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   Chapter 242 Waiting

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Lucia was not stupid. She knew that she said it on purpose, but she was not stupid enough to take her seat. She hated Lily even more.

If Joe hadn't protected her, she would have kicked her and Tina out of the Qiao family. It was not her turn to blame her, let alone the situation now. She was actually suppressed by this little girl!

Lily didn't want to look at Lucia again. She was already tired today. If she went to see her again, she would feel distressed!

When she was about to close her eyes for a rest, she turned her head and saw Emily. Then she remembered that she was still here. She was so busy just now that she had forgotten her existence.

"Thank you, aunt," She smiled and said to Emily, "There's nothing else to do here. You can go back and have a rest."

Emily looked at her and smiled, "Mr. Joe is still in the operating room. I want to go back after he comes out."

Hearing this, a relieved smile appeared on Lily's face. "You have been busy all day long. Go back early. Besides, Anna is still at home alone in the morning. When Grandpa comes out of the operating room, I will call to inform you of the situation as soon as possible."

Hearing this, Emily didn't insist. To be honest, it was not good for her to stay here alone, so she didn't insist. Moreover, something bad might happen in the company. Although she couldn't control the whole company, at least she had to make sure that the sales department couldn't make any trouble at this moment.

"Okay. Remember to call me when Mr. Joe comes out." She reminded her again and again before leaving.

"Okay." Lily nodded with a smile. This was the person who really cared about others. She was totally different from someone else.

After Emily left, Lily didn't pay attention to anyone else. She sat on the chair, looked up against the wall and closed her eyes, waiting quietly for Joe to be pushed out of the operating room safe and sound.

Seeing her like this, Eden didn't say anything. He walked straight to her and sat down next to her. His action naturally put his arm around her shoulder and made her lean on his shoulder. "It will be more comfortable."

Surprised, Lily turned her head to look at him, but soon she calmed down and accepted his kindness. Instead of leaning on his shoulder, she leaned her body closer to him. Then she found a comfortable position on his chest. Before closing her eyes and taking a rest, she said two words, "Thank you."

Eden's hand on her shoulder tightened. He didn't know why, but as long as he got close to her, he always had an inexplicable feeling, but this feeling was very good and he liked it very much.

In G city.

After finishing his work, it was already evening when he came back to Sun family. Everyone had slept, and there was no one in the living room.

Noble pulled his tie and walked to the study. He believed that Eric should be in the study at the moment, because he usually

aw this scene, she had a different feeling. If she had been at home, she would have criticized Eden. But now, in front of Dillon and in the hospital, she could only endure it.

To be honest, although the Dillon knew that she didn't like Lily, if she taught Eden a lesson in front of him and asked him not to be so good to Lily, he would scold her.

It was one point one o'clock in the morning. The light of the operating room was still on. Lily's brows furrowed and her face was full of worry.

"Everything will be fine. Don't worry too much." Eden's words rang in her ears. She turned around and looked at him. She wanted to smile, but it couldn't be ridiculous.

Seeing her like this, Eden tightened his grip on her shoulder and said, "Trust me, Grandpa will be fine."

Although he said so firmly, there was no full confidence in his tone. He was just comforting himself.

"Okay." Lily answered in a low voice, but she was still unsure.

At three o'clock in the morning.


The light of the operating room was finally turned off.

Almost at the same time when the light was out, Lily stood up from the chair excitedly. Regardless of the slip of coat, she went straight to the door of the operating room. She knew that her grandfather was about to be pushed out from the operating room. She wanted to be the first one to see if he was okay.

Eden followed her closely, with a coat in his hand. Then there were three people: Dillon, Lucia and Claire.

The operating room was slowly opened, and the medical trolley was pushed out by three or four people. Joe was lying on the operating trolley, his face bloodless, and his whole body was wrapped in white gauze, only his face was exposed, and there was a drip on his hand.

Harry, who was walking behind the trolley, was surrounded by four or five doctors. They kept asking him questions, but he didn't answer. His face was full of coldness, and his eyes were full of impatience.

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