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   Chapter 270 Something Happened

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The female boss suddenly became interested, completely ignoring the existence of others. She looked at Lily wholeheartedly, "You are not the child of an ordinary family, are you?"

"Very ordinary." Still with a smile on her face, Lily said, "My parents are divorced and they get married. I live with my grandfather. But don't worry. My aunt will help me with the cost you just mentioned."

Then she turned to Alice and asked, "Is that true, aunt?"

Alice smiled, "Yes, I will help you."

'This girl is so smart. She deliberately told her her background in such an ambiguous way. At first glance, people will feel pity for her.'

The woman boss then turned to look at her. She was a little blind today. These people were all wearing bathrobes, so she couldn't guess their identity.

In normal cases, although she couldn't guess their identity, at least she could figure it out.

Lily said again, "My aunt is a famous fashion designer in the Guan city. We happened to come here today. When we saw the hot spring, we felt it was pretty good. So we were thinking about whether we could take it as our own and run it better."

"Ha ha..." The female boss suddenly smiled, "Your idea is quite simple."

"Isn't it good to have a simple idea?" Lily asked innocently.

"Being simple is good, but career..." She seemed to have some unspeakable reasons. She sighed slightly and said, "It's difficult to do it well just by liking it for a while."

Looking at her like this, Lily probably guessed one or two. It was difficult for her to have a complete family and career. In a word, it was because of lack of time and energy. After all, she had married, become a family, and had children. Women's attention was mostly focused on the family and children.

"Everyone has different ideas. It's good to be simple, but you have to choose what you like in your career." Lily followed her words and said, "I think you also liked here before. Otherwise, why do you still insist in this situation?"

There was a bitter smile on the face of the woman boss, and she looked up and looked around. The tone was quite emotional, "Yeah, I really liked it here, so I only managed to run it. In the past two years, the business was not as good as before. In addition, there are more things in the family, and less thought is spent here, and the enthusiasm is no longer there."

"You'd better give it to me instead of letting it go on like this." Lily took the opportunity to say, "Although I am still a child in your eyes, I have the confidence to run it well. If I don't have the ability to fully protect what I like, I might as well hand it over to someone who also likes it and let it continue to bloom its own good side."

Hearing her words, the female boss just smiled. She looked at Lily with tenderness in her eyes and seemed to like her. "You are right. For what you like, it's better to g

up the phone, her eyes were red and she couldn't help but sniff. Something had happened, and it had happened again. Her grandfather was still lying in the hospital, and now her mother and Eden had an accident again!

Seeing her like this, others guessed that something big might have happened.

Eric was the fastest. He caught up with Lily in steps, grabbed her arm and asked, "What happened?"

Looked up at him, Lily touched her tears and choked, "Mom and Eden had an accident, and Anna was also injured. Hurry up, go change your clothes, and we'll go to the hospital."

After saying that, she pushed Eric hand away and hurried into the box to change her clothes before Eric could react.

Hearing that something bad had happened again, the rest of the people had no interest in staying any longer. They all stood up and went to the box to change their clothes.

Five or six minutes later, everyone changed back to their own clothes and waited in the hall.

Lily didn't have time to say anything to them. She took Eric's hand and left. At this time, Becky caught up with them. "Lily, I'll take your car to the hospital."

Glancing at her, Lily nodded and said, "Okay." Then she turned to Alice and said, "Aunt, I'll leave this matter to you. I have to go to the hospital first."

"Okay, you go first. Don't worry about what happened here." Alice nodded, looking worried.

The three got in the car in a hurry, and then the car drove away like an arrow from the string.

"Idiot, hurry up!" Hailey couldn't help but give Ellison a slap and urged him and she sat on the passenger seat.

"Okay, okay, I'll be quick." Ellison quickly sat in the driver's seat and started the car to leave.

Noble got in his car. When Lily answered the phone, he had been very calm. But when he heard the word' Anna 'from her mouth, his heart suddenly beat so fast. He subconsciously decided to go to the hospital with her.

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