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   Chapter 222 Irresistible Efficacy

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Seeing that they didn't move, Noble opened his mouth again and said in an irresistible tone, "Do as I tell you."

"Yes, Mr. Noble."

The two waitresses didn't dare to neglect his order anymore. They helped Lily and Anna to the bathroom.

Seeing them enter the room, Noble frowned. Then he picked up the landline and dialed an internal line. "Prepare two sets of lady bathrobes and two bowls of ginger soup."

After ordering everything, Noble went to the sofa and sat down, habitually took out the cigarette, and was about to light it up, as if thinking of something, and then extinguished, and then went to the window to pull the curtains open, open the glass There is natural wind in the room.

In the bathroom, Lily and Anna were in a dilemma.

Because of the effect of the drug, the restlessness in her body was completely aroused. She always felt that there was a fire in her body, but she could not find an outlet. Lily knew what the good medicine was at the moment, but her good medicine was not beside her. She could only be washed by cold water, which made her teeth tremble.

Even so, she still couldn't suppress the evil fire in her body. It was just a little better than before. Damn it, the effect was so strong!

Sitting on the floor of the bathroom, Anna's face was red and her eyes were unfocused. She bit her lower lip tightly. She didn't know how to get rid of the heat in her body. She could only let the cold water shower, which at least made her a little more comfortable.

"Anna..." Lily, who was standing against the wall, also squatted down. She sat down next to Anna and let the cold water pour down from her head. She said weakly, "I'm sorry. I… I shouldn't have brought you here today."

Anna turned to look at her and said in a helpless tone, "If you don't bring me here, will you be like this?"

"What's going on… It might be worse." Lily said in a soft voice.

"So you should thank me instead of feeling guilty for me." Anna smiled. Under the effect of the drug, the corners of her eyes were a little seductive. "We are good friends. It's better for us to share the same trouble than to bear the consequences alone, isn't it?"

Hearing this, Lily felt a little guilty. She reached out her cold hand and held the same cold hand of Anna. "Thank you."

Thank you for helping me in time when I was in trouble. Thank you for taking such an undeserved catastrophe for me. I'm afraid there's no return in my life.

"You're welcome." Anna turned her head to take a look at her and suddenly smiled. "We have trouble together. You are my best female friend so far, as well as Becky and Hailey..."

As she spoke, her eyes turned red. "Those girls always looked down upon my father since childhood. They said that he was not like a man who relied on women to live, so I hung out with boys and always fought with them to make trouble. And I learned Kung

sent here by Noble had been put on the bedside table.

There was only one bed in the master bedroom of the suite, but at this moment, the two of them had to be put on the bed at the same time…

Eric was not pleased, because he had to change her clothes and do something else. It was absolutely inconvenient under the watch of Noble and Anna.

"Open the suite next door." Eric said to the two waitresses who followed him out.

The two of them looked at Eric at the same time, and then at Noble at the same time.

"Go ahead." Noble agreed. He knew what Eric was worried about, so he added, "Go alone, and leave one person here to help."

"Yes, sir." The two answered at the same time. Then the two waitresses consciously divided their work. One of them went to the bed and took the bathrobe and ginger soup prepared for Lily out.

After that, Eric went out with Lily in his arms.

At this moment, there were only Noble, Anna and the waitress left in the room.

"You can put me down now." Anna said in a hoarse and seductive voice.

He looked down at her and laughed. Somehow, he could feel her resistance and even hostility to him, which made him a little confused.

It seemed that he had never done anything excessive to her since he knew her. And he had never offended her, had he? But why did she dislike him so much?

He couldn't figure it out!

However, he still put Anna on the bed as she said. Then he turned to the waitress and ordered, "Change her clothes."

After saying that, he took a look at Anna again, turned around and walked out. "I'll go out first. Call me if you need anything."

Looking at his back, Anna smiled with satisfaction. It seemed that he was a good man. At least he knew to avoid meeting her.

But the next second after he went out, Anna bit her lower lip and frowned. She clenched her fists and her nails pierced into her palms.

The damn medicine took effect again!

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