then he looked around and nodded with satisfaction. "Well done."

This was the first time that Richard came here. He knew that Eric and Lily had their own rooms, but he had never been here before.

"Wash your hands. Dinner is ready." Angela put the last dish on the table.

Lily was busy putting bowls and chopsticks for everyone. The division of work between the two was very good, and Eric supported Wayne to the table.

On the table, the meat and vegetables were well matched, and there were several dishes specially prepared for Wayne. Looking at the full table, Wayne was very gratified.

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