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   Chapter 214 You Are Most Likely To Be A Toy Boy

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When they arrived at Ellison's villa, Hailey had already packed up everything and was waiting for them in the living room. There were two big suitcases, one small suitcase and one small bag.

"All the things are here?" Looking at these suitcases and Hailey, Lily asked.

"Yes." Hailey nodded with a calm expression on her face. Then she stood up from the sofa and said, "Let's go."

Then she handed a big suitcase to Eric, "Help me take this."

Then she handed the smallest suitcase to Lily and said, "Lily, take this one."

Finally, she took a big suitcase and a small bag.

"Let's go." After she arranged everything, her tone was emotionless and she didn't seem to miss this place at all.

Seeing her like this, Lily and Eric looked at each other, and then she blinked and asked, "Just leave like this?"

"Or what?" Hailey raised her eyebrows and asked.

"Well..." This question really confused Lily. It was all Ellison's fault!

"Ahem..." Eric cleared his throat and looked at Hailey, "well, don't you tell second brother?"

"I told him yesterday." Hailey replied indifferently and walked out with her suitcase.

Lily and Eric looked at each other again, and then the two followed her.

Catching up with Hailey, Lily asked awkwardly, "Well… Isn't brother at home?"

"No, I don't know he is on which woman's bed." Hailey said angrily.

Lily really couldn't do anything about such an answer. Ellison was really enough. Deep in his heart, he obviously liked Hailey, but he had to show that he didn't like her.

Now he is leaving, but he can't even see a person. At least you should stay at home!

Eric was also helpless. He was a little boy, and he really didn't know how to persuade others.

Persuade a woman? It seemed that he couldn't do it, because he didn't know what women were thinking. His mother and Lily were the most women he had met so far.

Persuading a man? That would be even more impossible. What's more, Ellison had experienced much more women than her. There was no need for him to persuade him!

That's it. Everything will be solved.

Putting all the luggage in the trunk, they all got on the car. Eric was the unchanged driver, and Lily chose to sit in the back seat with Hailey.

After the car started, Hailey leaned against the back of the seat and closed her eyes for rest, but said, "If Ellison asks, don't tell him where I am."

Although she didn't say it by name, both Lily and Eric knew that she said it to them.

"Okay." Lily answered.

"But I don't think he wants to know either." Hailey laughed at herself, "He wants me to leave and have fun every night."


Lily felt sorry for Ellison in her heart. If Hailey really gave up on him, he would probably come back to pester her when he realized one day.

"Actually, brother is not..."

"I'll sleep for a while. Call me when we arrive." Eric wanted to speak for Ellison, but was interrupted by Hailey as soon as he opened his mouth. Then she opened her eyes and took a look at Eric from the rearview mirro

hint of meaning in his tone. "At the beginning, he was never interested in family business. Otherwise, a small company would have been controlled by him long ago. It was because of the appearance of Lily that changed him and made him realize what he was doing now. Therefore, what could change a man, in the final analysis, was there someone in his heart that deserved to be taken care of and protected."

"You are right." Ellison smiled, "But he has changed very fast. He has known Lily for only a few months. How many people can make such a rapid progress? After all, Lily has made a great contribution."

"Yes." "Didn't you notice? Lily is also very smart. At a young age, she knows how to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. She knows what kind of business she can do and what kind of business she can't. If Eric doesn't advance, he will become a gigolo with her."

"Ha ha..." Ellison chuckled, "I think if Lily is not bullied, he will be a toy boy at ease."

"No, he won't." Said Noble firmly. Then he looked at Ellison with a smile and said, "If we don't have the strength, you are the one who is most likely to become a toy boy."

"Hum..." Ellison rolled his eyes, "This assumption doesn't exist, because I have become a powerful man."

"Really?" "Then why don't you dare to face Hailey?"

"Of course I dare to face it!" The topic was brought back to the starting point. Ellison almost jumped up from the sofa. "I don't want to see her for a moment! So, before she leaves, I will never go back!"

Taking a glance at him indifferently, Noble didn't say anything. Instead, he stood up and went upstairs, leaving a sentence, "Ellison, you are running away from reality. Ask yourself what kind of feeling you have for Hailey."

"I..." Ellison was stunned, looking at the direction he went upstairs.

After a long while, he looked away. What else feelings could he have for Hailey? Of course, he wanted her to leave his villa, so that he could continue to live the past, how comfortable and relaxed!

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