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   Chapter 234 Eric Is A Good Looking Man

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"When will you finish dealing with the matters in the Guan city?" Jackson took a sip of the juice and asked Eric.

Hearing this, Eric ate the fruit fed by Amanda and looked up at Jackson with an unbelievable look in his eyes. He calmed down immediately. Since his grandfather asked, it meant that he was relieved and agreed to go back to the Guan city first, instead of insisting on leaving him here.

After thinking for a while, Eric replied, "It's not sure, but I'll do it as soon as possible."

"Okay." Jackson nodded, "I'll give you half a year. Whether you can deal with the Gu family's affairs well or not, you have to go back to G city. You can't always run around."

Eric had planned to buy some more time so that he could make it as soon as possible, but he didn't expect that Jackson would set a time limit. Half a year was enough for him to deal with the affairs of the Gu family, but girl…

Half a year later, she went to high school. She still had something to deal with in the Qiao family. At that time, she would definitely not come here with him.

Seeing that he didn't say anything, Jackson's face flashed with displeasure. "Half a year is enough. It won't take so much time to deal with the Gu family's affairs. And the half a year I give you is just the time for you to finish your high school study in the Guan city."

"Grandfather..." Eric said with a frown, "I know how to deal with many things, but I don't want you to restrict me. Since I have promised to take over the company, I will definitely try my best to run it well and won't let it lose in my hands."

"I believe you can run the company well, but I don't want you to be distracted." Jackson insisted.

"Besides, I plan to send you abroad to study for a few years. It will be more helpful for your future if you stay abroad. That's why I let you stay in G city and didn't stop you from contacting that city. Besides, that city is also your family. Grandpa is not that unreasonable."

Hearing the word "go abroad", Eric felt even more uneasy. He had never thought of going abroad. If he went abroad, it meant that he really lived in two places with Lily. This feeling was not good.

Seeing that the two people were in an awkward situation again, Amanda looked at her husband and said, "Eric is still young. Don't push him so hard. Take it easy. Look, how many children of other people have to take care of their own business while going to school?"

"Noble did so in the past." Jackson glanced at Amanda discontentedly, "Look at him. Isn't he running his business well now? He doesn't even like my company. He doesn't even want to give it to him for free."

"Noble's situation is different. He was in college at that time." Amanda cast a reproachful glance at him and continued, "Eric is still in high school. He has a lot of work to do. You don't have to put too much pressure on him. Let him

ng to find her too. I'll bring her in."

"Okay, thank you." Bill smiled and handed the folder to Lily, "Then I'll go to do something else."

"Okay." Lily took the folder and nodded. After watching Bill leave, she turned around and walked towards the office of Emily.

She walked to the door and knocked politely.

"Come in." Emily's capable voice came from the office.

Lily pushed the door open and walked in. Then she closed the door and walked towards the desk.

"Aunt, this is the document that Bill asked me to pass on to you." Lily put the file in front of Emily.

"Lily?" Hearing the voice, she raised her head and said in surprise, "I haven't seen you in the company for a long time."

Lily smiled. Indeed, she hadn't been to the company for a long time. From the beginning of the new year, her mother and uncle's wedding would be held after the new year, which delayed her for some time. After that, she didn't have time for other things. Then the new semester began, so she didn't have time to come to the company until now.

However, even if she didn't come to the company, she still contacted Emily in private and knew everything about the company.

"How is the profit of the project we cooperated with the Qi company last time?" Lily sat opposite Emily and went straight to the point.

"Not bad." Emily replied with a smile, "Except the cost, the net profit is nearly five million."

Lily nodded. Cooperated with Ellison, the profit would be huge. Well, if she could cooperate with Noble, it would be more perfect. The profit would probably be more.

But she came back to the point. "It seems that we can discuss the next cooperation with the Qi company."

"I've talked to the person in charge of the Qi company. It will take some time." Emily replied with a serious look.

"Wait a little longer?" Lily was confused. Ellison had to wait for such a profitable project. What was going on?

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