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   Chapter 271 Have A Paternity Test

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At the provincial hospital.

After getting off the car, Lily and Eric ran directly into the hospital, as if they had forgotten Becky in the car.

In the corridor of the operating room, Dillon, Lucia and Claire had arrived, as well as Anna and Emily.

With a pale face, Lucia leaned against Dillon's chest. Dillon frowned and looked worried. Claire's eyes turned red with tears and stared at the door of the operating room.

Standing opposite them were Emily and Anna, Anna's cheekbones on her left face were blue, the corners of her mouth were purple, and she was bloodshot, and her clothes were torn, but fortunately, there are not many places, but the clothes seem to have been stained with blood, and a big piece of red on the chest!

There were bruises on her exposed arm. Obviously, the wound hadn't been treated yet.

Emily looked at her with a distressed look on her face. But she was fine and there was no injury on her body.

"Anna..." Lily ran directly to the direction of Anna. Seeing her like this, his eyes turned red. "Why are there so much blood on your body? Where did you get hurt? Is it serious?"

"I'm fine. The blood on my clothes is Eden's..." Anna turned to look at the direction of the operating room with a worried look. "He was stabbed three times, and one of them was stabbed in the chest. This is the most dangerous. I hope… He will be fine."

Hearing this, Lily's feet became soft and she almost couldn't stand firm. Fortunately, she was held by Eric beside her in time, but her chest was so stuffy that she couldn't breathe.

"Then… What about my mother?" Her face was pale and she didn't dare to think about it anymore.

"She was in the operating room on the third floor. She wasn't hurt, but the fetus was moved and blood was seen. The doctor is trying his best to protect the fetus." Emily said, "Your uncle Kerr and Andrew are also on the third floor."

Lily breathed a sigh of relief. The baby could be pregnant again, as long as the adult was fine.

After calming herself down, she managed to stand firm and took Anna's hand. "Let's go to apply medicine first."

"What happened?" At this time, Becky, who was left behind, ran over. When she saw Anna, her face suddenly turned as pale as paper.

"Blood… Blood..." As soon as she closed her eyes, she fell backwards.

"Watch out!" Emily quickly held her up.

"Becky!" Lily and Anna screamed at the same time. They didn't expect that Becky would faint.

"Becky..." Letting go of Anna, Lily turned around and patted on Becky's face. "Wake up, Becky."

"What's wrong with her?" Anna asked worriedly.

"She fainted at the sight of blood." It was said by Eric. Because before, after Lily was dragged to the underground garage by York and Sheena, she was found by them. When Becky saw the blood, she also fainted.

Hearing this, Lily remembere

o, Dillon… Eden, he, he is your son, he is..."

"If he is, why are you so nervous?" Dillon looked at her as if he was looking at a stranger, "The blood type of Eden doesn't depend on you or me. Is it because his blood type has mutated?"

"Dillon, you have to trust me. Eden is really your son. He really..."

Lucia reached out to grab Dillon's hand, but he shook it off before she could touch it. As a result, she staggered and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Claire quickly walked to her and held her.

"Mom, are you okay?" She looked at Lucia worriedly, and then looked up at Dillon, "Dad, how can you push mom?"

"Then you should ask your mother what she has done to betray me!"

Dillon's words completely rendered Claire speechless. Although she didn't understand, she could understand what they were talking about just now.

Was her brother really not her father's child?

Subconsciously, Claire turned to look at Lucia, who was supported by her.

"No, I didn't do anything wrong to you. Eden is really your son. Do you believe me?" Lucia explained hurriedly.

"Then show me the evidence to convince me!" Dillon glared at her.

"I..." Lucia was speechless.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was afraid that she couldn't hide something anymore. Everything was going on as planned, but she didn't expect such a thing to happen.

"Can't you take it out?" Dillon's eyes became cold, "So you have been lying to me all the time. Lucia, good for you!"

"No I didn't lie to you." Tears streamed down Lucia's face. She grabbed Dillon's hand and said, "Trust me. I didn't lie to you."

"Are you kidding me? We'll know when the paternity test report comes out." Dillon shook off her hand again, turned around and left.

Looking at his receding figure, Lucia directly sat on the ground with a decadent face. All her efforts over the years had been in vain.

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