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   Chapter 233 Please Let Me Make The Decision For Me

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When Eric returned to the Sun family's residential compound, his grandfather, Jackson, was doing simple exercises in the yard with the company of his grandmother, Amanda. Jackson had received an operation before because of his poor health. Although he had recovered and left the hospital, his health was not as good as before. He followed the family doctor's instructions and sat simple exercises every day.

And this simple exercise should be based on Jackson's own hobbies, such as Tai Chi, which was his favorite project. It was not tiring to cultivate.

"Eric, why do you come back so early today?" When Jackson saw Eric come back, he slowly played Tai Chi. He glanced at him, but subconsciously looked behind him. He didn't see Noble.

"Grandpa, grandma." Eric greeted them respectfully and explained, "I'm a little tired today. I want to come back and have a rest."

"Okay." Jackson, who was gesturing, took a look at Eric and felt sorry for him. "It's time for you to have a good rest, but before that, I have something to tell you."

While speaking, Jackson stopped what he was doing. At the same time, his grandmother Amanda also stopped and walked over. "Go to the living room and talk. I'll prepare some fruits."

"Okay." Turning his head to take a look at his old companion, Jackson smiled and nodded, "I want..."

"I know you want juice." Amanda smiled and continued, "I know your habit."

Jackson smiled. There were too many meanings in his smile. It was said that young couples always accompanied each other. For Amanda, the love between the two of them was not vigorous when they were young, but they had worked together. As a result, when they got older, the relationship between the two was more intense.

"Come on in. I'll go to the kitchen to prepare." After saying that, Amanda turned around and entered the room first.

Seeing that grandparents could still love each other at such an old age, Eric sighed in his heart.

Jackson turned to Eric and said, "Let's go inside."

"Okay." Eric nodded, walked to Jackson, held his arm and walked inside. While walking, he said, "Grandpa, your relationship with grandma is very enviable."

"Your grandma is the best woman in the world." Speaking of his old companion, Jackson couldn't help but praise her with a happy smile on his face.

"When she was young, she accompanied me to start a business together. After marriage, she was in charge of all the things in the family. She never let me worry about anything at home. She will wait no matter how late. Whether it's your aunts or your mother, I haven't taken care of them for a day since they were born. They were all brought up by your grandmother. I'm busy with the company affairs every day..."

Speaking of the past, Jackson couldn't stop praising Amanda.

Eric listened quietly and helped him walk into the living room unhurriedly.

e past."

"A trap?" Jackson looked at him disapprovingly, "Only those who can't control themselves will be set up. If a man is responsible, how can he be set up? Besides, it was a woman who set him up."

What he said was true, but who could explain the affair between Richard and Dale clearly? But there was one thing that he always believed in his father, that was, his love for Angela.

"That woman got it when dad was drunk." Eric spoke for his father again.

"Drunk?" Jackson didn't take it seriously. "That's not the reason. Your father didn't do well in the end. But Angela has suffered. She insisted on marrying him back then, but now she has to bear such a bad thing."

"Okay, okay." Seeing that the topic was getting farther and farther, Amanda said in a hurry, "Why do you have to talk about these things? Come on, Eric, eat the fruit. It was peeled by grandma."

Then she picked up a piece of fruit with a fork and fed it to his mouth.

"Thank you, grandma." Eric ate it with a smile, "It's sweet."

"Of course it's sweet." Then Amanda picked up another piece of fruit and fed it to his mouth. "Eating more fruit is good for your health. It can not only replenish the elements your body lacks, but also promote the digestion of your intestines."

"Okay." Eric answered while eating the fruit. He wouldn't refuse his grandma's care. The Sun family gave him much more warmth than the Gu family.

Seeing the intimate interaction between the two people, Jackson was also gratified. It was lucky that his grandson hadn't inherited the character of the Gu family. Otherwise, he couldn't rest assured to let him come back to take over the Sun company…

Thinking of Gu family, he shook his head. The company was just a little big, but it was always remembered. And the eldest son of the Gu family was not easy to deal with. At that time, he was afraid that it would be a real fight between them.

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