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   Chapter 308 Consistently External

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When the three of them returned to the ward, they happened to meet Jade and Frank.

Eric's face darkened at the sight of them. Simon was still in the ward, and Jade came again. If the two quarreled again, how could grandpa rest?

Lily also frowned slightly. Like Eric, she was also afraid that Jade would make a scene.

Therefore, Eric didn't even greet Jade and said, "Grandpa needs a quiet environment. If you come to see grandpa sincerely, then be quiet. If you just come to make trouble for uncle, please go back."

"You..." Jade didn't expect that Eric would talk to her in such a tone. She pulled a long face and said in a bad tone, "I'm not a person who doesn't know what to do. Of course I'm here to see dad, not to make a fuss with your uncle."

"Really?" Eric sneered, "Then you can go in quietly to see Grandpa, without saying a word."

'Know what I'm doing?' If she had a sense of propriety and knew the truth, she wouldn't have made a scene in the company today.


"Just say one word and leave." Eric interrupted her with a dark face, "And I will drive you out myself. I will do what I say!"

Frank couldn't stand it anymore and said, "Eric, my mother is your aunt after all. She is your elder. As a junior, is that what you should say?"

"If you don't like my words, then get out of here." As for Frank, Eric didn't give him a face.

"You… You, Eric, you..." Frank was too angry to say a complete sentence.

"Eric." Lily whispered, "Don't argue with them at the door of the ward. What if grandpa wakes up? As for them..."

Then she turned her head to look at Jade and Frank and sneered, "Maybe grandpa doesn't want to see them when he wakes up. Just let them wait outside and let them in when he wants to."

"Okay." Eric nodded with a smile flashing in his black eyes. His girl was also ruthless enough. Although she didn't say anything, she just ignored her outside. However, he liked her damn much. What should he do?

Standing behind the two of them, Sherry kept rolling her eyes. Then she glanced at Jade, Frank. When she saw Frank, she subconsciously stayed on him for two more seconds. Well, he looked familiar…

It seemed to appear in the video given by boss. Simon's son, the father and son exchanged their intimate behaviors with several women. It was so disgusting!

She would never take one more look at anything that would pollute her eyes, so she looked away immediately and made a furtive move of vomiting.

The three of them entered the ward, leaving Jade and Frank, two with a long face.

However, the two of them didn't want to wait outside obediently. Jade quickly adjusted her state of mind, changed the unhappy expression on her face into a fake smile, and then pushed the door o

ontrol the financial power of the Gu company and divorce me? Simon, do you believe that as long as you divorce me, the Zhang family will also make you restless?"

Simon felt a headache and changed the topic to divorce.

"Jade..." His tone softened completely. "Can we reach an agreement to go out now? Dale has been kicked out by us. It doesn't matter anymore. What matters now is how to make dad trust me again. Do you know that the first thing dad sees me today is to ask me to get out of the ward?"

"Humph, you deserve it." Jade snorted and didn't say anything else.

Simon ignored her attitude and continued, "What we need to do now is to put aside the previous contradictions and coax dad as usual."

"You have to coax yourself."

"I can coax you, but can you stop it? I beg you. I can't stand it now."

"I think Dad is right." At this time, Frank also interjected, "Mom, from now on, you just need to do as usual. But grandpa is in hospital now, you occasionally make some soup and send it here to show your filial piety. And the most important thing for my dad and me is that during this time, try to win as many cooperation cases as possible to create more benefits for the company. Grandpa naturally feels happy when he sees this."

"That's exactly what I mean." Simon nodded in agreement.

Hearing what the two said, Jade thought it made sense. "I know, but you must break off the relationship with Dale, and you are not allowed to hang out with any woman in the future!"

After all, she still had a grudge against the affair between Simon and Dale.

"Okay, okay. As long as you stop quarreling with me, I will promise you anything."

"That's good." Jade was satisfied.

Simon rubbed his forehead and felt relieved. Frank also breathed a sigh of relief. The two of them finally reached an agreement.

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