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   Chapter 247 An Accident Or An Intentional Act

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Eric let go of Lily, walked to the door of the intensive care unit and looked inside. Then he frowned and pursed his thin lips. His black eyes were full of worry.

"I really hope that grandpa can wake up soon." Lily also stood beside him, looked at the situation inside and said.

"He will wake up." In response to her words, Eric reached out and held her in his arms, feeling even more distressed. How much pressure had she suffered when her grandfather was injured like this?

He knew that her grandfather had a special position in her heart, and he couldn't even shake.

"Yes." With a light "yes", Lily turned her head to look at Eric and saw everything on his face clearly. He was thinner, with more prominent cheekbones and chin outline than before. "Eric, you're thinner."

Eric wiped his face subconsciously, "Maybe."

"You must haven't eaten well and taken a good rest. You must have put all your attention on your work." Lily's eyes were full of pity, and she reached out to touch his face.

"Don't worry about me." Holding her hand, Eric stared at her with his black eyes and said, "So do you. You've already lost a lot of weight. Now you're so thin that you only have bones left."

Looking at his dark eyes, Lily was almost drowned in them. She looked away with a slightly red face and said, "No."

"I said yes." Eric said in a spoiled and domineering tone.

This man was really…

Lily glanced at him and decided not to talk to him anymore. She looked back into the ICU again. Everything in the ICU seemed to be still. If the numbers on the equipment were not still beating, people would feel that there were two worlds inside and outside.

The state of being separated from the state of being dynamic.

At this moment, a doctor and a nurse came over, with a medicine plate in their hands. There were two infusion bottles and other liquid medicine in the plate, and the doctor was holding a medical record, wearing a mask and a disinfection uniform. He must have just come out of the disinfection room.

"Excuse me, please." The doctor said to Eric and Lily, "I'm going in to check the patient's condition now."

Hearing this, Lily quickly took two steps away from them and made way for them.

"Thank you." The doctor said politely and put the medical record under his armpit. Then he turned around and took the medicine plate from the nurse and said to her, "Open the door."

The nurse answered and then opened the door of the intensive care unit. After the doctor walked in, she closed the door again. Then she waited quietly outside the door and did not enter.

That's right. As doctor said before, intensive disinfection was required to enter the intensive care unit, and only one person can enter.

Seeing the doctor come in, everyone stood up and surrounded the door of the ICU, looking

and this time, Grandpa was on the way back from the cemetery."

Lily suddenly understood why he asked about Hailey. If she guessed right, he wanted Hailey to investigate this matter. After all, the two car accidents happened in the same way. The only difference was that this time it was a truck, and it was big.

For a small car, the destructive power of a large car was one hundred percent.

"You want Hailey..." She didn't finish her words, but she knew that Eric must have understood what she meant.

"Yes." Eric nodded.

"Hailey and Ellison seem to be playing cat and mouse now." Lily said, one trying her best to dodge and another try to chase her.

Hearing this, Eric frowned slightly. After thinking for a moment, he said, "Call Hailey and ask her to do me a favor. She should agree."

Lily nodded and thought it was feasible. After all, among the people they knew, no one was more powerful than Hailey in investigation. Moreover, if this car accident was deliberately arranged by someone, it was not appropriate to investigate it in a big way. They could only ask people to investigate secretly, and Hailey was the most suitable person, because she was on their side anyway and they trust her.

The conversation between the two people didn't avoid who they were talking about. Kerr, Tina and Eden were listening, so after the two of them reached an agreement, Eric said to them, "Don't tell anyone for the time being. If it was just a simple car accident, it would be fine. If it was deliberately done by someone, the news would only alert the enemy after it was revealed."

After saying that, he deliberately glanced at Eden, because he was the son of Lucia. What if this matter had something to do with Lucia?

Of course, it might have nothing to do with her. Although she didn't like Lily, she wouldn't do anything to Joe. After all, he was her father-in-law.

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