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   Chapter 243 Self Contradiction

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"Grandpa." Lily threw herself to the cart. When she saw the man lying on it, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

Up and down the body, almost no place is intact, the chest is wrapped in gauze, the arms are also wrapped, and the legs are still fixed with plaster. Such a picture is really unbearable for people to see.

It was hard for a young man to be hurt like this, not to mention an old man.

"Grandpa..." She couldn't help reaching out to touch it, but she didn't know how to do it. She was afraid that it would be broken if she touched it.



Dillon and Lucia also came over and anxiously looked at the person lying on the cart.

"How could it be so serious?" Tears welled up in his eyes. After all, he was his biological father. Looking at him, he felt both sorry and sad. "There is not a single part of his body intact."

"Doctor, how is my grandfather?" Eden was quite sober. When everyone was lying on the trolley, only he looked at the doctor and asked about his injury.

"He is still in a coma. We won't know the specific situation until he wakes up." One of the doctors said.

"Then how long will it take for him to wake up?" Eden asked.

"Well..." The doctor looked a little embarrassed. With such a serious injury, they were not sure when he would wake up.

"If he can wake up in forty-eight hours, it means that he is out of danger."

A cold voice cut in. Harry got rid of the four or five doctors and walked over. He glanced at Eden and answered his question.

Looking at him, Eden put on a sincere smile and said, "Thank you, doctor. Thank you so much today."

"You're welcome." Harry looked at the crying Lily and shook his head helplessly. Then he walked towards her.

Seeing that, Eden didn't ask any more questions, because he could see that Harry only talked to Lily a little more, but ignored the other people here. Even the doctors who had just walked out with him asked him questions, but he didn't say a word. It seemed that his temper was really like what he had heard during the day today… It was weird.

"Eric's girl, don't cry." Harry reached out and patted Lily on the shoulder, as if comforting her, "The operation went well. The rest depends on his tenacity. As long as he wakes up in the next forty-eight hours, he will be fine."

Turning to look at him, Lily's eyes turned red. "Thank you, Harry."

"All right, all right. Don't always say thank you to me. Just don't forget what you have promised me."

Although it was immoral to mention it at this time, he could be shameless for his dream, because he was Harry.

"Yes, I remember." Lily sniffed and said, "I will fulfill my promise as soon as my grandfather wakes up."

"No hurry." Harry waved his hand casually.

"Well, the patient needs to enter the ICU. Ple

ed her head and looked at him. It was not until she looked at him carefully that she found that his face was also full of fatigue. After such a long operation and under the condition of highly concentrated mind, it was inevitable for him to be tired.

"Harry, I'll ask the hospital to arrange a room for you to rest." She said.

"No, thanks." Harry shook his head with a look of disgust on his face. "I don't like hospitals. The smell is too bad, and there are so many bacteria..."

Hearing his words, Lily was stunned. He was just a contradiction. He didn't like hospitals, but he was a doctor. What's more, he was still raising money to build his own hospital!

"Take care of yourself. I'll go back first. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have stayed here for so long… It's killing me!" After saying that, he turned around and left without looking at the others.

Looking at his receding figure, Lily couldn't find a word to describe him. He was the person with the most split personality in the world, and the only person in the world who had been in contradiction!

After Harry left, the corridor suddenly fell into a quiet state, and the atmosphere became a little strange.

Although Harry made it clear when he hugged her just now, there was a strange light in Dillon's eyes when he looked at her.

Let alone Lucia, whose eyes were hard to tell what she meant.

However, Lily didn't care about it at all. She looked back to the ICU.

Eden was very calm. It seemed that he was not surprised at the relationship between her and Harry, because he knew that she had her own way of communication.

In the intensive care unit, the doctors did everything carefully and agilely. After settling Joe down, they went out of the room without staying for a moment. After they came out, they closed the door directly and did not let anyone in to visit him.

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