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   Chapter 231 Ulterior Motives

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Hearing Eric's words, Ellison put away the recorder pen and went back to listen. He was not in a hurry to listen.

After breakfast, everyone had to go back.

Of course, Lily was sent back by Eric. She had planned to ask Eric to drive Anna back first, and then they would go back. But Noble said that he would drop her off on the same way, so she asked him to escort Anna back.

As for Ellison, let him drive back by himself. No one was on the same way with him, because Hailey was angry with him and left!

But before leaving, Eric said something to him, indicating that he should take care of Lily in the following days.

After all, he had to go to G city with Noble. The work of his grandfather's company couldn't be finished overnight, so it might take a long time to stay there. Besides, there were too many hidden dangers around Lily, so he was afraid that she would encounter something during the time he left.

After that, they went back to their own home to look for their mothers.

On the second day, Eric and Noble went back to G City, leaving the matter of the Guan city aside for the time being.

Except for the people closest to Eric, knew his return, including his father, Richard didn't know. Of course, Angela knew it.

On the other side, Hailey left Lily's and Eric's nests after they parted that day. Lily didn't know where she had gone and didn't leave any address. She just said that she would leave for a period of time, so she left with her wound in her hand and her suitcase.

And Lily didn't ask her to stay. She knew that Hailey left probably because of Ellison's words, "This is the Guan city. As long as you live here, I have the final say in everything about you." After all, she had planned to leave the world of Ellison. It took time to forget, so she left.

As for Lily, she didn't say anything to let her live. It's good for her to travel. As for Ellison… Just let him be upset. She believe that after listening to the recording, he will understand what Hailey is thinking.

Of course, she also hoped that he could understand his feelings. If he still didn't understand, they, as outsiders, would be helpless.

She had done her best to help them. She couldn't force the two of them to face their own feelings and admit that they liked each other.

As a result, it was Ellison's own business to deal with the relationship in the end.

In a twinkling of an eye, fifteen days passed.

On the sixteen day of the first lunar month, something big or small happened to the Gu family. Wayne personally took Dale and her son to settle down, along with Simon and Jade.

Richard and Angela didn't show up, let alone Eric. He was in G city and had no time to care about anything in the Guan city.

Although Ethan's residence had been settled in the Gu family, it hadn't been settled in the household register of Richard. Because Wayne was afra

s ulterior motives. You must be careful!"

Although she didn't name, Lily knew who she was talking about. Maybe she chose to write it because she was afraid that others would hear it.

"Okay." Lily nodded slightly, "I know."

However, Ethan didn't know how to restrain himself. It seemed that even a careless person like Becky could see it. There must be many other people who could see it.

Seeing her nod, Becky took back the draft and continued to write and draw with her head down.

Lily was curious about what she was going to write. What she saw was that she was drawing a sketch. She was drawing two kids. One of them was kicked away by the other and then disappeared in the sky.

A smile appeared on her face. Becky was getting cuter and cuter.

After class, Lily walked out of the classroom and found a quiet corner to call Eric. She knew that he hadn't come back to the Guan city, and he was so busy in G city that he didn't even have time to go back to school.

"Girl, do you miss me?" As soon as the phone was connected, there came Eric's low and tired voice.

"Yes." Lily lowered her head and said with a smile on her face, "I miss you so much. When will you go back to school?"

"It may take some time. There are still a lot of things to deal with here. I have informed uncle Kerr in advance about the school."

"Oh, no matter how busy you are, you should take care of yourself and rest. Don't be tired." Lily said in a soft voice, and then added, "Ethan has also been transferred to our school. He is in the same class with me."


On the other side of the phone, Eric suddenly fell silent. After a while, he said, "Stay away from him. Although he looks silent, he must be shrewd."

"Okay." Lily nodded. She knew that Eric was worried about her again, so she didn't tell him what happened today in detail. She was afraid that he would be distracted and couldn't work hard in G city.

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