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   Chapter 251 Waking Up

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"Long time no see. Do you miss me?" With a big smile on her face, she looked like a good sister.

For her enthusiasm, Lily turned her beautiful eyes and smiled, "Guess?"

"I don't have to guess. You certainly don't miss me." Without any hesitation, she rolled her eyes at her and said, "When boss was by your side, you must have been thinking about him all the time. When he was not by your side, you must have been thinking about him all the time. How could you miss me? What's more, we have only met for 1234 times in total. Maybe you have already forgotten me."

While speaking, she had already let go of Lily's hand, and walked back and forth in front of her and Eric for two times. During this time, she even deliberately glanced at Eric.


Lily was a little embarrassed by her words. Although it was not as exaggerated as what she said, it was true that when he was not by her side, once she was free, she was really thinking about him.

"Since you know, don't ask too much." Eric glanced at her and held Lily tighter. "You're asking for trouble."

"Ah." Shaking her head repeatedly, she looked at Eric and said, "I don't know who it is. During the Spring Festival, I just mentioned the three words' Lily '. Some people have already been absent-minded. After dinner, he hid in his room to make a phone call."

Hearing this, an unnatural expression flashed across Eric's face. He did have a long conversation with her on the phone that night.

But it didn't matter? Was it wrong to love his wife?

Obviously not!

Noticing his embarrassment, Lily quickly changed the topic. She was afraid that if they continued to talk, some people would be more embarrassed. Well, her Eric, was getting more and more shy.

She looked at Harry and said, "Harry, you're here. Please go in and check on my grandfather. It's been more than 30 hours, but he hasn't woken up yet. I'm a little worried."

Harry wanted to refuse subconsciously, but he nodded at the thought that he had shamelessly asked for ten million dollars from Lily under the dangerous situation of Joe. If he didn't agree, it would be really a little… Shame!

"Okay, wait for me to change into the sterile clothes."

"Well, thank you." Lily said with a smile.

"You're welcome. You're welcome. As long as you remember that ten million, everything will be fine." He said as he walked towards the disinfection room.

He had just come to the hospital yesterday to perform an operation on Joe, so he was no stranger here, and he did not greet the doctor, he went directly to the sterilization room, where there was a nurse. It is a minute to change a poisonous clothes into a poisonous one.

"What ten million?" Looking back at Lily from the back of Harry, Eric was confused.

"This is the precondition for him to perform the operation for Grandpa." Lily explained briefly and then told him what had happened.

"Sure enough, shameless en

ghtly, but they were still closed.

He bent over and whispered in his ear, "It's time to wake up. If you don't wake up, your granddaughter will cry and faint in the bathroom. Oh, and the ten million dollars from the Qiao group. If you don't wake up, it will disappear."

Only Harry could say that.

After saying that, he saw that the person lying on the bed rolled her eyes more frequently, as if he was about to open in the next second.

With a big smile in his black eyes, Harry straightened up and turned around to look at the door. His hand was still held tightly. He took off the mask with the other hand and said to the outside with his lips, "He is awake."

Then he put on the mask and turned his head to see the person on the bed. Sure enough, he woke up. His eyes were slightly open, somewhat absent-minded and without focus.

"Congratulations! You woke up successfully."

Hearing the voice, Joe slowly turned his eyes and fixed his eyes on a very strange face. Because of the serious injury and the oxygen mask, he could not speak, and he was very weak.

He knew that this was a doctor, and there was a smile in his eyes.

"You woke up earlier than expected. After that, you just needs to have a good rest." As Harry spoke, he pulled out the hand that was held by Joe's little finger.

"I'm going to tell your little girl to come in and see you. She must be very happy."

Joe blinked weakly and looked at him with some gratitude.

At the same time, when Lily outside the door received the hint of Harry's lips just now, she had been in a state of excitement. She turned around and threw herself into the arms of Eric, crying with joy.

"Oh, he's awake. Grandpa is finally awake..."

She cried and laughed. She was so excited that she almost jumped up.

"Yes, grandpa is awake." Eric choked with sobs. He couldn't help but hold the woman in his arms, with red eyes.

After more than 30 hours, he finally woke up.

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