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   Chapter 249 I Hope Grandpa Can Wake Up Soon

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After lunch, they went back to the hospital, and then waited for the tormenting twelve hours.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, it happened to be the twelfth hour after Joe's operation.

The doctor who changed medicine for Joe in the morning appeared in front of everyone on time, followed by the nurse.

"Now you can go in to visit the patient. Who will go in?" The doctor pushed his glasses and asked politely.

"I'll go!" Lily couldn't wait to step forward, her face full of anxiety.

"I..." Tina was a little slower. Her words came to her mouth, but when she saw that her daughter was more anxious than her, she swallowed them.

Eden wanted to go in, but he knew how important his grandfather was in Lily's heart, so he didn't say anything and just looked at Lily quietly.

The doctor looked at Lily and Tina and asked, "Are you sure who went in?"

"Lily, go ahead." Tina looked at Lily and said, "You and grandpa love each other very much. You should spend more time with him."

"Okay." Lily nodded heavily. Her eyes were slightly red. She knew that her mother also wanted to go in, but she gave the opportunity to her.

"The visiting time is only twenty minutes." The doctor said, fixing his eyes on Lily. "Now follow the nurse to change the sterile clothes and disinfect it."

"Thank you, doctor." Lily looked at the doctor gratefully, turned to the nurse and said with a smile, "Thank you."

"No, please follow me." The nurse replied politely. Then she turned around and walked towards the hospital's disinfection room.

When Lily turned around to follow up, she looked back at Eric and said, "Wait for me outside."

"Okay." Eric nodded, his eyes full of affection.

When she turned around and left with the nurse, her eyes met Eden's. His eyes were full of encouragement.

She smiled back and followed the nurse. Finally, she could go in to see her grandfather.

Seeing her leave, Tina's eyes turned red. She turned around and looked at the ICU through the glass door. Except for the numbers on the screen, the rest of the room was still quiet.

Kerr held her waist and gently held her in his arms. He whispered in her ear, "It's good for Lily to go to see Dad. Not to mention her status in dad's heart, I don't dare to let you in just by looking at the equipment in the intensive care room. I'm afraid that the radiation of those things will be bad for you and the child."

"Okay." Knowing that he was trying to comfort her, Tina was also happy.

In the disinfection room, Lily washed her hands first and then disinfected her whole body. Finally, she put on the blue sterile clothes, and her whole body was almost covered.

Even her head was covered with a blue sterile cap, her hair was covered in the hat, her mouth was covered with a mask, and her feet were covered with di

had to worry that her grandfather would really not survive this time.

"Well, Grandpa will wake up safe and sound." At this time, Eden looked at the two with a faint smile on his face.

"Lily, don't think too much. As long as you have a firm belief, everything will be achieved." Kerr comforted her.

Sniffing, Lily looked up at the crowd with her red and swollen eyes. Then she said apologetically, "I'm sorry to make you worried."

"Nothing." Tina shook off Kerr's hand, walked to Lily, held her in her arms and comforted her in a low voice, "You're still young. It's a big blow to you, but I know you're strong."

"Mom..." Lily was about to say something, but looked at the last person she wanted to see… Lucia!

She didn't expect that she would come again. Didn't she tell her not to come? Why is she here this time?

"Tina, you know here to visit dad, right?" Lucia looked at Tina with a sneer and said in an unfriendly tone, "I thought you would hide to nourish the fetus."

This was the second time that Lucia talked to her in such a tone in public. Perhaps it was because she had no scruples in the absence of Dillon.

The first time was also in the hospital, but at that time, because Lily was in hospital, she had been looking for her whereabouts.

At that time, when she saw Tina, she just wanted to slap her two times. In fact, she did so. Her hand was raised in the air, but was stopped by Kerr in time.

Hearing this, Tina frowned subconsciously and turned to look at Lucia who was walking towards her. She said in a bad tone, "Well, Lucia, what did you say about me? To be honest, if you don't have a son, do you think you can marry into the Qiao family? Can you be Mrs. Qiao?"

She didn't want to rake up the past, because at the same time, she tore up the scab wound on her body again and then sprinkled salt on it. That feeling was not good.

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