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   Chapter 246 Eric Came Back

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Tina sniffed, trying to adjust her state of mind and force herself to face the truth. This morning, when Kerr told her about this matter after breakfast, she was almost scared out of her wits. Now she saw it with her own eyes, and was shocked by the injury. It was really difficult to calm down.

After forcing herself to calm down, Tina wiped the tears on her face, leaned in Kerr's arms, turned to look at Lily and asked, "Lily, have you caught the driver?"

Hearing her mother's question, Lily shook her head subconsciously. "I don't know."

She really didn't know that since she knew that her grandfather had a car accident, she was in a state of worry and fear, and had no mood to care about anything else, let alone the driver who had caused the accident.

"How could Lily know about the driver? She is still a child." Said Kerr. At the same time, he looked at Lily and asked, "Do you know the specific location of the car accident?"

Lily shook her head again. "I don't know the specific place. I only know a rough idea. Grandpa had a car accident on the way from the cemetery to the old house of the Qiao family."

"Oh, you are so stupid." Kerr suddenly patted his head as if he had thought of something. He was almost fifty years old, and it seemed that this action did not match his age.

He continued, "Since such a serious car accident happened, the traffic police must have dealt with it, and the police station must have known the ins and outs. I'll call Jack and ask him to help investigate."

After saying that, he helped Tina sit down in the chair, took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. When the phone was connected, he took a look at Tina and Lily, and then turned to the other side of the hospital corridor.

Hearing that he was going to call Jack, Lily remembered the existence of such a person. He was a classmate of Kerr, and also a director of the police station. When she had an accident, he had saved her.

Suddenly, Lily frowned, and a bad feeling rose in her heart. If it was a normal accident, it could be said; if it was not an accident, but someone else did it on purpose?

What if someone really wanted grandpa's life? If…

No, I can't think of that!

Her face turned pale. She stopped the thought in time. It was impossible. Grandpa was easy-going and had never offended anyone. How could anyone take his life?

What's more, he seldom intervened in business these years. Even the business of the company was almost handled by Dillon, and the time he went to the company was obviously reduced, so it was impossible for him to offend anyone in business or hinder the interests of anyone.

Noticing the abnormality of Lily, Eden turned to her with concern, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Lily shook her head and said, "I'm just thinking too much."

Hearing this, Eden frowned, "What do you think of?"

She looked

t with Tina and Kerr. Just now, he only cared about Lily.

"Okay." Tina nodded with satisfaction in her red and swollen eyes. She was quite satisfied with Eric. From the conversation between him and Lily just now, she could tell that he came here in a hurry after putting down what he was doing. It seemed that he really cared about Lily.

Kerr also nodded, but he said, "Eric, you'd better register for the entrance examination as soon as possible. It's not appropriate to delay for too long. After all, you are going to face the college entrance examination."

"I know, uncle. I'll do it when Grandpa wakes up." Eric replied.

"Okay." Kerr nodded.

Eric greeted Tina and Kerr respectively, but didn't greet Eden. Lily looked at him with dissatisfaction and muttered, "And Eden. He has been with me since yesterday and has been taking care of me."

Hearing this, Eric lowered his head and looked at her in surprise. When did she have such a good relationship with Eden? He remembered that she didn't seem to like Eden very much.

In fact, he had a good impression of Eden. Before he had a good relationship with his girl, when his grandfather, Wayne, invited his family to visit the Gu family for the first time, Claire secretly pushed girl into the lake. Eden had seen all this. After that, he also showed great concern for her, but he was a little coward and didn't told the truth to his parents, which was also the reason why he rarely contacted him later.

However, he still looked up at Eden and nodded to him as a greeting.

Eden also smiled and nodded in response.

"By the way, Kerr, you called Jack. What's going on?" At this time, Tina suddenly asked Kerr.

"He doesn't know about it yet." Kerr replied, "But I asked him to help me investigate it. I believe the result will come soon."

"Okay." Tina frowned unconsciously. She was also worried that no one knew about the car accident.

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