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   Chapter 240 Ask Harry For Help

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An unreadable look flashed through Lucia's eyes, and her face became unnatural. "You… You're a very filial child."

That was all she said in the end.

A touch of coldness flashed through Lily's eyes. She could tell at a glance whether Lucia meant it or not. "Thank you for your praise. I'm just doing what I should do."

Lucia's eyes darkened. When she was about to say something, a middle-aged couple came over from the corridor. It seemed that they were less than fifty years old. The man held the woman's arm and stopped her from saying anything.

Lily followed the voice and turned her head. Needless to say, this couple must be driver's parents. She walked towards them without hesitation.

However, Sunny was one step ahead of her. She walked to the couple and said with red eyes, "I'm sorry. If I hadn't introduced him to work, such a thing wouldn't have happened."

Sunny's words were full of self blame. She grabbed the woman's hand and cried.

"I… Where is my son? How is he?" The woman who spoke was full of worry on her face, and the middle-aged man beside her also looked at Sunny hopefully.

"He, he..." Sunny choked with sobs. She was an acquaintance of this couple. At that time, he was willing to work and had a steady personality, so she introduced him to Joe as a driver, and the treatment was better than outside. But she did not expect such a thing to happen.

"How is he?" The middle-aged man asked anxiously.

"He..." "He's gone… It's gone."

"What?" The couple looked at Sunny in shock at the same time. Then, the woman's feet became soft and she almost fell down. Fortunately, she was held by the middle-aged man, and at the same time, Sunny also helped her.

But he was not much better. He trembled violently and looked at Sunny without blinking. "I… My son is gone?"

Sunny sobbed and nodded. She held the woman in her hand again and said, "No, no..."

"My son is gone?" The middle-aged man raised his voice.

"No… It's impossible. I'm going to see him. I'm going to see him." The woman burst into tears. She broke free from the middle-aged man's and Sunny's hands and stumbled towards the operating room. She thought her son was inside.

"Auntie." At this time, Lily came over and held the woman. Her eyes were wet. She knew better than anyone else how painful it was to lose a family member. "I'm sorry. He… He's really gone."

"My son is gone… I only have one son!" The woman cried and fell into Lily's arms. "He is so obedient and filial. It's all over!"

Knowing the pain of losing a mother's child, Lily's eyes were wet. She looked up at the direction of the operating room. Her grandfather was still lying inside. Although there was hope now, it was still uncertain whether he could be saved or not.

Even though Harry was p

told me that if I didn't come, I wouldn't even think about the investment of twenty million dollars in my hospital. He threatened me again, not like my brother at all!"

The expression on his face was so… He was just like an angry child.

Once he asked him for help, if he showed the intention of refusing, he would immediately be threatened. If he had known it earlier, he would have raised the price a little more. It was really not worthwhile to raise the price by ten million!

No, after he came back from G City, he must ask him to transfer the twenty million dollars to her immediately. Otherwise, he would be too worried. Look at Ellison. Five million dollars. He agreed without hesitation, and the money would be paid directly on the second day!

Lily didn't know the deal between him and Noble, so she didn't say much. And she didn't have the energy to care about other things at the moment, just thinking that he could save Grandpa.

She held his hand and walked towards the operating room. While walking, she said, "They all say that you are a medical genius. The ghost axe magical knife is one of the elites. I hope you can cure my grandfather. I will promise you whatever conditions you make in the future."

"Are you doubting my ability?" Harry suddenly stopped and turned to look at Lily. "Do you know how many hospitals have begged me to do surgery for them, but I refused?"

"I don't doubt your ability, but my grandfather is dying. I hope he can live well, at least for these years..." Speaking of the last sentence, Lily lowered her voice. At least, he would make her grandfather live until the end of his previous life.

Seeing her like this, Harry reached out his hand and poked her shoulder. "Hey, little girl, I didn't bully you. Don't act as if I bullied you. If Eric knows it and hears it, I will be the one to suffer."

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