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   Chapter 236 Dinner Party

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"Okay." Emily nodded, satisfied with his performance at the moment. "Since you have made up your mind, I won't say anything more. From now on, I will take care of you and Lily. I don't want you to bring your personal affairs to work, understand?"

It seemed that she was talking to Eden, but in fact, she was also talking to Lily. After all, she was clear about the matter of the Qiao family.

Of course, Eden understood what she meant. She was worried that his bad relationship with Lily would affect their normal work in the future.

On the other hand, Lily understood Emily's words completely. To put it bluntly, she was worried. However, if not because of Lucia, she still liked him very much. After getting along with him for so many years, she saw another side of him.

"Aunt, don't worry. We won't bring our personal affairs to work." After saying that, Lily deliberately glanced at Eden.

He smiled and nodded. "We don't have any personal enmity. In my eyes, she is my sister."

Hearing their words, Emily was a little surprised. Although she was not gossipy, she knew something about how Eden's mother got into the Qiao family, and how Lily's mother was kicked out. At this moment, the two children could get along with each other here and say something like that. It could be seen that they were tolerant to each other, broad-minded.

Well, it seemed that the two of them could both make great achievements. She had seen the strength of Lily, and as for Eden's, it depended on his performance in the future.

"I hope you can keep your words." Emily nodded.

At this time, there was a knock on the door outside the office, but the door was not closed. Hearing the sound, the three of them turned their heads at the same time and saw Bill coming in. There were many people outside looking this way.

He walked up to her and said with a smile, "Emily, the venue of the party tonight has been determined. The highest number of people to go to the DC."

"Ha ha..." Emily smiled, "Everyone is good at choosing. If we go to a place like DC once, my salary in the next few months will be in vain."

"Ha ha." Embarrassed, Bill scratched his head and said, "How about we book another place? Anyway, the voting is just for fun. Don't mind. The consumption there is too much for ordinary citizens like us to afford."

"Don't change. I'm not that narrow-minded." Emily looked at Bill discontentedly, "Since everyone wants to go, then go. Hurry up to book the seat."

"Okay!" After getting such an answer, Bill walked out with a big smile on his face, and made a gesture to the group of people who poked their heads out outside to make it done.

For a moment, there was a burst of cheers outside the door.

Emily shook her head with a smile. It was rare for them to have suc

ed her head and looked at Emily and Eden beside her. She smiled and said, "Let's go."

Then she caught up with manager, followed by Emily and Eden, and the others.

"Miss Lily, Mr. Noble called and said that you can have whatever you want today, and all the expenses are free." He walked in front and said respectfully.

"Okay." Lily nodded with a smile, "Thank brother."

"You are Mr. Eric's. Even if you want DC, Mr. Noble will give it to you, let alone this free meal." Said him.

"Was he so generous?" Lily raised her eyebrows subconsciously.

"I'm sure miss Lily knows the relationship between them, and Mr. Noble loves Mr. Eric very much..." He chattered, "And you are Mr. Eric's fiancee. As Mr. Noble's future sister-in-law, if you ask for it, he will definitely not refuse."

Hearing that, Lily raised the corners of her mouth. If Noble was really so generous, then if she wanted to cooperate with him… Wouldn't it be easy?

The profit of the cooperation with Ellison last time was nearly five million. What a tempting number! If she worked with him, the profit would be more attractive.

Well, next time when he came back to the Guan city, she must tell him about the cooperation!

Now that Eric was working hard to earn money, she couldn't fall behind. She had to make use of the resources she had. Moreover, this was a win-win situation. She believed that Noble wouldn't refuse it.

Silently, Lily had made up her mind.

Listening to the conversation between Lily and manager, Emily couldn't help but look sideways at her, with a smile of appreciation at the corners of her mouth. This little girl was good at socializing. If she was properly cultivated, she would certainly make a great achievement.

And from the first time she took her out for business, she could see that she was not weak, but she didn't show it obviously.

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