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   Chapter 208 The Difference Of Noble

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There was a living room, a bedroom, a small dining room and a small kitchen in the suite.

Lily and Noble entered the suite and then the bedroom.

There was only one bedroom, which meant there was only one bed. Therefore, Hailey and Anna slept in the same bed. However, the bed was big enough, so it was not crowded for the two to sleep on it.

When they came in, Hailey had already woken up. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she looked at Ellison indifferently.

On the other hand, Anna was still sleeping. It seemed that she was much more tired than Hailey. After all, Hailey was a detective and had received professional training in physical strength. The small accident today didn't cause much damage.

Anna was different. She was a student. She must have learned Kung Fu in a martial arts school, so she couldn't compare with the training Hailey had received.

"It seems that you are good." Ellison said indifferently.

"I won't die." At the same time, Hailey replied him calmly.

"You..." Seeing her attitude, Ellison was unhappy. "Can't you talk to me nicely?"

Looking up at him, Hailey stood up and walked out directly. "Go out and have a talk. Don't disturb her rest."

As soon as she finished speaking, she walked out of the bedroom.

So Ellison followed her out.

Then the two of them looked at each other in the room. Oh, no, there were three people this time, because Anna was lying on the bed.

Lily shrugged her shoulders to show her helplessness.

On the other hand, Noble smiled disapprovingly.

Taking a look at Anna who was still in a coma, Lily walked over and tucked her in.

"You have a good relationship with her?" Noble asked in a low voice. The reason why he asked was that he met Anna and Lily on the same day. It was the first time that they met each other. Carl, who had been in the underworld for more than 10 years, negotiated a contract with him and then broke it. So they fought fiercely.

He remembered that when he rushed in, Anna was dealing with six or seven men alone, while Lily was suppressed on the ground and almost molested.

The second time they met was in a cinema. The three of them went to the cinema. Then Anna criticized the woman beside him with dissatisfaction.

Then they met for the third time today. It seemed that this little girl was always different from others.

"Not bad." Lily stood up and answered in a low voice, "Her mother helped me, and she also saved me. Later, she became my schoolmate. So we are good friends now. And I like her character, very straightforward."

"Okay." "Okay," replied Noble. He looked at the bed and saw Anna curling up on her side. Her sleeping posture indicated that she lacked a sense of security.

Seeing the expression on Noble's face, Lily raised her eyebrows subconsciously. A sentence that Ellison had said before flashed through

her. Since she lived in his villa, he always tried to escape. If she didn't watch closely, she didn't know which woman he would sleep with every night.

She had only been back for more than a month, and she was tired of caring about him.

"Trust me, Hailey. My brother really likes you." Seeing that she shook her head, Lily was a little anxious and continued, "I can see that he is actually an idiot in love. In the past, when he was with those women, he never cared about them. He just played with them..."

"Shut up, Lily." Hailey interrupted her, stood up and took a look at her, "I'll take up a whole day of Eric tomorrow. Help me pack my luggage."

"Okay, I'll go with him tomorrow." Lily answered.

"Okay." Hailey nodded, turned around and walked out. "I'll go back and pack up. Come here tomorrow morning."

"Okay." Looking at her back, Lily sighed helplessly. These two people were so awkward… What a headache!

At the end of the wedding banquet, Kerr got drunk. Andrew and Eric also drank a lot, but they were still sober.

The two helped Kerr to the suite where Tina was. At this time, both Lily and Becky were there.

"Why are you so drunk?" Tina stood up to greet him, heartbroken.

"It's a rare good day. Dad must have drunk a few more glasses." Andrew replied as he helped Kerr lie down on the bed.

When they went to bed, Kerr pulled his collar and shouted, "Drink, today is my wedding day. Drink, everyone… Both."

It could be seen that he was really happy.

"You are so drunk. Why do you still drink?" Tina gave him a reproachful look, untied his tie, bent down to take off his shoes, and pushed him into the bed.

Then she stood up and looked at Lily, "Lily, go to the front desk and find some antidotes."

"I'll go." Before Lily could say anything, Becky said, "Lily's waist is injured. It's inconvenient."

As soon as she finished speaking, she walked out.

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