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   Chapter 221 Cold Water In Winter

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The liquid took effect very quickly. As soon as Anna took back her feet and steadied herself, she felt that her body began to become weak. Moreover, something restless was spreading in her body. She gritted her teeth and tried her best to suppress the unknown restlessness in her body.

Her eyes turned red as she tried to hold back her anger. She turned around and glared at the wretched man.

The wretched man shrank his neck subconsciously when he met her frightening eyes. If he had known it earlier, he would not have let the previous girl call her. But now, she attracted such a cruel character.

A sneer crept up Anna's face. She ran towards the man at a very fast speed and kicked him hard. Before the man could react to protect the lower part of his body, he was hit.

"Ah!" A scream resounded through the whole corridor, and then the wretched man fell to the ground with a bang, covering his important parts and rolling on the ground.

"Ouch… It hurts!"


The two men shouted on the ground.

At the same time, Lily really wanted to clap her hands, but there was nothing she could do. She was splashed with a lot of liquid, and at this moment, the air around her was filled with a faint fragrance, so it was natural for her to inhale more.

Therefore, at this time, she not only felt seriously weak, but also clearly felt a strange restlessness from the depths of her body.

"Anna..." As soon as she opened her mouth, Lily closed her mouth subconsciously and opened her eyes wide in surprise. The voice was so soft that she couldn't even hear it herself. The voice was a little seductive!

Damn it! Needless to say, the unknown liquid contained not only the drug that made people weak, but also the nature of aphrodisiac. Otherwise, how could she become like this?

Anna turned to look at Lily, who was almost unable to stand against the wall. "Go back to the private room."

As soon as she finished speaking, she closed her mouth in surprise. This voice had become unlike her own voice, and the effect of the drug on her body had increased. She could bear it before, but now she could not bear it at all. Her legs began to tremble uncontrollably.

"Anna..." Lily's whole body began to tremble. She tried to walk with her hands against the wall, but she couldn't move at all.

"What happened?" The manage came, followed by three or four men in black.

"Manage, you can come faster." Looking at him, Anna said through gritted teeth. When she received Lily's strange call just now, she called him with the landline phone in the private room, but he didn't arrive until now!

"I'm sorry." He took a slightly apologetic look at Anna and Lily, and then turned his head to look at the two people who fell on the ground and cried with their hands covering their important parts. He ordered the men in black behind him, "Take them away and let Mr. Noble deal with them in person. They have the guts to make trouble there!"

"Yes, sir." The several men in black took the two people away from the scene quit

death. If you are slow, your career as a doctor will end!"

After saying that, he hung up the phone directly, without waiting for the response from the other end of the phone.

Then he dialed another number. The phone rang for a long time before it was connected. "Eric, DC, Lily was drugged."

He said simply. He believed that the person on the other end of the phone could come here as soon as possible. After all, Lily was the person he had always cared about.

With the help of the bodyguards, Lily walked in the front, followed by Anna who was supported, followed by Noble, and the manage followed him.

Suddenly thinking of Hailey, Lily stopped. She tried hard to control the restlessness in her body, turned around and looked at Noble. He said with difficulty, "Hailey, she is still in the private room… She is drunk..."

Hearing this, Noble frowned and inexplicably became angry. It was said that three women made a scene, but it was not like this, was it? Two of them were drugged, and the other one was drunk. It was really a headache!

He took a look at Lily, then turned to manage and ordered, "Go to their private room to see another woman. By the way, call Mr. Ellison and ask him to pick her up!"

Now he had no time to care about Hailey. The best solution was to let Ellison take her away.

"Yes, Mr. Noble." He nodded and left.

Black V was the exclusive suite of Noble, so he was the only one who had the room card. Therefore, when he walked to the door of black V, he opened the door for others for the first time in his history.

After entering the room, he took a look at the two people, Lily and Celia. His eyes darkened. He ordered the person who was supporting them, "Take them to the bathroom and turn on the cold water to wash them."

Cold water! It was winter! What a cruel man!

Although the winter in the Guan city was not very cold, few girls could stand the cold water.

The two waitresses looked at each other in shock. They couldn't help but take one more look at Noble.

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