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   Chapter 227 Eric's Revenge

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With so many people present, Hailey felt embarrassed to stay in Ellison's arms anymore. Although she was a little sober, she was still very drunk. Therefore, she broke away from Ellison's hand and stood up from his arms. She walked unsteadily.

"Where is Lily? I want to see her." She said this to Eric.

Looking at her, Eric frowned slightly. He was afraid that she would play drunken madness and wake up Lily. "She is asleep, you..."

"Well, I'll sleep with her." Hailey interrupted him before he could finish his words. From their conversation just now, she probably knew what happened to Lily and Anna, but she didn't know what exactly happened.

"She is tired. You'd better..."

"No!" Eric's words were interrupted by Hailey again. Perhaps it was because of alcohol, she pouted subconsciously and looked at him with red eyes. "I will be obedient and won't disturb her sleep."

She sounded like a child.

Eric frowned. She really didn't want Hailey to disturb Lily, but it seemed impossible to reason with a drunkard at the moment, not to mention that she was injured

"Hailey." At this time, Ellison also stood up from the sofa and stood beside her. He naturally clasped her shoulders with his hands and coaxed, "Lily is very tired. Let me take you to another place to sleep, okay?"

Hearing his tone, Hailey turned her head subconsciously. Her face flushed inexplicably, and her heart beat out of balance. A trace of panic flashed through her eyes, but it was quickly covered up by her.

"No… I'm looking for Lily. She said she would be with me today." There was a hint of coquetry in her voice. She did it on purpose to make him feel that she was playing drunken madness.

"Honey, let's come to see her when she wakes up, okay? Huh?" Ellison's voice was almost soft. This was probably the first time he had spoken to her in such a voice.

Hailey had never seen such a gentle side of him. She couldn't help but nod her head, "Okay..."

Well, it seemed that women really needed to be coaxed. Look, was she coaxed obediently by him? This was Ellison's thought at the moment.

Finally, under the coaxing of Ellison, he took Hailey to the suite next door.

After they left, Eric turned to look at Noble, with frightening anger in his black eyes. "Where are they?"

Hearing this, Noble knew who they were referring to. Then her eyes were filled with anger. She turned to manager and asked, "Where are they?"

"In the dark room." Manager answered subconsciously, shaking his body.

The look in the eyes of the big Boss and Mr. Eric was really terrible. It seemed that the three girls who came today were not simple. Mr. Noble asked him to take care of Miss Lily, and Mr. Ellison was so gentle to Miss Hailey, so the person named Anna must be the one Mr. Eric cared about.

"Let's go t

, he yawned and glanced at Eric. Then he said in a sleepy voice, "Eric, you broke his hand at most. Do you need me to do it? I can easily break his tendons in his hands and feet. I promise he won't be able to walk like a normal person all his life."

It sounded like they were talking about their daily lives.

Hearing this, Eric turned to him and said, "That's a good idea. I'll leave the rest to you."

As soon as he finished speaking, he let go of his foot, turned around and kicked the fat man's waist. After all, he had practiced martial arts. The fat man rolled on the ground several circles and rolled in front of Harry.

"No, no, please forgive me… Please forgive me..." Hearing the conversation, the fat man kept begging for mercy. He was so scared. He had never seen these people before. He just wanted to play with two girls, but he didn't expect to provoke these people.

"Hmm..." Harry yawned and glanced sideways at the man lying on the ground. Suddenly, he raised the corners of his mouth and gave an evil smile. "I think it's too light to break the tendons of your hands and feet. What are they going to do?"

It sounded like he was asking someone, or he was talking to himself. "Oh, by the way, he wanted to hurt your girl and my brother's little girl. In order not to let him hurt other girls again, I'll let him be soft all his life, so that his stuff will never be used."

After saying that, he nodded to himself. "Well, this method is really good. In the future, when they see women, they will only drool. Moreover, their wife may not be able to bear the loneliness and will go out to find a toy boy. Well, this method is good, very good."

Hearing this, everyone present twitched the corners of their mouths. This man was really ruthless. Only he could think of such a method!

Eric looked up at Harry indifferently and said, "Whatever."

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