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   Chapter 235 Eden Went To The Sales Department

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"Okay." Emily nodded, "In the initial stage of the first stage of this project, I went to the Qi company to look for Mr. Ellison, but the person in charge said that he was not there. He seemed to be out for something. I have contacted him frequently these days. Mr. Ellison was indeed not in the Guan city, so the cooperation in the second stage can only be continued after he comes back."

Lily nodded her head thoughtfully. She knew that Eric and Noble were in the G city but Ellison was not in the Guan city, but the main camp of his company was in there… Did he go to find Hailey?

Well, it's possible. He must have taken the initiative to look for her after he listened to the recording that night. He understood both Hailey and himself.

There was no news about him or Hailey these days. Well, just let them do it slowly. If they didn't do it well, they wouldn't know their position in each other's heart.

"Then let's wait for him to come back and talk about the second stage of cooperation." She turned to Emily and said.

"That's all I can do." Emily nodded.

At this time, the telephone on the desk rang.

"Hello." Emily picked it up and said, "I see." Then she hung up the phone.

"A meeting." Then she picked up the folder that Lily had just put in front of her and stood up.

Seeing this, Lily also stood up.

Emily handed the folder to Lily and said as she walked out, "Have a look at the content of today's meeting. It's not too much and it's very simple."

Lily rummaged through the files in her hands, which were basically about the new quarter's plan and goals to be achieved. That was to say, today's meeting was equivalent to drawing responsibilities for each department. In fact, it was just to assign tasks to each group of the sales department.

The meeting was held in a small conference room, because it was only a meeting within the sales department. The people coming were all the people in charge of each group, of course, there were three people, Joe, Dillon and Eden.

Joe and Dillon were bound to attend this kind of meeting. After all, they were the head of the company, so Eden naturally came to learn from them.

After the meeting began, Joe, who was the first to speak, began to speak with a bright look on his face.

"The sales department is the core department of the entire company, and you are the core of this core. Each of you is essential to the company, and I also see your efforts, as of the end of last year. The profit you have created for the company has increased by 10 percentage points compared to the previous year, which is the biggest increase in the past two years. I hope that in the new year, you will continue to maintain your enthusiasm for work. Keep it up."

After finishing his words, Joe turned to look at Emily and said, "I'll leave the rest to you."

Emily nodded and handed over the target responsibility letter to the person in charge of each team.

still worried. She knew that her grandfather and grandmother had a good relationship. So far, the courtyard of the old house was still full of roses that his grandmother liked.

"It's okay. The driver is with me." Joe comforted her, "I just want to accompany your grandmother alone."

Seeing his insistence, Lily didn't say anything more, but she was still a little uneasy. Perhaps it was because of the so-called alcohol car accident last time when she went to the cemetery.

After the meeting, Joe insisted on going to the cemetery alone. Naturally, Dillon went back to his own office, while Eden was left in the sales department. He went to Emily's office with Lily and Emily.

"Eden." As soon as she entered the office, she stood in front of Eden with a rather serious look. "After entering my sales department, I hope you can get used to what I do. First, in my eyes, you are an employee here, not the eldest master of the Qiao family. Second, I'm a woman of my word at work. If you do something wrong, I'll scold you harder. If you can't stand it, you can go back to where you were before."

Hearing this, Eden frowned. He had been in touch with the business of the company for a period of time and had heard of her character. He didn't expect that when he really met her, he was shocked. It was really serious!

Even Lily couldn't help but glance sideways at Emily. When she first came here, although she was also serious, she didn't speak so ruthlessly. Eh, was it because Eden was a boy that her requirements were even more strict?

"I know, manager." Eden said calmly, "Since I'm here, I don't think I'm the eldest master of the Qiao family. If I don't do well or do something wrong, you can say whatever you want to say. I don't care."

Hearing this, she raised her eyebrows subconsciously. To be honest, what she said just now was deliberate. She didn't expect him to face it so calmly. It seemed that it was better than she thought.

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