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   Chapter 210 Suspicion

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"If it was targeting me..." Tina looked at Andrew again and frowned, "Then only Lucia is left."

Andrew nodded with all his thoughts. Although he had never cared about Tina, he had heard about it from his father and knew the relationship between Lucia and her.

Since she had become his stepmother and the apple of his father's eye, what he could do was to help her arrange external enemies and let her live well with his father.

"I will check it carefully." He said.

Hearing their conversation, the shyness on Lily's face faded away, and a hint of coldness appeared on her face.

"If it's really her, it means that what grandpa did today irritated her. She has always been coveting everything of the Qiao company, and now she has taken ten percent of the shares as a dowry for my mother for no reason. She must be jealous."

"No." Eric shook his head and spoke out his thoughts, "I believe that grandpa didn't tell anyone before he gave ten percent of the Qiao company's shares to aunt as dowry. If we had told him earlier, the wedding accident would have happened long ago, and it couldn't have happened until the end."

"You mean this might have nothing to do with her?" Tina shifted her eyes from Andrew to Eric.

"Yes." Eric nodded.

Claire had secretly taken photos of him and Lily at the banquet and posted them on the entertainment newspaper. Ellison had warned her secretly. Was she so impatient that she began to take actions again?

"It's not necessarily." Lily also spoke out what she was thinking. She glanced at Eric, and then turned to look at Tina. "Mom, Grandpa gave you an emerald ring worth more than ten million. Do you remember that? That's what she wants."

Tina nodded, and then asked her own question, "But if she wants to mess up my wedding for that emerald ring, she can't choose at the end of the wedding."

Lily frowned. She also couldn't figure it out. "Based on this reasoning, this matter may really be just an accident."

Tina sighed, frowned and rubbed her forehead. "I don't know. I can't figure out Lucia."

"Actually, aunt is right." Andrew said, "If she really wants to take back the emerald ring, she can't choose to do such a thing at today's wedding. There are so many people, and she has no chance to get close to aunt. She won't come back at all."

"I don't think it has anything to do with Lucia." At this time, Becky, who had been in silence and almost fainted after hearing their conversation, spoke.

"If it was me who wanted to get what I wanted, I would ask several people to do it alone. In this way, the probability of success would be higher."

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone looked at her.

"What's w

dn't like him very much. She even didn't allow her son to look at her.

However, she didn't want to care about the mother and son's affairs. Tina looked back at Joe and said, "Dad, if you have time, you can go to the place where I and Kerr live. In this way, you don't have to stay alone in the old house."

"Okay." Joe nodded with a smile, "I will go there as soon as I have time. By that time, don't dislike me."

"No, I won't."

The two chatted for a while, and Joe proposed to leave. After all, today was the wedding day of Tina, so he couldn't always take her time.

Seeing this, Tina stood up to see her off, and Lily also stood up.

At the same time, Dillon, Lucia and Eden also stood up and left with Joe.

After seeing them off, Lily was about to go back to the hall, arm in arm with Tina. They happened to meet Angela and her husband, who were walking out, and Eric.

"Angela, are you going back?" Tina asked.

"Yes." Angela nodded and said, "I was about to say goodbye to you, but Eric said that you came to see Joe off, so we didn't go upstairs to see you."

With a smile, Tina walked to Angela and held her arm, "I really want you to stay for a few more days."

"Please don't. I don't want to disturb the two lovers' world between you and Kerr. You just got married. I'd better be sensible as a third wheel." Angela joked with a smile.

Seeing that she was still in the mood to joke with her, it seemed that she had thought a lot about what happened to Richard.

With these thoughts in her mind, Tina turned to look at Richard and said in a tone of an experienced person, "Richard, it's hard to find such a good woman as Angela. You should cherish her. If you miss her, you will never find such a woman in your life."

Richard didn't expect her to say that.

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