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   Chapter 212 As An Elder, You Should Set An Example

Destiny Of Vengeance By Jin Nian Characters: 9557

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Eden had been listening quietly. When he saw his mother complaining, he couldn't help frowning.

Since he could remember, his mother had never behaved like this. Before he returned to the Qiao family, she had always forced he and his sister to work hard in study and strive for the attention of his father and grandfather.

And her change seemed to be shown gradually after she returned to the Qiao family. Her side was really annoying.

"Today, she was showing off in front of my father. She looked so arrogant that I couldn't help but want to slap her two times."

Lucia continued, "Dad has given ten percent of the shares to Tina today. I don't know how much heritage he will leave to Lily after she grows up..."

"Mom." Finally, Eden couldn't stand it anymore. He frowned and interrupted her, "Can you stop talking about this? It's his decision to give grandpa and aunt anything he wants. Besides, he is an elder and has the right to do so. As the younger generation, we can only listen to him."

"Eden!" Lucia turned to look at him and said, "How can you help others? Have you ever thought about how much you and Claire can get if they take too much from the Qiao family?"

Eden frowned more tightly. He didn't expect his mother to be so snobbish. "Mom, Lily is Dad's daughter, and also grandpa's granddaughter. Grandpa should be good to her no matter what."

Speaking of this, he recalled what had happened in the past. When Lily hadn't moved to the Qiao family's old house, she had suffered a lot here. If it weren't grandfather who couldn't bear, he would have picked her up. Now she would suffer more grievances.

"Do you really take me as your mother?" Lucia glared at Eden angrily, "You always help Lily and Tina. Who are you? You've been very unusual these days. You not only helped Lily secretly, but also blocked the wine for Tina today. Besides, it's me who proposed a toast to her. Have you ever thought how embarrassed I was by what you did today?"

Eden felt helpless and said, "Mom, you've gone too far today. You know that she's pregnant and can't drink, but you still make things difficult for her in front of so many people. I can only stand out and drink that glass of wine for her."


"I'm going upstairs. Enjoy yourself." Dillon stood up and interrupted Lucia. Then he went upstairs and glanced at Lucia with a frown.

She had changed, completely different from the person in his heart before.

"Dillon, you..." Turning around and looking at the back of Dillon, Lucia was speechless and her face darkened.

Taking a deep breath, she turned to look at Eden and continued in a better tone than before, "Eden, I'm doing this for both of you. Although Lily is your half sister, she is still an outsider in my eyes. What I can do is to try my best to fight for the interests of you and Claire in the Qiao fam

o wake him up. He was so sleepy last night, but he still insisted on massaging the bump on her waist that was kicked out by Hailey.

Looking at him quietly, Lily couldn't help reaching out her hand to stroke the outline of Eric. Perhaps it was because he was not mature enough, he always looked a little childish when he was asleep.

How she wished time could pass faster. She couldn't wait to make Eric grow up as soon as possible. She wanted to see his mature appearance, he must be more handsome and eye-catching than now.

Her hand slid down along his eyebrows and eyes one point one, gently painting his delicate features.

His eyebrows, eyes, nose, and finally stopped at his lips. Eric's lips were very thin, but the shape of his lips was very beautiful. Every time she saw him pursing his lips, she couldn't help but want to see.

Her finger pulps had been fixed on his thin lips, and Lily was a little stunned. She suddenly bent down, slowly approached, and slowly moved her lips to the thin lips she longed for.

Finally, her lips touched Eric's. It was soft, warm and comfortable.

Before he woke up, she didn't move. The lips of the two people gently touched together, and even their breaths intertwined. This feeling was very good, very warm, and made her reluctant to stand up.

After a long time, Lily finally had the intention to move her lips away. But as soon as she moved, her neck was clasped, and then she was pressed under him.

"Girl, I really like the way you wake me up." Eric's black eyes were fixed on the person under him. As he just woke up, his voice was a little sleepy.

"You... You wake up." A touch of embarrassment flashed through Lily's eyes, and her face flushed a little. She didn't dare to look into Eric's eyes.

"Yes, I'm awake. The sleeping prince was awakened by the kiss of the beauty." Eric curled his lips and pulled her hair aside gently.

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