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   Chapter 229 I Don't Allow Any Accident To Happen

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"I won't allow such an accident to happen." Eric lowered his head and kissed Lily's side face. He emphasized, "I won't allow any accident to happen."

"No, I will be very careful in the future." Seeing that he cared about her so much, Lily was also moved. She tightened her hands around his waist and put her face against his chest, listening to his strong heartbeat.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, the pleasant sound of drumbeats rang in her ears, and hit her heart one by one.

Eric didn't say anything, but frowned. Since he met her, there had been a lot of accidents around her. He was really worried that something bad would happen to her if he was not around these days after he returned to G city. It seemed that he had to think of a solution.

The room suddenly became quiet, so quiet that only the breath of the two could be heard.

After a long time, Lily broke the silence and asked in a low voice, "How are they?"

"Good." Knowing who she was referring to, Eric answered, "Brother will take care of Anna and second brother will take care of Hailey."

"Okay." Lily replied in a low voice and then asked, "What about the two people?"

"Crap!" Hearing her ask about the two people who tried to hurt them, Eric's voice became lower and his face was very gloomy. "They are the first one who dares to be charming in DC."

"Hmm." Lily blinked her eyes and asked curiously, "How?"

"Maybe they can only spend the rest of their life in wheelchairs." Eric didn't tell her in detail for fear of scaring her.

"That's good." Lily answered indifferently. She had been dead once, and it was not surprising what kind of treatment the result was for her.

"Your did?" She asked.

Eric shook his head, "No, it's Harry."

Harry? This was the second time she heard this name after she woke up. Needless to say, it must be the person who helped her remove the drug.

"What's your relationship with him?"

"Noble is his cousin… We are relatives." Eric replied, "We used to play together, but then he went abroad to study medicine regardless of his family's objection. Well, the cost is paid by my brother."

"It seems that brother still loves him very much."

"That's because Harry is talented and brother supports him."

The two chatted with each other. They didn't fall asleep again until Lily felt sleepy again.

When Lily woke up again, it was already dawn. She habitually turned her head and found that there was no Eric beside her. He must have got up early.

Although she had a good sleep, she was still very weak. She didn't even have the strength to get up. She almost used up all her strength to sit up, and she was panting.

Damn it!

Lily bit her lower lip. At the thought of the two men she met yesterday, she wished she could kick them again. Moreover, she wanted to kick them to the most vulnerable part of the man!

But what she didn't know was that Harry had crippled somewhere between them…

At this time, Eric came in, neatly dressed, with the clothes she

ing it here." Eric knew what she meant. After saying that, he took out his phone and dialed a number. Soon the phone was connected, and he hung up after giving some orders.

"I'm not hungry." Hailey suddenly stood up and took a look at Lily and Anna. "I'll go back first. Thank you for what happened yesterday."

As soon as she finished speaking, Hailey stood up and left without looking at Ellison.

"Hailey..." Lily called her name subconsciously. Looking at her back, she didn't stop.

Ellison subconsciously wanted to chase after her, but he almost stood up, as if he had thought of something, and then sat back, sulking aside.

Looking at the awkward two people, Lily felt helpless. Both of the two had feelings for each other, but they made such a mess.

Eric turned his head to look at Ellison and said nothing. He just put his hands around Lily's waist and let her lean into his arms.

Noble didn't say anything. He just glanced at Ellison indifferently and then had no expression on his face. Unless he, as the ruler, figured it out himself, it was useless for these bystanders to say anything.

At this moment, manager pushed the dining trolley in and put the food on the table one by one. Then he turned around and said respectfully to them, "Mr. Noble, Mr. Ellison, Mr. Eric, the breakfast is ready."

After saying that, he looked up at the situation in front of him. When he saw that Lily was held in the arms of Eric, he was completely stunned.

What's going on? Isn't Miss Lily the one Mr. Noble cares about? Why was Eric holding her in his arms? And in front of Mr. Noble…

Did I get it wrong yesterday? Because Miss Lily was the one Eric cared about, so Mr. Noble asked him to take care of her?

But it shouldn't be. If it was the person Eric cared about, he should have told him to take good care of Miss Lily. How could he let Mr. Noble say that?

Alas, forget it. The relationship between them is so complicated that I don't want to think about it anymore.

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