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   Chapter 207 More And More Sentimental

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"Of course brother." She answered without hesitation.

"What?" Eric was unhappy, "Girl, don't you think you are wrong?"

"Really?" With an innocent look on her face, Lily said, "From now on, I'll officially be my brother. It's natural for a sister to take care of her brother."

It made sense!

When Eric was about to say something, Kerr turned to look at the two people and stopped him. He smiled and said, "Lily, take Tina downstairs to have a rest. She's tired. I'm going to make trouble for you."

The reason why he wanted to interrupt their sweet conversation was that his son looked really depressed. How many men would feel good when they saw the girl they liked flirting with other boys?

There was probably no such thing in the world!

Lily stuck out her tongue naughtily and said, "I know, uncle."

Well, she just teased him on purpose, but ignored that there were so many people around her.

"Well, go ahead. By the way, call some food upstairs. What do you want to eat?" Kerr exhorted.

"Okay." Lily answered with a smile on her face. Kerr had almost become the housekeeper.

Then he looked affectionately at Tina. Kerr said, "I'm going to propose a toast to everyone. Be careful."

"I see. You'd better hurry up. It's not good for us to wait too long." Urged Tina with tenderness on her face.

"Okay." Kerr then turned around and went to the next table. As the best man, the two of them had to follow him.

After they left, Tina reluctantly looked away and said to Lily and Becky with a smile, "Let's go."


Then the three of them were reincarnated at the same time and prepared to leave.


As soon as Lily turned around, she heard Ellison calling him. She turned around and looked at him in confusion. "What's wrong? Brother."

"Well… But... " Looking at her, Ellison frowned and wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. He wanted to ask her something, but he felt that he shouldn't ask her.

Seeing him like this, Lily was even more confused. At this moment, Ellison was not like what he usually was. He had never been so hesitant before?

"Brother, what do you want to say?"

"I..." Hailey's face flashed through his mind, and then she pushed him away angrily, so he gave up and said, "Nothing. Go ahead with your work."

Huh? What was going on? Lily confused.

"He wants to ask about Hailey." By the side of them, a smile appeared on the corner of Noble's mouth, which solved Lily's doubts.

Swoosh… Lily couldn't help laughing. "If you want to know, just ask. When did you become so sentimental?"

"Maybe someone feels uncomfortable when someone threatens to chase after Hailey." Said Noble coldly.

"No." Ellison objected at once and raised his voice unconsciously, "I'm not happy about that kind of woman like her. How can I feel uncomfortable?"

Seeing someone's duplicity, there was a

ose here was obvious. Apart from coming to see Hailey, what else could it be?

"I'm here to see Anna." Replied Noble calmly. In his memory, the little girl who had only seen a few times should have this name.

To see Anna?

Lily raised his eyebrows, glanced at Ellison, and finally fixed his eyes on Noble. "Come here to see… Anna?"

There was a hint of doubt in her tone.

"Yes." Noble nodded, "Yes, I did come to see her. And I also want to see Hailey. But there is no door card, so I have to wait for someone to bring it up. As for Ellison..."

"Of course I'm here to see Anna." Ellison interrupted him. "It's rare that you are interested in a girl, so I must come with you."

The corners of Lily's mouth twitched. Now she really felt that Ellison was becoming more and more sentimental. How could he tell the truth!

To see Anna? Was he familiar with Anna?

Besides, when did Noble become interested in Anna? She was still a little girl under age. Could she meet his taste?

He was really good at lying!

Well, since he was unwilling to admit that he went to see Hailey, she could not expose it.

She had a key card for this suite. She had kept a spare one when she sent them here before.

As soon as the door was opened, Ellison walked in first, leaving the two to look at each other.

"I think brother is getting more and more sentimental." Lily whispered.

"Yes." Noble nodded. "Although he has experienced a lot of women, none of them has been with his heart. So he is also an idiot in love."

"It seems that there is a little idiot." Lily nodded in agreement. After all, he was the same as Hailey, but Hailey was better than him.

At least she knew who she liked in her heart, but Ellison, who cared about her so much, refused to admit that he liked her.

Of course, she didn't know whether he really didn't know it or not. If he really didn't know it… Then he was really an idiot.

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